Aurora Solar Surpasses 4 Million Solar Project Designed Milestone

Aurora Solar—the business' driving programming stage for appropriated sun oriented and capacity—reported today that the quantity of PV ventures planned in their product outperformed the 4,000,000 achievement. Significantly more critical is that Aurora Solar arrived at 4 million activities from 3 million in only a half year.

"This is a big milestone for us, but more importantly, for the solar industry as a whole," said Samuel Adeyemo, Co-founder of Aurora Solar. "The industry is growing fast, and we're excited to be able to provide solutions that can help it scale even faster."

Utilizing Aurora, sun based experts can perform distant sun oriented concealing examination, plan sunlight based and capacity frameworks, estimate how much energy the PV framework will deliver, compute power charge reserve funds, decide the quantity of batteries for reinforcement power, produce deals proposition with financing alternatives, and significantly more.

Virtually all sunlight based organizations are utilizing in any event one outsider programming, and a lion's share of them are utilizing programming explicitly for PV framework plan. This bodes well. New client procurement costs are high, and programming can help decrease delicate expenses and increment work process productivity. Sunlight based organizations don't need to construct their own devices for framework plan or tasks; they have choices to redistribute for arrangements—a sign the sun powered industry is developing.

"Site visits are nearly a thing of the past, and the design workflow is much faster and smoother using Aurora," said Matt Webb, Sunpro Solar's Director of Design. "Aurora's cutting-edge technology allows my team to get access to more data points with greater accuracy for any site."

The sun powered industry encountered a huge log jam in establishments with work stoppages and vulnerability from COVID-19, however there are numerous hopeful signs that point towards the business' versatility and quality. The U.S. Sunlight based Market Insight Q3 2020 report delivered by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Wood Mackenzie is guaging a general 37% yearly development this year—down only 6% from pre-pandemic figures. For private sun powered, establishments weren't as seriously affected as initially expected because of facilitating of severe sanctuary set up orders and installer plan of action developments.

Industry Recognition

Aurora Solar's strong high growth is coupled with wide industry recognition as the leading software.

Aurora Solar was announced as a finalist for the S&P's 2020 Global Energy Awards (winners will be announced in December)
Aurora was voted by the community and awarded the Solar Power World's Leadership in Solar Energy Award for software multiple times—most of any software
In early 2019, Aurora Solar raised $20M in Series A funding, largest for any solar software

About Aurora Solar Inc.

Aurora Solar is a fast-growing company that builds powerful software solutions for distributed solar and storage. Aurora became the first to offer a range of tools to easily size a battery backup system and make recommendations based on the homeowner's backup needs in September 2020.



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