Antin Infrastructure Partners to Become Majority Shareholder in Origis Energy, a Leading U.S. Renewable Energy Platform

Antin Infrastructure Partners | October 18, 2021

Antin Infrastructure Partners, one of the world’s leading infrastructure investment firms, announced that funds managed by Antin have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a majority stake in Origis Energy, a major vertically integrated renewable energy platform in the United States, from its CEO & President Guy Vanderhaegen and Global Atlantic Financial Group. The company focuses on developing, building, and operating utility-scale solar and storage assets, as well as distributed generation. Guy Vanderhaegen will continue to lead and to hold a significant stake in the company.

Founded in 2008, Origis Energy has a track record of development success across 130 solar and storage projects. Antin will support Origis Energy with additional capital and resources as it builds out its contracted pipeline, which is one of the largest in the U.S. and provides clear visibility into its growth plan over the next several years. The company will further scale its operations to deliver on longer-term development goals, continue to expand its operations and maintenance services business and further strengthen its position as a key player in energy transition.

By developing renewable energy projects, Origis Energy is at the forefront of companies contributing to decarbonisation efforts. It’s solar and storage projects offer a clean alternative to fossil fuel-reliant energy sources, thus helping customers reduce net greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a low carbon economy. The nationwide energy transition, supported by national and state level policies, continues to create strong market growth for solar and storage assets.

The transaction, carried out through its Fund IV, is Antin’s third investment in the U.S. market as Antin expands its presence in North American infrastructure following the opening of its New York office in 2019.

Kevin Genieser, Senior Partner at Antin Infrastructure Partners who led the transaction, stated: “We are excited to work with the entire Origis Energy team in this major growth chapter for the company. Origis Energy continues Antin’s decade-long track record of investing in renewable energy platforms and supporting the transition to a clean energy future. This transaction is well aligned with Antin’s own ESG objectives.”

“We are delighted to partner with Antin Infrastructure Partners to support our growth story. With its backing, we can continue to capitalise on the fast-growing U.S. renewables market, which benefits from a supportive regulatory environment and compelling technology fundamentals.”

Guy Vanderhaegen, CEO & President of Origis Energy

Anup Agarwal, Chief Investment Officer of Global Atlantic Financial Group, commented: “We are pleased to have participated in Origis Energy’s great success story, first as an investor in its solar projects and later as the company’s largest outside shareholder. Guy has built a world-class team with strong focus on delivering the highest standards of service and execution, which has positioned Origis Energy well for continued long-term success as demand for clean power supply continues to increase.”

Origis Energy was advised by Onpeak Capital (lead financial advisor) and Goldman Sachs (financial advisor) and Norton Rose Fulbright (legal advisor). Antin Infrastructure Partners was advised by Scotiabank and Wells Fargo Securities (financial advisor) and Latham & Watkins (legal advisor).

Closing is expected in late 2021 following the receipt of customary regulatory approvals.

About Antin Infrastructure Partners:
Antin Infrastructure Partners is a leading independent private equity firm focused on infrastructure investments. Based in Paris, London and New York, and majority owned by its partners, the firm employs over 150 professionals. Antin targets majority stakes in infrastructure businesses in the energy and environment, telecom, transport and social infrastructure sectors. Antin has €19.9 billion in assets under management and has made investments in 28 companies since its founding. Antin is listed on compartment A of the regulated market of Euronext Paris.

About Origis Energy:
Origis Energy is a leading renewable energy platform in the United States with a growing pipeline of solar and storage projects. Headquartered in Miami, with regional offices in Austin and San Diego, Origis has 105 employees across its development, engineering/procurement/ construction, operations and maintenance, financing and accounting teams. The company was founded in 2008 and is led by CEO & President Guy Vanderhaegen. Origis currently operates 2 GW of solar and storage capacity and has a significant project pipeline with 20 GW of capacity.


As the price of PV continues to drop, solar energy becomes an attainable reality for more and more homeowners, businesses and investors. However, despite compelling economics, some potential buyers are ineligible for solar due to insucient space or too much shading.


As the price of PV continues to drop, solar energy becomes an attainable reality for more and more homeowners, businesses and investors. However, despite compelling economics, some potential buyers are ineligible for solar due to insucient space or too much shading.

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