Arevon Selects Nextracker to Supply Smart Solar Trackers for 1.5 GW U.S. Utility Solar Portfolio

Nextracker, the market leader in yield-enhancing PV system technology and solar trackers, today announced that Arevon Energy, Inc., has selected Nextracker for its upcoming 1.5 gigawatt (GW) portfolio of projects in Indiana and Nevada. Nextracker will supply NX Horizon™ smart solar trackers with TrueCapture™ and NX Navigator™ software and control systems for advanced monitoring, control, and asset management.

Indiana will host five of these solar power plants: Elliott (200 megawatt [MW]), Gibson (280 MW), Ratts 1 and Ratts 2 (both 150 MW), and Posey (300 MW). The 250 MW Citadel project will be located outside of Reno, Nevada. The U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm and Rep. Susie Lee recently toured the seventh site in the portfolio, the 232 MW Townsite plant in Boulder City, Nevada.

"We're excited to partner with Nextracker and use their state-of-the-art technology in this latest portfolio of solar projects," said Justin Johnson, Arevon's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "Nextracker was our first choice to help standardize construction practices across the portfolio and create efficiencies and greater cost savings. We have already seen Nextracker's TrueCapture software boost energy gains by 2.72% at one of the solar projects we service, so we have direct experience with this innovative solution and how it can add value to every project in the portfolio."

"Sophisticated asset managers and project developers like Arevon know the importance of standardizing their utility-scale solar projects with advanced data monitoring and optimization software," said Ryan Booth, Nextracker's Vice President of Utility Sales. "Our partnership with Arevon highlights how the future of solar development will leverage system standardization to improve project value in an increasingly competitive sector."

Both Indiana and Nevada are poised for significant solar growth. Data from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) projects close to 5 GW of solar will be installed in Indiana over the next five years, ranking the state's pipeline as the sixth largest in the country. SEIA estimates that Nevada, ranked seventh, will install more than 4 GW over the same period. These seven projects totaling more than 1.5 GW will be key to these two states meeting their renewable energy goals. They are all expected to be operational by the end of 2023.

Standardizing tracker and software technology across multiple renewable energy project sites increases the overall efficiency of the portfolio while mitigating risks and reducing the potential for failures. This efficiency boost is accomplished by locking in the system designs and component procurement in advance, which creates seamless and turnkey installation and commissioning. Additionally, Arevon's license of TrueCapture software will boost power production, and NX Navigator's monitoring and control system will actively minimize risk from increasingly prevalent extreme weather.

About Nextracker
Nextracker is a leader in the renewable energy transition. It provides critical, yield-enhancing solar technology, expertise and strategic services to capture the full system value and maximize the efficiency of solar power plants. Delivering the most comprehensive portfolio of intelligent solar tracker and control software solutions for system owners, Nextracker is transforming plant performance with smart technology, data monitoring and analysis services.

About Arevon
Arevon Energy, Inc., is a leading renewable energy company with roots as one of the largest renewable asset managers in the United States. Arevon's financial prowess and industry expertise come together to improve the structure and performance of clean energy assets across North America. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, and New York City, Arevon uses innovative approaches and leading-edge technology to provide commercial, financial, performance asset management, and construction services to nearly 10 GWac of renewable energy assets delivering clean energy to utilities and corporations.



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