Energy Storage Trends and Opportunities in Emerging Markets

| December 14, 2017

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Energy storage is a crucial tool for enabling the effective integration of renewable energy and unlocking the benefits of local generation and a clean, resilient energy supply. The technology continues to prove its value to grid operators around the world who must manage the variable generation of solar and wind energy. However, the development of advanced energy storage systems (ESS) has been highly concentrated in select markets, primarily in regions with highly developed economies.


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Will the Coronavirus Bring Clouds to this Solar Energy ETF?

Article | April 1, 2020

The capital markets are well aware of the stress and strife that coronavirus is putting on oil prices as the commodity continues to test new lows. One byproduct of the pandemic, however, that might not be getting enough coverage is the cloudy doom and gloom that the virus is bringing to the solar energy space. Solar energy businesses are also feeling the pinch, but not getting the support they desire from the federal government. “As Congress continues to address the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we appreciate that they are prioritizing relief for families and small businesses,” said President and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association Abigail Ross Hopper. “There are several elements in this legislation that can help solar businesses and solar workers, including long-term unemployment insurance, business loans and provisions that support employee retention and other employee protections. We will be working to help our members understand what resources are available to them as a result of this legislation and how they can use those resources to help get through this difficult time.”

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How Project Modeling Can Energize the Community Solar Market

Article | March 9, 2020

Community solar programs have the potential to greatly expand the market for solar energy and make the benefits of solar more accessible. However, growth of this sector is currently inhibited by uncertainty in project delivery costs. We sat down with Dr. Joseph Goodman of the Rocky Mountain Institute to understand this challenge—and how detailed design modeling capabilities can help overcome this barrier.

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This electricity sector strategy could save wallets and ecosystems

Article | February 27, 2020

Electricity is a unique kind of commodity— although it is not perishable, it is (still) hard to store on a large scale. Electricity must be generated relatively close to where it is demanded and at the time it is demanded. Therefore, operators must constantly keep an eye on the use of electricity. When demand is high, operators will signal the generators to increase their output; if less, generators get the instruction to generate less electricity. Roughly, this is how the grid works. The devil is in the details: the flexibility of power plants is unique to its type. Nuclear and coal power plants take the longest to start up and shut down, followed by oil/diesel power plants.

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Here are the Best Ways to Optimize Your Solar Power

Article | April 8, 2020

Let’s take a look at the common case. It’s not a secret that we charge our devices for work or study at the office or at uni. When we are asked to do everything from home, we must use our own electricity to power our essential devices for work. Without even realizing, we also need to turn on the heater or AC to keep ourselves in comfortable temperature. Plus, there will be a time when we are tempted to turn on the TV, Xbox or PlayStation, for fun. In short, the more power we consume, the more expensive the bill we will pay! If we rely on solar energy, our system will get us covered. During the day, our solar PV will produce the most electricity we use at home. So, even if we are spending all day working or studying, we won’t need to pay more for our electricity. Yet, to make sure we can save money as much as possible, we must do it right. To make it easier, our team at Solar Arena has collected the best tips you can follow:

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