3E Introduces New Digital Solutions for the Renewable Energy Sector

3E | April 05, 2021

3E has revealed some details about its current positioning and expanding range of digital solutions. SynaptiQ, the company's digital platform, and its new upcoming applications, Solar Analytics and Wind Analytics (a collaboration with LivLiner), as well as a brand-new UI for the Asset Operations framework, aim to digitalize renewable energy assets. 3E has also unveiled a revised brand image as well as a new website.

Following two decades of continuous innovation and investment in renewable energy, solar and wind are now the most viable and cost-effective options in most parts of the world. Over the next decade, we foresee even more growth, led by increasing energy demand and decreasing supply costs, as well as consolidation of the sector as it matures.

Furthermore, due to tightening regulations, diversifying portfolios, and increasingly strict grid standards, the construction, and maintenance of energy infrastructure are becoming more complicated. Renewable energy consumers, operators, and developers want a long-term technology partner with both local expertise and global reach now more than ever before.

SynaptiQ becomes 3E's innovative digital platform, placing the company's domain expertise and insight at the fingertips of its customers and helping them to plan, create, and operate renewable assets effectively from anywhere in the world.

SynaptiQ integrates all of 3E's SaaS solutions which will help renewable energy projects from concept to completion. It employs artificial intelligence (AI) to centralize and supplement all available data, setting new performance and energy yield goals while dramatically lowering plant costs. It also has an open data and software framework developed by solar and wind experts, which helps to reduce investment costs while maximizing asset efficiency.

Three New Digital Solutions on the Way

In the spring of 2021, 3E will be launching one updated and two new SynaptiQ applications:

Asset Operations: an application that provides robust features outside monitoring to optimize the operations, performance review, and reporting of the renewable energy portfolio. This solution has been upgraded with a revised user interface.

Solar Analytics: an AI-based solution for automatic production loss detection and diagnosis, offering insightful feedback and actionable guidance to improve the efficiency of solar assets.

Wind Analytics – LivLiner Inside: An AI-based solution co-developed by 3E and Livliner for automatic output failure detection and diagnosis, offering forward-looking insights and actionable recommendations to increase wind asset efficiency.

In the coming months, the company will also add more valuable SaaS applications, such as ‘Asset Flexibility' and ‘Yield Analysis.'

The continued development in renewable energy, as well as the popularity of the company's digital solutions, prompted a redesign of 3E's branding and website. The new website will serve as a one-stop-shop for its SaaS offerings and will be expanded as new solutions become available.


Processing of biological raw materials from energy production. Plant materials can be transformed into energy, energy production from solid biofuels from biogas and liquid biofuels from solid liquid biofuels biofuels various sources.


Processing of biological raw materials from energy production. Plant materials can be transformed into energy, energy production from solid biofuels from biogas and liquid biofuels from solid liquid biofuels biofuels various sources.

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Tesla Solar Roof and Solar Panels will be Sold Solely as Part of a Kit that Includes Powerwall Batteries

Tesla | April 22, 2021

In ongoing remarks on Twitter, Elon Musk declared that Tesla's Solar Roof and conventional sun-oriented boards would now be sold distinctly as an incorporated item with the Powerwall, the organization's well-known private battery framework. Tesla would begin selling the packaged private energy items starting one week from now. In a later tweet, Musk referenced that having a coordinated sun-oriented and battery framework should introduce a few benefits, for example, a more consistent establishment measure. The Powerwall battery would likewise only interface between the utility meter and the home's fundamental breaker boards, giving clients reinforcement energy simply if a blackout follows. "Sun-based force will take care of solely to Powerwall. Powerwall will interface just between the utility meter and house principle breaker board, empowering very straightforward introduce and consistent entire house reinforcement during utility dropouts," Musk composed. The Tesla Powerwall remains as quite possibly the most mainstream private battery frameworks on the lookout, somewhat because of the way that it offers the most affordable stockpiling alternative on a for each kWh put away premise, according to information from EnergySage in its 11th semiannual Solar Marketplace Intel Report. Taking into account that the interest for the battery has brought about considerable delay times for Powerwall clients, Tesla's choice to sell the energy stockpiling framework with sunlight-based items bodes well. Musk's new updates came not long after a Twitter connection with ARK Invest Director of Research Brett Winton, who depicted the momentum circumstance with his Tesla close planetary system. As per the expert, his sun-oriented + Powerwall arrangement has not created a solitary watt-hour since its establishment back in January, just because the utility has not affirmed the association. In his reaction, Musk noticed that utility authorization is ordinarily required when the Powerwall is full and equipped for settling the lattice. Tesla's Solar Roof tiles have been the subject of a few news stories lately, incompletely because of reports from clients who noticed that their framework's assessments have seen an outstanding cost increment. The cost increments are huge, with one client disclosing to Ars Technica that their Solar Roof quote had been refreshed from its underlying appraisal of $66,000 to an undeniably more costly $87,000. "Tesla has reneged on its sun-based rooftop contracts and has raised the costs for individuals (like me) who have effectively marked an agreement with them," the Solar Roof client noted. Tesla has not given insights concerning these revealed cost increments, however, the organization's online expense assessor for the Solar Roof currently gets some information about their rooftop's "intricacy," which considers factors like pitch, number of joints, chimney stacks, and different highlights. Tesla additionally featured in its online expense assessor that "mind-boggling rooftops take additional time and material to introduce than straightforward rooftops."

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Avalon Park Group Enters the US Market for Renewable Energy with Large Photovoltaic Farm

Avalon Park | January 15, 2021

Avalon Park Group has entered a buy contract for 6,253 sections of land in Volusia County. The property is found around 5 miles west of Avalon Park Daytona Beach on State Road 40, west of Interstate 95, separated by West Granada Boulevard/State Road 40 and is neighboring the Tiger Bay State Forest. Avalon Park Group has shaped a global consortium with Switzerland and Singapore based accomplices to bring a 300+ megawatt photovoltaic energy homestead to Volusia County. "Using the bountiful regular asset of the Sunshine State permits us to make a photovoltaic homestead at a scale that won't just help the supportability of the Avalon Park Daytona Beach Community, yet in addition gives an environmentally friendly power source to the whole locale to use," says Beat Kahli, CEO, Avalon Park Group. The organization's vision to make sound, supportable networks' goes back 35 years to one of its first tasks, the Comino Hotels in Malta, where sun oriented energy was utilized. Avalon Park Group has since been occupied with other maintainability adventures including lumber, agribusiness innovation and other sun powered ventures in Germany and Switzerland. Extra supportability plans incorporate a biomass and agrivoltaic ranch, a high level wetland treatment park to help with treating the overabundance greywater that has been a long-lasting provincial issue. Extra plans incorporate an agrihood, forest area, provincial sporting luxuries, and moreover to guarantee the protection of existing wetlands and open space. "Environmentally friendly power as photovoltaic is the place where the energy market is moving to," says Beat Kahli, CEO, Avalon Park Group. "We are not entering this market in the US with our Swiss and Asian Partners on account of a shortage of fossil energies like gas, coal or oil, it is only a thought for which the opportunity has arrived. Also, the world didn't move out of the stone age in light of the absence of stone, but since of the bounty of new and better assets." This land improves the maintainability plans of Avalon Park Group inside Volusia County which right now incorporates plans for a minimal, walkable, blended use and interconnected town where everybody can Live, Learn, Work and Play.

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Luxcara and GE Renewable Energy Announces to deliver 753MW Wind Capacity to Sweden

Luxcara | February 18, 2021

Luxcara and GE Renewable Energy have announced an agreement to convey 753MW of inland wind capacity with the Önusberget wind ranch in northern Sweden. As indicated by the Luxcara press explanation, the project will be the largest single inland wind ranch in Europe and GE's largest coastal wind ranch contract outside of the US. Luxcara has just begun foundation work, and GE will start introducing turbines as right on time as July of this current year. GE Renewable Energy will supply 137 of its Cypress 5.5MW turbines, an incredible turbine with a 158-meter rotor, undeniably appropriate for the project site's wind velocities and environment. The turbine sharp edges will be furnished with an imaginative ice alleviation framework, guaranteeing a steady degree of accessibility and diminished personal time. The gatherings likewise conceded to a 25-year full-turbine support and administration contract. The project with its sub-parks Kallamossen and Djupdal will deliver sufficient ability to supply power to what could be compared to in excess of 200,000 Swedish families each year and will save near 1,000,000 tons of CO2e over its lifetime. Alexandra von Bernstorff, managing partner of Luxcara, comments: “We are proud to work with GE to build Europe’s largest onshore wind farm in the resource-rich north of Sweden. We were among the first to enter the Nordic wind market back in 2015 and this project re-affirms our position as the region’s largest long-term investor in the sector.” Jérôme Pécresse, president and CEO of GE Renewable Energy, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by Luxcara to partner to the largest ever single onshore wind farm to be built in Europe. The Önusberget wind farm marks our continuous commitment to the Swedish onshore wind market, extends our presence in Europe and confirms the confidence of our customers in Cypress, our most powerful onshore wind platform.” About Luxcara Luxcara is an independent asset manager offering institutional investors equity and debt investment opportunities in renewable energy and infrastructure. Luxcara acquires, structures, finances and operates renewable-energy portfolios. The owner-managed company was founded in 2009 by two women and has since valued its team diversity. Based in Hamburg, a highly qualified team of 30 renewable specialists manages a portfolio of solar and wind power plants in Europe with a total capacity of more than two gigawatts and an investment volume exceeding 3 billion euros. About GE Renewable Energy At GE Renewable Energy, we harness the earth’s most abundant resources – the strength of the wind, the heat of the sun and the force of water – to power the world’s biggest economies and the most remote communities. With an innovative spirit and an entrepreneurial mindset, we engineer energy products and digital services that create industry-leading value for our customers around the world.

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