Azure Power Provides an Update on 4 GW Tender

Purplish blue Power keeps on pursuing marking PPAs for the 4 GW producing connected delicate for which a Letter of Award ("LOA") has just been gotten. The Solar Energy Corporation of India ("SECI") has educated us that so far there has not been satisfactory reaction from the state power conveyance organizations ("DISCOMs") for SECI to have the option to sign the PSAs at this stage despite the fact that we have a LOA. SECI has referenced that they will be not able to sign PPAs until PSAs have been marked, and they have resolved to advise Azure Power regarding improvements in their endeavors with the DISCOMS. Capital costs, loan fees and unfamiliar trade rates have improved since Azure Power won the 4 GW sell off a year back which have brought about lower duties in other ongoing SECI barters. We expect these investment funds probably will be given to state power dispersion organizations (DISCOMS). We expect a tax markdown from the cost found in the sale, which will encourage marking of PSAs. We will proceed with our conversations with SECI towards marking PPAs in regard of the 4GW delicate and anticipate that the PPAs should be endorsed in tranches throughout some undefined time frame. We will proceed with our approach to just interpretation of agreements that make investor esteem and acquire restores that are over our expense of capital.

Sky blue Power (NYSE: AZRE) is a main free sun based force maker with a skillet India arrangement of 7.1 gigawatts on September 30, 2020 of which 1.8 GWs is operational, 1.3 GWs are under development and 4.0 GWs have gotten a Letter of Award yet for which PPAs still can't seem to be agreed upon. Sky blue Power built up India's first private utility scale sunlight based undertaking in 2009 and has been at the cutting edge in the area as an engineer and administrator of sun oriented tasks since its initiation in 2008. With its in-house designing, obtainment and development skill and progressed in-house activities and upkeep capacity, Azure Power deals with the whole turn of events and activity measure, giving ease sun oriented force answers for clients all through India.

This public statement contains forward-glimpsing articulations inside the importance of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as revised and the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including proclamations with respect to the Company's future monetary and working direction, operational and monetary outcomes, for example, evaluations of ostensible contracted installments remaining and portfolio run rate, and the suppositions identified with the count of the prior measurements. The dangers and vulnerabilities that could make the Company's outcomes contrast substantially from those communicated or suggested by such forward-looking proclamations include: the accessibility of extra financing on satisfactory standing; changes in the business and retail costs of customary utility produced power; changes in duties at which long haul PPAs are gone into; changes in strategies and guidelines including net metering and interconnection cutoff points or covers; the accessibility of refunds, tax reductions and different motivators; the accessibility of sun based boards and other crude materials; its restricted working history, especially as another public organization; its capacity to draw in and hold its associations with outsiders, including its sunlight based accomplices; its capacity to meet the contracts in its obligation offices; meteorological conditions issues identified with the Covid; supply disturbances; power decreases by Indian state power specialists and such different dangers recognized in the enrollment articulations and reports that the Company has documented with the U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission, or SEC, occasionally. All forward-glancing proclamations in this official statement depend on data accessible to us as of the date about, and the Company accepts no commitment to refresh these forward-looking explanations.



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