Advanced Power's Cutlass Solar Project Begins Commercial Operations

Advanced Power | January 24, 2023 | Read time : 02:32 min

Advanced Power's Cutlass Solar

On January 23, 2023, Advanced Power confirmed that the Cutlass Solar project has reached full commercial operation, and is now supplying reliable, renewable energy to the Greater Houston area. The finished project is a 140-Megawatt (MW) DC photovoltaic solar generating facility that began providing power to the ERCOT system in July 2022.

The announcement marks the complete transition from building and testing to full commercial operations. Advanced Power will continue to serve as the facility's asset manager, while SOLV Energy will operate it. The facility is owned by Advanced Power and its co-investors, Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd. and ENEOS Corporation. Bechtel, a company experienced in designing and implementing complex power projects for over 60 years, oversaw the facility's procurement, engineering, and construction.

Collin Brown, Vice President of Development at Advanced Power, shared, "Cutlass Solar exemplifies Advanced Power's continuing growth as a global developer, manager, and owner of modern power infrastructure. We are committed to bringing reliable power to growing areas that need it, such as Greater Houston." He added, "We are equally pleased to be contributing to the community through tax revenues to support the county and local schools."

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Cutlass Solar is situated on 700-acre land in Fort Bend County, Texas, approximately 40 miles southwest of Houston. It is Advanced Power's first operational project in the comprehensive 8-Gigawatt low-carbon and renewable development pipeline within the United States. Other projects in the ERCOT pipeline include Alina Energy, Elio Energy, Eldora Energy, Oriana Solar, and Talitha Energy.

About Advanced Power

Massachusetts-based Advanced Power is a privately owned organization that develops, owns, and manages infrastructure projects for power generation across Europe and North America. By leveraging its skills in asset management, financial structuring, and development, the company is moving closer to its underlying goal of significantly lowering global emissions. The organization has prevented over 9.5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions, provided more than 18 million megawatt hours of clean energy, delivered more than 2.6 million homes with power, and raised more than $5 billion in equity and debt financing to date.


Irina Gilfanova, Director, Sustainability Consulting at Schneider Electric and Gustav Magnusson, Project Manager, Climate Strategy at EQT Group discuss the role of private equity sector in the net-zero transition as well as EQT’s climate strategy and the way they engage with their portfolio


Irina Gilfanova, Director, Sustainability Consulting at Schneider Electric and Gustav Magnusson, Project Manager, Climate Strategy at EQT Group discuss the role of private equity sector in the net-zero transition as well as EQT’s climate strategy and the way they engage with their portfolio

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Onward Energy recently announced that the company had completed the previously disclosed acquisition of Global Atlantic Financial Group's 1,171 MW operating solar portfolio. The acquisition comprises operating solar assets in eight states and positions the company as one of the most extensive operators of solar assets in the United States. With the completion of this acquisition, Onward will own and operate more than 4.3 GW of renewable energy in twenty-two states. The deal represents the largest renewable investment in Onward's history and diversifies the company's 6 GW energy generation portfolio. Chief Executive Officer of Onward, Steve Doyon, said "Onward Energy is a committed partner in the energy transition and this acquisition marks an important step in our continued leadership towards a future powered by clean energy. We are grateful to the Global Atlantic team for their collaboration throughout this process." (Source- Cision PR Newswire) Concurrently with the closure of the deal, Onward secured long-term financing from KeyBank, which acted as the administrative agent for a bank group of relationship lenders comprising NatWest, Commerzbank, CoBank, ING, and Truist. During the deal, Global Atlantic had Onpeak Capital LLC as its financial advisor and Mayer Brown LLP as its legal advisor. Milbank LLP served as Onward's legal counsel. About Onward Energy Onward Energy is an independent company that generates and operates about 6 GW of renewable energy from solar, wind and gas generation projects in the U.S. It is one of the national leaders in developing clean, renewable energy. The company is a pioneer in the transition into clean energy, investing in the next generation of clean, reliable technologies that will expedite the customers and communities to meet their decarbonization objectives faster.

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Braya Renewable Fuels Issues Letter of Support to ABO Wind

Braya Renewable Fuels LP | March 13, 2023

Braya Renewable Fuels LP, an oil and gas company, has recently issued an exclusive letter of support to ABO Wind company for the joint development of green hydrogen production. It would promote ABO Wind's project proposal in 'Crown Land Call for Bids for Wind Energy Projects,' an initiative of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. In November 2022, it issued a request for proposals of about 35,000 metric tons of green hydrogen production annually, which is needed for its advanced biofuel refinery. It recognized its requirement for large quantity hydrogen and unique access to deep water logistic assets. It has also invited respondents to submit proposals for large-scale production of green hydrogen and ammonia that would satisfy the needs of the global marketplace. ABO Wind proposed an integrated project providing green hydrogen to fulfill Braya's requirement and green ammonia for export worldwide, and Braya issued a non-binding letter of support to ABO Wind's project. It believes in the success of the project in the competitive process. CEO of Braya Renewable Fuels, Frank Almaraz said, "Of the many strong proposals we received from around the world, we have selected ABO Wind for its demonstrated ability to manage large scale infrastructure developments, its significant experience in developing renewable energy projects, and our shared vision of producing green hydrogen and green ammonia to serve global markets." He added, "We are confident that together with ABO Wind, we can build on the tremendous momentum at our Come By Chance refinery." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Braya Renewable Fuels LP Headquartered in Come By Chance, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Braya Renewable Fuels LP, a refinery, aspires to become one of the largest renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel production facilities in the world. Its refinery is in the conversion project process. It employs employees from different countries, backgrounds and cultures for global business. Previously, it was known as North Atlantic Refinery (NARL). It was named 'Braya' after the two endangered artic-alpine flowering plant species, Long's Braya and Fernald's Braya, mostly found in the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. These unique species adapt to the extreme climate conditions, and natural processes need to survive in the coastal limestone barrens of the Strait of Belle Isle.

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RatedPower Predicts Solar and Renewable Trend in Its Annual Report

Enverus | March 03, 2023

RatedPower (a part of Enverus company), a SaaS platform for the green energy sector, has recently released its annual findings from different industry experts and simulations worldwide and predicted the trends in the solar and renewable energy sector for 2023. According to the findings, renewable energy companies would focus on enhancing the adoption of renewable energy power generation, energy storage investment, reducing the levelized cost of electricity, and fuel diversification at geographical and energy source levels. The green energy industry has faced challenges like supply chain disruption, pandemic influence, increased equipment prices and reduced availability in 2022. During the pandemic, there was an energy crisis, and governments and businesses increased investments in clean energy and decreased reliance on fossil fuel imports along with increasing new global capacity installations. VP of Power & Renewables at Enverus and Co-founder of RatedPower, Andrea Barber said, "In the year ahead, we expect the green transition to provide a massive boost to investments in solar photovoltaics(PV) — for residential, commercial and industrial, and for utility-scale installations. The industry is increasingly looking at ways to incorporate battery storage and clean, green hydrogen into renewable installations to maximize supply." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) General Manager of Power & Renewables at Enverus, Bernadette Johnson said, "The energy evolution is not clearly mapped out for us; it is a winding, twisting road full of potholes. All these twists, turns and bumps make the market one that is full of risk but, more importantly, of opportunity as well. At Enverus, we continue to work endlessly to eliminate the gaps and help you make intelligent connections between all parts of the project lifecycle from siting through operations, so you can minimize investment risks and maximize returns." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Enverus Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Enverus, a software development company, provides a single platform for management, development, and acquisition within the whole energy value chain. It offers in-depth analysis, real-time access, insights, benchmark costs, and revenue data and enhances support to the energy strategy with actionable intelligence. It helps green energy companies from early-stage investment to full-scale development. It discovers unseen insights, opportunities, and actions for extraordinary outcomes. Many financial institutions and energy companies count on its analysis, intelligence and technology for capital investment decisions and to increase investor ROI.

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