3E Introduces New Digital Solutions for the Renewable Energy Sector

3E has revealed some details about its current positioning and expanding range of digital solutions. SynaptiQ, the company's digital platform, and its new upcoming applications, Solar Analytics and Wind Analytics (a collaboration with LivLiner), as well as a brand-new UI for the Asset Operations framework, aim to digitalize renewable energy assets. 3E has also unveiled a revised brand image as well as a new website.

Following two decades of continuous innovation and investment in renewable energy, solar and wind are now the most viable and cost-effective options in most parts of the world. Over the next decade, we foresee even more growth, led by increasing energy demand and decreasing supply costs, as well as consolidation of the sector as it matures.

Furthermore, due to tightening regulations, diversifying portfolios, and increasingly strict grid standards, the construction, and maintenance of energy infrastructure are becoming more complicated. Renewable energy consumers, operators, and developers want a long-term technology partner with both local expertise and global reach now more than ever before.

SynaptiQ becomes 3E's innovative digital platform, placing the company's domain expertise and insight at the fingertips of its customers and helping them to plan, create, and operate renewable assets effectively from anywhere in the world.

SynaptiQ integrates all of 3E's SaaS solutions which will help renewable energy projects from concept to completion. It employs artificial intelligence (AI) to centralize and supplement all available data, setting new performance and energy yield goals while dramatically lowering plant costs. It also has an open data and software framework developed by solar and wind experts, which helps to reduce investment costs while maximizing asset efficiency.

Three New Digital Solutions on the Way

In the spring of 2021, 3E will be launching one updated and two new SynaptiQ applications:

Asset Operations: an application that provides robust features outside monitoring to optimize the operations, performance review, and reporting of the renewable energy portfolio. This solution has been upgraded with a revised user interface.

Solar Analytics: an AI-based solution for automatic production loss detection and diagnosis, offering insightful feedback and actionable guidance to improve the efficiency of solar assets.

Wind Analytics – LivLiner Inside: An AI-based solution co-developed by 3E and Livliner for automatic output failure detection and diagnosis, offering forward-looking insights and actionable recommendations to increase wind asset efficiency.

In the coming months, the company will also add more valuable SaaS applications, such as ‘Asset Flexibility' and ‘Yield Analysis.'

The continued development in renewable energy, as well as the popularity of the company's digital solutions, prompted a redesign of 3E's branding and website. The new website will serve as a one-stop-shop for its SaaS offerings and will be expanded as new solutions become available.



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