A Guide to Solar Module Lamination Membranes

N/a | June 28, 2016

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J-Flex has created a white paper “A Guide to Solar P.V. Module Lamination Membranes” to provide a clear insight into this specialized lamination process. Whatever your Membrane needs, J-Flex can help you define the parameters; specify it and manufacture it for you. We can help from the initial concept with potentially sample trials, through to the manufacture of that Membrane.


Vellocet Clean Energy

Vellocet Clean Energy is a privately owned and operated Australian company delivering renewable generation and energy efficiency projects to energy users.


Toyota Green Energy could focus on offshore wind for hydrogen

Article | April 9, 2020

The world’s largest automotive company, Toyota, has announced a joint venture to enter the renewable power generation industry, setting up Toyota Green Energy in its home country of Japan. While initially this will focus on powering the company’s operations with clean electricity, the long-term could see the venture shift its focus towards the production of green hydrogen for use in Toyota’s fuel-cell vehicles. Last Friday, Toyota Motor Corporation announced an agreement with Chubu Electric Power and Toyota Tsusho Corporation to establish their new partnership in July, with the purpose of obtaining and managing renewable energy resources in Japan to power the operations of the Toyota Group.

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There's a Simple Way to Store Renewable Energy, And We Already Have The Technology

Article | February 26, 2020

The effect that fossil fuels are having on the climate emergency is driving an international push to use low-carbon sources of energy. At the moment, the best options for producing low-carbon energy on a large scale are wind and solar power. But despite improvements over the last few years to both their performance and cost, a significant problem remains: the wind doesn't always blow, and the sun doesn't always shine. A power grid that relies on these fluctuating sources struggles to constantly match supply and demand, and so renewable energy sometimes goes to waste because it's not produced when needed.

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How Much Solar Does My Business Really Need?

Article | March 12, 2020

Solar, it’s everywhere. You’ve probably already installed it at home and now you might be looking to invest in it for your business. Something we see far too often in the commercial space is overcapitalisation or oversizing. Our client’s often say, “but Time Solar Installers have offered me a 100kW system and you’re only providing a 75kW system” or “why haven’t you used my entire roof space?”. In this post I’ll explain the ins and outs of how we determine the size of a solar system for commercial businesses so that you’ll be equipped with the tools to ensure you’re not oversizing or over-capitalising!

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Why attracting new talent to the renewable energy industry matters now

Article | April 3, 2020

With a global pandemic in full swing, climate change is no longer the main emergency hitting the news. As countries all over world have introduced social distancing and isolation restrictions to limit the spread of the virus, carbon emissions have dropped as non-essential sectors have ceased their usual activities and travel has reduced as people stay at home. One estimate indicates that greenhouse gas emissions in Europe will drop by a staggering 24.4% this year, which equates to 388.8 million tons less carbon. We have seen a global drop in carbon emissions before following the most recent major financial crisis, however we must not forget that this was quickly followed by a 6% increase in global emissions in 2010.

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