Fortescue Future Industries | June 24, 2022

A leading group of German companies along with Australia's Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) has released a green hydrogen roadmap, outlining a set of recommendations for government and industry, to meet the ambitious target of importing large amounts of green hydrogen from Australia to Germany.

The Green Hydrogen Taskforce, created earlier this year, is a collaborative effort between FFI, and some of the strongest energy, industrial, and technology companies in Germany, including Covestro, E.ON, Linde, Luthardt, SAP, Schaeffler, thyssenkrupp Nucera and thyssenkrupp Uhde.

The green hydrogen roadmap developed by the Taskforce consists of a 10-point plan and a White Paper and is intended to outline a constructive pathway forward in Germany for business and government. The roadmap could potentially serve as an example for other nations looking for solutions at the upcoming G7 meeting. The G7 meeting will discuss hydrogen and has already developed a G7 Hydrogen Action Pact (G7 HAP) which will form part of the final G7 communique.

The companies in the taskforce are ready to move on green energy through serious investment and will work with Government to achieve these goals together. The recommendations to the German government include: developing subsidies and incentives to remove the "First Mover Disadvantage"; encouraging sources of low-cost capital to scale the industry, and underwriting equipment manufacturers expansion plans to meet developer's needs.

Climate change has become a dramatic reality of our times with visible impacts on all continents and all countries. The UN IPCC report has recommended reducing fossil fuel production to keep temperature increases under 1.5 degrees and halt the worst impacts of global warming. With this responsibility in mind, the industry stands ready to do its part.

The Russian war on Ukraine has in addition created a new reality. This must lead to an accelerated energy transition, especially regarding the development of a green hydrogen economy, which will help to decarbonise as well as to diversify energy supply.

"The future of energy needs the right partnerships and the right technologies. We bring our expertise in industrial-scale hydrogen applications like green ammonia for enabling the worldwide export/import of clean energy."

- Dr. Cord Landsmann, CEO of thyssenkrupp Uhde

"We are determined to implement the green transformation of the economy. For this, the development of a reasonable green hydrogen environment must be given priority. In the long term, this strengthens climate protection, independence from Russian gas and the competitiveness of our industries. This deserves a high level of political support."

- Patrick Lammers, COO at E.ON,

Juergen Nowicki, Executive Vice President Linde and CEO of Linde Engineering, said, "For an industrialized nation such as Germany it is of utmost importance to secure reliable and affordable energy. Clean hydrogen has an important role to play in the energy transition, but we need to have the right framework, incentives and infrastructure in place to make it actionable as a lever to decarbonisation. We are committed to supporting the effort to decarbonise Germany's economy by leveraging Linde's knowledge, experience and technology along the entire hydrogen value chain, from production and storage to transportation and application."

Dr. Klaus Schäfer, Chief Technology Officer and member of the Board of Management of Covestro, said, "Green hydrogen is a central building block for the transformation of the chemical industry towards climate neutrality. Covestro and other industry partners are in the starting blocks to get the hydrogen economy up and running. However, we also need the right framework conditions and political support to achieve this. Using the example of the partnership between Germany and Australia, this action plan shows which steps need to be taken in detail. It complements the ongoing HAP initiative and establishes an actionable plan which can easily be replicated amongst the G7 countries and beyond."

"This also includes the critical topic of tracking and tracing of green hydrogen and green ammonia through the complete value chain including the certificates of origin with the aim that the end customers will exactly know what they get," said Peter Koop, Global Lead for Energy Transition and Hydrogen at SAP.

Uwe Wagner, CTO of Schaeffler AG said, "the envisaged hydrogen partnership between Germany and Australia is a vital step to foster clean energy in Germany. To turn this goal into reality, quick industrialization of electrolysis and other hydrogen technologies will be crucial. We stand ready to speed up the energy transition with the supply of high-quality components for the large-scale production of electrolysers."

Dr. Andrew Forrest Chairman of FFI, said, "Germany and the European continent are facing stagflation for the first time in years. If structured appropriately, an accelerated uptake of green hydrogen also by means of green ammonia can be a powerful economic growth driver for Germany. Our White Paper estimates that for every €1 spent as a support mechanism by Government for green hydrogen, €10 is unlocked in private investment."

Global green energy company FFI and one of Europe's largest energy companies with focus on energy infrastructure and customer solutions, E.ON, recently announced a partnership with the goal  to supply 5 million tonnes of green hydrogen a year by 2030 – the equivalent of one third of the calorific energy of natural gas Germany imports from Russia.

"Our message is very clear. The green energy industrial revolution is here. Do not allow the energy crisis to make the climate crisis worse. Germany can become a green energy superpower and we have outlined the pathway to make it happen, including the financial investment required by government. Business is ready."


Hydro Tasmania is progressing an ambitious project to rehabilitate Lagoon of Islands as a wetland, following decommissioning of a dam at that location. This short film tells the story of how a dead wetland is being restored to life.


Hydro Tasmania is progressing an ambitious project to rehabilitate Lagoon of Islands as a wetland, following decommissioning of a dam at that location. This short film tells the story of how a dead wetland is being restored to life.

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BayWa r.e. and Sitetracker Cooperate on Renewable Energy Infrastructure Management

Sitetracker | July 08, 2022

Sitetracker, the leading deployment operations management software for critical infrastructure providers, will help enable BayWa r.e.'s Power Solutions team with its deployment of photovoltaic (PV) systems and solutions. Sitetracker's intuitive and easy-to-use solutions will help the company in key markets in Germany, Italy and Spain to efficiently and effectively deploy PV systems and solutions while replacing outdated modes of panel management, such as spreadsheets. With operations in 29 countries and revenues of almost €3.6 billion, BayWa r.e. is a leading global renewable energy developer, service provider, distributor, and energy solutions provider and is actively shaping the future of energy. BayWa r.e. Power Solutions GmbH selected Sitetracker as its software management solution provider because of the real-time capabilities, giving all users an accurate and clear understanding of each PV deployment – from anywhere at any time. In addition, functions like planning vs. actuals and project status in aggregate or individually offer the company deeper insight than it has had in the past. "With Sitetracker, we can not only make business decisions in a more transparent and efficient way, but also we are able to achieve our business goals in a more time-saving and lean manner, Prior to Sitetracker, our team managed large projects by sharing complex spreadsheets. Now that we have acquired 'one single source of truth', our team is able to work in real-time. We expect that Sitetracker's collaborative approach will give our team a great advantage." -Stephan Auracher, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. Power Solutions GmbH With solutions like Sitetracker, which enable efficiency and accuracy of deployment, the BayWa r.e. Power Solutions team can deploy PV systems at a reduced cost, driving greater ROI. About Sitetracker Sitetracker powers the rapid deployment of tomorrow's infrastructure. The global leader in deployment operations management software, Sitetracker helps innovative companies like British Telecom, KPN, Segra, and Chargepoint manage millions of sites and assets representing over $150 billion in portfolio holdings. By giving telecommunications, utility, smart cities, and energy teams a cloud-based solution that works easily and effectively, Sitetracker is accelerating the path to digital equity and a more sustainable future. Deploy what's next. For more information, please visit

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Timken Providing Precision Drives for First-of-Its-Kind Solar Power Project in South Africa

The Timken Company | July 18, 2022

The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR;, a global industrial leader in engineered bearings and power transmission products, has been selected as the exclusive provider of advanced precision drives for the Redstone Solar Thermal Power project in Northern Cape, South Africa. BrightSource Energy chose Timken's solar-tracking technology, developed by its Cone Drive business, to properly position Redstone's heliostat mirrors to reflect the sun's rays. The facility will store the thermal energy it collects in molten salt and convert it to electricity for delivery to South African consumers day and night. "Our expertise in application engineering is a differentiating factor that customers look for in a partner, We work side-by-side with world-leading solar power providers and developers like BrightSource, offering innovative technology and solutions that help advance their products. These close partnerships lead to enhanced performance, extended product life and reliable operations for the customers we serve. It's rewarding to know that our engineering expertise is helping to create a more efficient and resilient world." -Kurt Gamelin, president, Cone Drive Expected to begin commercial operations by the end of 2023, Redstone is capable of generating up to 100 MW, South Africa's largest renewable energy project to date. The facility is entirely emissions-free, with no requirement for natural gas or oil back up. Furthermore, Redstone significantly reduces water consumption for cooling by using an efficient, low-water dry cooling system. Timken's contributions to Redstone demonstrate its commitment to advancing environmental sustainability through product innovation, operational excellence and technology. The company has invested heavily in research and development for the solar energy market sector, building strong manufacturing, engineering and testing capabilities in both the United States and China. Renewable energy, which consists of both solar and wind, is Timken's single-largest end-market sector, representing approximately 12 percent of total company sales in 2021. About The Timken Company The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR; designs a growing portfolio of engineered bearings and power transmission products. With more than a century of knowledge and innovation, we continuously improve the reliability and efficiency of global machinery and equipment to move the world forward. Timken posted $4.1 billion in sales in 2021 and employs more than 18,000 people globally, operating from 42 countries. Timken has been recognized among America's Most Responsible Companies by Newsweek, the World's Most Ethical Companies® by Ethisphere, and America's Best Employers, Best Employers for New Graduates and Best Employers for Women by Forbes.

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Jabil Teams with SolarEdge to Advance Smart Energy Technology

Jabil | June 22, 2022

Jabil (NYSE: JBL) announced that it is teaming up with SolarEdge, a global leader in smart energy technology, to help change how power is harvested and managed in photovoltaic (PV) systems. A shared focus on manufacturing excellence and automation has led to the installation of more than 2.5 million intelligent power inverters and more than 60 million power optimizers in over 130 countries across five continents, “We produce tens of millions of products every year, so high-volume, high-quality manufacturing is our lifeline to meeting aggressive growth demands and unrelenting product quality expectations, That is not an easy challenge for any manufacturer, but Jabil has delivered on our expectations during the ups and downs, and most challenging times. Because we are similar in attitude and company culture, we focus on execution and accomplish what we set out to do.” -Zvi Lando, CEO of SolarEdge Technologies. SolarEdge’s unwavering customer commitment has propelled the company to market leadership across its primary markets, comprising residential, commercial, industrial and utility sectors. The result is a steady stream of different products for residential and commercial customers, as well as continuous product modifications to meet emerging regulations around the world. Overall, SolarEdge’s products are quite complex to build, especially in such large volumes, some of which are made in quantities more commonly associated with consumer electronics and cellphone production. Rigorous quality requirements demand fastidious tracking of every production step to identify any potential reliability issues or possible product defects, which are critical factors when building products with extended warranties. “We’ve done tremendous things together to create an optimum manufacturing environment,” said Scott Gebicke, Senior Vice President, Industrial Division, Jabil. “We deployed an automated solution that enables Jabil to operate in the leanest and most efficient way possible while decreasing manufacturing time by almost 50%. This makes a big difference when you’re making tens of thousands of products each week, if not millions in a month.” Creating an Optimal Manufacturing Environment Jabil and SolarEdge collaborate on all aspects of production, encompassing design for manufacturing, supply chain management, as well as manufacturing automation and scalability. To keep pace with SolarEdge’s aggressive market ramps, Jabil devised a dual-site strategy, mirroring its massive China production facility with a secondary site in Vietnam. In addition, the development of a multi-level vertical testing facility reduces the resources and floor space needed for product curing and testing while complete product traceability is aligned with stringent quality demands. Minimizing Supply Chain Disruptions Jabil also provides global supply chain assistance in every region supported by SolarEdge, with meticulous attention on each material and component needed for manufacturing. During the pandemic-related disruptions, Jabil leveraged its digital supply chain intelligence to forecast long-lead items, submit pre-orders and identify alternate suppliers when faced with component shortages. As raw material shortages, logistical challenges and factory closures intensified, Jabil qualified new components, modified product designs and moved production into different locations to mitigate the impact. Driving the Green Energy Revolution Together, Jabil and SolarEdge continue to combat the global climate crisis through the delivery of industry-leading solutions that maximize power generation while lowering energy costs. As SolarEdge evolves its product roadmap, Jabil keeps stride to support the introduction of new product offerings, from energy storage and backup to battery systems and uninterrupted power supply solutions. The addition of more intelligence to SolarEdge's products enables homeowners to manage solar energy production, consumption and backup storage in real time. Every step of the way, Jabil is there to bring SolarEdge’s new products to market quickly, efficiently and economically. Supporting Quotes and Resources “We are sure that Jabil will be with us through our journey to the next era. They have been with us hand-in-hand for more than 10 years, and they will be with us for the next 10 years, which is very important to us. That’s kind of the magic, the secret sauce that works between our two companies.” -Uri Bechor, COO, SolarEdge Bill Mitchell, Senior Business Unit Director, Power & Storage Sector, Jabil Industrial: “There’s a continuous engineering effort on both sides to put out the best performing, competitively priced products. The value that Jabil brings to SolarEdge is excellence in execution of manufacturing and being hyper-focused on quality and cost.” About Jabil: Jabil (NYSE: JBL) is a manufacturing solutions provider with over 260,000 employees across 100 locations in 30 countries. The world's leading brands rely on Jabil's unmatched breadth and depth of end-market experience, technical and design capabilities, manufacturing know-how, supply chain insights and global product management expertise. Driven by a common purpose, Jabil and its people are committed to making a positive impact on their local community and the environment. Visit to learn more.

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