Energy Storage Opportunities and Challenges

| April 4, 2014

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This work was produced by Ecofys, a sustainable energy consulting firm, for EDF Renewable Energy. The work was done with guidance from a wide-ranging Advisory Panel, and Ecofys gratefully acknowledges their contribution of time and effort to this work. Ecofys sought to make the report consistent with comments and suggestions received from Advisory Panel members wherever practical. Neither advisory Panel members nor their host organizations were asked to approve the final report, and their participation should not be construed as acceptance of the conclusions or responsibility for errors.


Energy Recovery, Inc.

Energy Recovery (NASDAQ:ERII) recycles and converts wasted pressure energy into a usable asset and preserves pumps that are subject to hostile processing environments.


Which Solar Panels are the Most Efficient?

Article | February 14, 2020

SunPower's solar panels are widely acknowledged to be the industry's most efficient1 with an ability to convert the most sunlight into usable energy. But the benefit for homeowners goes beyond SunPower’s solar panel technology. While other solar companies are hooked up to hybrid systems that use parts from several different companies, SunPower's panels are linked to integrated systems designed solely by their own manufacturers to absorb more light for more power.

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3 Ways Energy Storage is Fueling the Renewables Revolution

Article | March 9, 2020

Across our country, there is an increased focus on renewable energy sources to combat the extreme impacts of climate change, and address the problems caused by a growing demand for power from an aging grid. While significant progress has been made through federal and state incentive programs that have helped drive down the costs of deployment, there is still so much to be done to chart a path toward a clean energy future. Accelerating development of solar and wind projects is a key to achieving renewables goals, but this is not enough. Storage solutions must be integrated to ensure renewable projects can deliver power when and where individuals and businesses need it, and minimize, or even eliminate, reliance on fossil fuels.

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Solar energy can help tackle climate change

Article | February 27, 2020

Homeowners, commercial and industrial businesses have started choosing solar energy over conventional sources of energy in India. The explosive adoption is a result of affordable solar modules, Government schemes and policies that are accelerating the growth of renewable energy. Solar energy reduces the dependence and reliance on fossil fuels. Besides burning of fossil fuels for energy production has been one of the biggest culprits contributing to climate change. And, we have been doing it not just for years or decades but for centuries. Today, we have numerous environmental challenges that are directly influenced by human activity.

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Unlocking the benefits of digital solar to accelerate the energy transition

Article | February 14, 2020

Since a successful energy transition must be renewable, efficient and smart, the digital transition and the energy transition should go hand-in-hand. Solar is the most distributed of all energy resources and thus solar solutions are a perfect match for digitalisation and the application of distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain. This is good news for Europe’s energy transition. Digitalisation and increasing electrification of the energy system enables to break the boundaries between key sectors such as industry, transport and buildings. This sectoral integration unlocks new sources of clean flexibility, and supports the increasing penetration of solar and renewables into the system.

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