Aurora Solar Announces Expansion of Operations in Germany to Accelerate Solar Adoption

businesswire | June 02, 2023 | Read time : 02:06 min


Aurora Solar, the leading cloud-based platform for solar sales and design, announced its expansion into Germany to empower solar organizations to streamline operations and accelerate growth. Aurora sees significant opportunity to support the growing number of German solar installers who are in need of digital solutions and automation. The company incorporated in Frankfurt with dedicated Sales, Marketing, Customer Support teams to establish and scale operations in Germany and the DACH region. Powering upwards of 100,000 solar projects every week, top U.S. solar organizations — including 90 percent of the top 100 U.S. residential solar installers — count on Aurora to accelerate solar sales cycles using the power of technology and automation.

“Aurora enables solar businesses to create highly accurate residential solar designs without having to visit the site, ultimately accelerating the sales process and empowering installers to scale operations. With demand for solar growing in Europe, we are confident our German expansion will help further our mission to create a future of solar for all,” said Christopher Hopper, co-founder and CEO. “This launch is incredibly exciting for our team; our platform will help advance the adoption of renewable energy in Germany.”

Expanding Market Leadership to Europe

Building on an already strong foundation, Aurora Solar is proud to:

  • Support over 7,000 of the solar industry's most successful organizations to help tackle climate change;
  • Leverage its powerful software alongside its customers to avoid over 60 million tons of CO2 since inception; and,
  • Be recognized on the 2022 Deloitte Fast 500 as well as the 2022 Forbes AI 50, and listed as one of the 2022 Best Remote Companies to Work For by Built In.

About Aurora Solar

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Aurora Solar, a software development company dedicated to the solar energy industry, provides services for solar PV design, cloud computing, enterprise SaaS, solar sales, solar design customizations, solar PV performance modeling, solar software, solar engineering, solar financial analysis, and solar project design automation. Its cloud-based software has transformed solar design, sales and delivery operations since 2013. It offers an entirely accurate customizable design for every customer, with only an address and electric bill requirement. With its dedication and innovation, it is making solar energy accessible to everyone worldwide.


We need to do things differently if we are to avoid the impacts of climate change. To play our part in limiting global warming to 1.5°C, the Government has committed to reaching net zero for all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


We need to do things differently if we are to avoid the impacts of climate change. To play our part in limiting global warming to 1.5°C, the Government has committed to reaching net zero for all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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Standard Solar Acquires Community Solar Project from New Columbia Solar; Bolsters Ownership Portfolio in Maryland

Businesswire | August 09, 2023

Standard Solar, a leader in the ownership, operation, funding and development of commercial and community solar assets, today announced it has acquired a community solar project at FCP®’s Holly Spring Meadows apartment community in Forestville, Md. from New Columbia Solar. The 800-kilowatt (kW) carport array and a 921-kW rooftop array project, along with 24 other projects owned by Standard Solar in the state, will help Maryland achieve its Renewable Portfolio Standard. The carport and rooftop arrays, located at Holly Spring Meadows, a 224-apartment unit community, will generate a combined 2,120-megawatt hours of clean energy annually, which is equivalent to offsetting the carbon emissions of 1.6 million pounds of coal, charging 182 million smartphones for a year or the annual electricity use of nearly 300 homes. Approximately 50 percent of the energy produced on-site will be allocated to individuals of low- to moderate-income households. “It means a lot when you acquire a project in your backyard that not only promotes community involvement, fostering a sense of unity, but also brings the benefits of solar power to a broader audience, and that will also help your home state reach its renewable energy goals,” said Mike Streams, Chief Development Officer for Standard Solar. “The Holly Spring Meadows solar project will help offset electricity costs for residents and moves Maryland closer to meeting its goal of generating 50 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. It also advances the state toward meeting the 14.5 percent carve-out for solar by 2028.” Maryland is at the forefront of embracing the value of community solar, demonstrating a significant commitment to renewable energy and empowering its residents. The Holly Spring Meadows community solar project stands as a great example of how solar energy can truly make a difference. By allowing individuals to subscribe to a shared solar array, this project enables access to clean and affordable energy for those who may not have the resources or suitable rooftops for installing solar panels. Subscriptions are being managed by Arcadia. Information on subscriptions can be found here. “This was an extremely challenging project, and I am very proud of New Columbia Solar’s engineering and development team for bringing this difficult project to life,” said Michael Healy, Chief Executive Officer, New Columbia Solar. “This certainly cements NCS as one of the preeminent developers in Prince George’s County. I want to thank County Executive Angela Alsobrooks and her staff for working with the NCS team to streamline solar energy permitting in the county, which made this system possible and will enable NCS to continue to invest in solar energy systems throughout Prince George’s. I also want to thank FCP for being a great partner throughout this development process; We are proud to provide clean energy to more than 275 families through the Community Solar Program while furthering Prince George’s County’s renewable energy goals.” “In 2019, FCP began exploring renewable energy solutions that would provide greener homes and improve returns for our investors,” said FCP’s Dara Vaziri. “After two years of extensive due diligence, we partnered with New Columbia Solar for FCP’s first solar deal ever. New Columbia Solar has done a great job building an approximate 1.6-megawatt system that will power approximately 275 homes annually.” “We’re thrilled to be a part of Maryland’s first community solar carport alongside New Columbia Solar, Standard Solar and Holly Spring Meadows. Not only does this project leverage the built environment to harness clean solar power, it will also deliver 50% of its output to low-to-moderate income households and affordable housing properties, helping out households for whom energy costs are a significant burden,” said Joel Gamoran, Vice President and General Manager of Energy Services at Arcadia. The Holly Spring Meadows project is complete and operating. Last weekend, the project’s partners, along with other participants, including Director Andrea Crooms, Prince George’s County Government - Department of Environment, came together to commemorate its success and organize a special community event to celebrate its completion. The occasion featured various activities, including the distribution of back-to-school backpacks and gift cards for energy use. “FCP is thrilled to be partnering with Standard Solar in our first solar array at Holly Spring Meadows,” said FCP’s Lollie Loflin. “This community solar project supports FCP’s robust energy savings strategies and reduces the overall carbon footprint of the community. Along with the exciting news on our energy strategies, we are thrilled to send our youngest residents off to school this year with new backpacks stuffed with school supplies!” About Arcadia Arcadia is a climate technology company enabling a zero-carbon economy. By unlocking high-fidelity, global energy data for the first time, the Arc platform combines easy-to-use data and APIs under one roof to allow any company to act on its environmental impact and build the next generation of energy products and climate tech solutions. Arc democratizes access to data from more than 9,500 utility providers in 52 countries, covering more than 95% of US residential and commercial utility accounts. Founded in 2014 on the belief that everyone deserves access to clean energy, Arcadia also manages the nation’s leading community solar subscription management program with more than a 1 GW under contract. Through technology innovation, Arcadia helps to tackle energy access for disenfranchised communities while spurring economic growth. About FCP FCP® is a privately held real estate investment company that has invested in or financed more than $12.4 billion in assets since its founding in 1999. FCP invests directly and with operating partners in commercial and residential assets. The firm makes equity and mezzanine investments in income-producing and development properties. Based in Chevy Chase, MD, FCP invests both its commingled, discretionary funds and separate accounts targeted at major real estate markets in the United States. About New Columbia Solar New Columbia Solar is a Washington, DC based solar energy company, financier, owner, and operator of commercial and industrial solar energy projects. Founded in 2016, the company has grown to be the largest and most comprehensive solar energy company in the District of Columbia. Our mission is to power every building in the District of Columbia with solar energy, making our city’s energy supply cleaner and more sustainable for generations to follow. About Standard Solar Standard Solar, a Brookfield Renewable company, is powering the nation’s energy transformation – channeling its project development capabilities, financial strength and technical expertise to deliver the benefits of solar, as well as solar + storage, to businesses, institutions, farms, governments, communities and utilities. Building on 18 years of sustainable growth and in-house and tax equity investment capital, Standard Solar is a national leader in the development, funding and long-term ownership and operation of commercial and community solar assets. Recognized as an established financial partner with immediate, deep resources, the company owns and operates more than 350 megawatts of solar across the United States. Standard Solar is based in Rockville, Md.

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Ocean Power Technologies Unveils Breakthrough: WAM-V Demonstrates Remote Connection to PowerBuoy® for On-Water Charging

Globenewswire | August 21, 2023

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. a leader in innovative and cost-effective low-carbon marine power, data, and service solutions, is proud to announce a pivotal achievement in the field of autonomous maritime technology. During a presentation by OPT's VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Matt Burdyny, at the 10th Annual Maritime Security West (MARSEC West) event, OPT revealed a groundbreaking milestone: the successful demonstration of the Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V) attaching itself remotely to a buoy and establishing a connection that will enable charging. This significant achievement was unveiled through a compelling video, captured during on-water trials conducted earlier this month. The video showcases the docking of the WAM-V to a buoy, exemplifying OPT's advanced autonomous capabilities. The successful connection that will enable charging represents a significant leap forward in the integration of renewable energy sources within the maritime industry. "Our successful demonstration of a WAM-V remotely attaching itself to a buoy that will enable establishing a charging connection is a defining moment for OPT and the maritime technology sector as a whole," stated Matt Burdyny after the presentation. "This achievement underscores our commitment to reshaping autonomous maritime operations by leveraging renewable energy for sustainable charging solutions." By showcasing the successful docking of the WAM-V on-water, OPT paves the way for a future where autonomous vessels can operate for extended durations, opening doors to various applications within the maritime domain. Additionally, OPT's CEO, Philipp Stratmann, expressed his enthusiasm about the achievement, stating, "Our team's success in demonstrating remote docking that will enable charging capabilities is a testament to OPT's leadership in advancing maritime technology. This milestone propels us towards realizing a future where sustainable energy and autonomous operations integrate seamlessly." ABOUT OCEAN POWER TECHNOLOGIES OPT provides intelligent maritime solutions and services that enable safer, cleaner, and more productive ocean operations for the defense and security, oil and gas, science and research, and offshore wind markets. Our PowerBuoy® platforms provide clean and reliable electric power and real-time data communications for remote maritime and subsea applications. We also provide WAM-V® autonomous surface vessels (ASVs) and marine robotics services through our wholly owned subsidiary Marine Advanced Robotics. The Company’s headquarters are located in Monroe Township, New Jersey and we have offices in Houston, Texas, and Richmond, California.

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Ampt Completes Delivery to Edison Power for Solar+Storage Microgrid Project Being Developed by Tocoo, Inc. in Japan

businesswire | July 13, 2023

Ampt, the #1 DC optimizer company for large-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems, today announced that it is working with Edison Power Co., Ltd. to integrate Ampt String Optimizers into a solar+storage microgrid project being developed by Tocoo, Inc. (HQ: Tokyo) for the utility Okinawa Electric Power Company in Miyakojima, Japan. The project supports Miyako Island’s goal to source 55 percent of the region’s electricity from renewable energy by 2030. Edison Power is using Ampt technology to enable a Direct-to-BatteryⓇ DC-coupled architecture, which marks the first project of this kind for the utility. Ampt String Optimizers provide the critical link between the PV array, battery system, and inverter to manage intermittency, control frequency, and achieve two percent or less power fluctuation of rated output per minute, as required by the Okinawa Power Company and local legislation. Edison Power is deploying Ampt String Optimizers with lithium iron phosphate batteries from Gotion and string inverters from Huawei. The microgrid system consists of 1200 kWp of solar linked through optimizers to 1700 kWh of batteries and 700 kW of inverters. Ampt String Optimizers are DC/DC converters that perform maximum power point tracking (MPPT) on each string of PV modules to increase the lifetime performance of the system. In a Direct-to-Battery design, the optimizers deliver array power to the DC bus that is directly connected to the battery system. Ampt’s patented V-matchⓇ technology enables the optimizers to automatically match and follow the DC bus voltage as it changes with the battery's state of charge. Ampt’s Direct-to-Battery architecture simplifies the controls of a PV+storage system while improving dynamic response capabilities and system-wide efficiency. It also eliminates the need for bidirectional battery converters. Ampt optimizers are inverter and battery technology independent. “Our partnership with Edison Power is a testament to the capabilities of our industry-leading DC/DC converter technology to enable lower-cost and higher-performing DC-coupled solar projects,” said Levent Gun, CEO, Ampt. “We look forward to expanding our relationship with Edison Power and having this project serve as an example for the surrounding region to support its energy transition goals, while meeting utility requirements.” “We are pleased to be working with Ampt on Edison Power’s first DC-coupled solar project. We were seeking a power solution that meets our high standards for system responsiveness and performance, and we were impressed with Ampt’s expertise and global footprint of successful DC-coupled installations,” said Mr. Nakamura, general manager of Edison Power’s storage battery business. “With Ampt String Optimizers, we are able to significantly improve roundtrip energy efficiency while saving on capital costs compared to other solutions.” About Ampt Ampt delivers innovative power conversion and communication technology that are used to lower the cost and improve performance of new PV systems, repower existing systems, and enable lower-cost DC-coupled storage. With installations and experience serving markets around the world, Ampt is the number one DC optimizer company for large-scale systems. The company is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, and has sales and support locations in North America, Europe, and Japan as well as representation in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. About Edison Power Edison Power is a renewable energy solutions company that started developing and manufacturing storage battery systems in 1991. In addition to the storage battery system business, Edison Power is developing a solar power generation business, a biomass power generation business, a bark pellet production business, and a solar sharing business. About Tocoo Inc. Tocco Inc. aims to create new value to illuminate the future through various businesses, including renewable energy projects.

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