BioSolar Announces Green Hydrogen Technology Venture

BioSolar | December 17, 2020

BioSolar, Inc. (OTC:BSRC) ("BioSolar" or the "Organization"), an engineer of energy stockpiling innovation and materials, today declared that it has shaped an entirely possessed auxiliary, NewHydrogen, Inc., to build up an electrolyzer innovation to bring down the expense of green hydrogen. This program will run equal and correlative to the Company's current lithium-particle innovation improvement focusing on the high-development battery electric vehicle ("BEV") area. (See

Some accept that energy component electric vehicles ("FCEV"), fueled by green hydrogen, or hydrogen delivered through sustainable methods versus petroleum gas or other non-renewable energy sources, will speak to a significant market opportunity later on for electric versatility. In a 2020 examination report, Goldman Sachs gauges that green hydrogen will be a "once in a blue moon" market opportunity worth more than $12 trillion.

Pound for pound, hydrogen contains 3 fold the amount of energy as petroleum gas or gas, and 200 fold the amount of energy as lithium-particle batteries. It is the most bountiful and pervasive clean energy known to man, however as hydrogen doesn't exist in its unadulterated structure, it should be removed. Starting at 2020, almost 95% of hydrogen on the planet is made by steam changing of petroleum gas ("dim hydrogen") or coal gasification ("earthy colored hydrogen"). The two wellsprings of hydrogen are fundamentally various types of filthy, carbon weighty, and non-inexhaustible petroleum products.

This never really help battle environmental change or lead to sustainable power and a reasonable planet. A superior and more suitable alternative for the planet is to make green hydrogen from sustainable assets, for example, sun oriented, wind and water. Today, electrolyzer innovation is the solitary industrially accessible answer for doing as such.

Electrolysis, the way toward utilizing power to part water into hydrogen and oxygen in an electrolyzer, has been logically demonstrated for over 200 years. It is a promising and adaptable alternative to create "green hydrogen" utilizing inexhaustible power produced from wind and sunlight based. Sadly, high effectiveness electrolyzers are costly and depend on uncommon earth materials, for example, platinum and iridium – in a real sense stardust discovered uniquely in space rocks. These materials represent almost half of the expense of electrolyzers.

"NewHydrogen will zero in on building up an advancement electrolyzer innovation to supplant uncommon earth materials with cheap earth bountiful materials," said Dr. David Lee, CEO of BioSolar. "While we leave on this new program in the high development classification of green hydrogen creation, we stay focused on our current battery innovation improvement program with the focal point of commercializing a silicon anode fit for improving the effectiveness and bringing down the expense of battery electric vehicle plan and creation."


On the January 23, 2008 the European Commission agreed on a far-reaching package of proposals that will deliver the European Council's commitments to fight climate change and promote RE. With the publication of this Climate Action Plan and its several targets, the EU wants to show global leadership in this area. This report provides an overview of the Kyoto-targets and the objectives of energy from RES in final energy consumption in 2020.


On the January 23, 2008 the European Commission agreed on a far-reaching package of proposals that will deliver the European Council's commitments to fight climate change and promote RE. With the publication of this Climate Action Plan and its several targets, the EU wants to show global leadership in this area. This report provides an overview of the Kyoto-targets and the objectives of energy from RES in final energy consumption in 2020.

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Dole Installs Two Wind Turbines, Delivering Clean Electricity to Soledad Salad Processing Facility

Dole Food Company | November 17, 2022

Dole Fresh Vegetables, a division of Dole plc (NYSE: DOLE) announced the implementation and activation of two General Electric 2.8-Megawatt wind turbines at its salad processing plant in Soledad, CA.Each Dole turbine generating power to the facility stands 499 feet tall at maximum height with rotor diameters of 417 feet. Whenever sufficient wind is present to rotate the blades, electrical energy is automatically generated, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. This energy is primarily delivered to the Dole facility’s electrical system with any excess clean energy generated flowing directly to the Pacific Gas & Electric grid. The environmental benefits of the project are expected to be significant according to forecasts. Pursuant to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator,1 this wind project is estimated to directly reduce CO2 emissions by 14,921 tons per year. “Representing an important milestone in our sustainability journey, these turbines will have a substantial impact on our operations’ carbon footprint, They are projected to produce over 19 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity per year, which will result in a 70% offset to our overall energy consumption at this site.” -Timothy Escamilla, President of Dole Fresh Vegetables The Environmental Protection Agency has roughly estimated the positive annual impacts of these turbines to be equivalent to offsetting the electricity use of 2,634 American Homes. Seeking domestically produced renewable energy and reducing the company’s reliance on fossil-fuel power to make a markable positive impact against climate change is in line with the company’s The Dole Way framework. Launched in 2020, the program’s goal is to keep improving opportunities for communities around the world by being an important pioneer of change. With the facility’s focus on harnessing wind power Dole will also be contributing to the stability of the local electric grid. Salinas Valley possesses a unique geography that provides a strong and consistent wind during the summer months, and particularly in the evening when the electrical grid is most stressed and utilizes more fossil fuel peaker power plants. The Dole wind turbines were manufactured by General Electric and installed by Foundation Windpower LLC, a developer, owner, and operator of utility-scale wind projects. The project was facilitated and brought to completion with the help of Ryan Park, of Spiral Energy LLC. “These state-of-the-art Dole turbines represent the seventh Foundation Windpower installation in the Salinas Valley, We are proud to work with progressive thinking companies like Dole that don’t just talk about reducing hydrocarbon emissions and oil dependence in their operations but take active steps to make it reality.” -Steve Sherr, Executive Senior Vice President of Business Affairs for Foundation Windpower About Dole Food Company Dole Food Company, part of Dole plc, is one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of high-quality fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Dole is an industry leader in many of the products it sells, as well as in nutrition education. For more information, please visit About The Dole Way In April 2020, Dole Food Company announced The Dole Way, introducing its sustainability commitment and framework around People, Nature and Food. For more information, please visit

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Standard Solar Completes Acquisition of 6.2 Megawatt Rhode Island Community Solar Portfolio from Trina Solar

Standard Solar, Inc., | October 21, 2022

Standard Solar, Inc., a recognized leader in the development, funding, ownership and operation of commercial and community solar assets, is expanding its community solar portfolio in Rhode Island with the acquisition of a combined 6.2 megawatts of projects from Trina Solar.The two ground-mount community solar projects - West Main 1 and West Main 2 - developed by Trina Solar are located in Portsmouth. Rhode Island has some of the highest electricity prices in the country, and they are expected to continue to increase. These new projects will allow subscribers - a mix of state agencies, quasi-state agencies, municipalities, public housing authorities, public schools, private schools, non-profits, federal government and hospitals - in the National Grid service territory to benefit from clean energy savings by offsetting their electricity bills with solar energy. All the power generated will be subscribed utilizing the state’s Virtual Net Metering program. “Partnerships in this industry are critical to delivering successful solar projects, We’re honored to be a trusted development partner of Trina’s, particularly in helping Rhode Island grow its clean energy footprint, and look forward to growing our mutually beneficial relationship as our company launches its next growth phase.” -Michael Streams, Standard Solar’s Chief Development Officer We are very happy to get the chance to collaborate with Standard Solar, one of the fastest growing developers and operators of community solar, said from Linhui Sui, President of Trina Solar International Solar System Business Unit (“Trina ISBU”). We are committed to developing similar systems to expand broader customer access for local, clean, and affordable community solar. These projects will contribute to achieving Rhode Island’s first-in-the-nation goal to meet 100% of the state’s electricity demand with renewable energy by 2030. In addition to accelerating clean energy supply, the projects will generate new long-term investment, savings and job growth opportunities across the economy. Combined, the arrays are expected to produce approximately 8,600 MWh of clean energy annually, which is equivalent to offsetting the CO2 emissions from 4,134,853 pounds of coal burned, charging 454,600,730 smartphones or 727 homes' electricity use for one year. About Standard Solar Standard Solar, a Brookfield Renewable company, is powering the nation’s energy transformation – channeling its project development capabilities, financial strength and technical expertise to deliver the benefits of solar, as well as solar + storage, to businesses, institutions, farms, governments, communities and utilities. Building on 18 years of sustainable growth and in-house and tax equity investment capital, Standard Solar is a national leader in the development, funding and long-term ownership and operation of commercial and community solar assets. Recognized as an established financial partner with immediate, deep resources, the company owns and operates more than 300 megawatts of solar across the United States. Standard Solar is based in Rockville, Md. Learn more at, LinkedIn and Twitter: @StandardSolar. For project acquisition and development inquiries, contact John Finnerty, Director of Project Development, 240-479-1519, and on LinkedIn. About Trina ISBU Trina ISBU, a business unit of Trina Solar, is a utility-scale global solar power and battery storage solutions developer for international market. With more than 15 years’ professional experiences and track records in project development, financing, EPC and O&M, Trina ISBU is committed to be a global leader in the development and management of smart renewable energy solutions, and creating value for local stake holders and international investors. We are active in more than 20 countries and areas, including but not limited to USA, UK, Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Australia, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Brazil, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Croatia. Contact us:

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Halliburton Introduces Innovative Technologies, Sustainable Solutions at ADIPEC

Halliburton Company | October 31, 2022

Halliburton Company (NYSE: HAL) announced new products that highlight innovative technologies and sustainable solutions as part of its presence at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC). In addition, Halliburton Chairman, President, and CEO Jeff Miller will participate Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 1:45 p.m. on the strategic panel, “Reconciling upstream oil and gas investment and the energy transition to meet global energy demand growth. Miller will discuss how the industry addresses its commitment to decarbonization and the energy transition while ensuring the worldwide economy has the fuel it needs to continue to grow. Collectively, the new technologies promote more precise and efficient drilling performance, remote automation for enhanced safety, and a reduced carbon footprint for cementing activities. The BrightStar® look-ahead resistivity service, the most recent addition to the Halliburton iStar™ drilling and logging platform, reveals the path ahead of the bit to deliver superior drilling performance and consistent well delivery. In one compact collar design, the BrightStar service maps formation and fluid boundaries up to 100 feet (30 meters) ahead of the bit, detecting formation changes with near-bit resistivity and anisotropy to increase geo-stopping confidence and accelerate proactive drilling decisions. The FloConnect® surface automation platform is a fully automated and scalable solution for efficient and safe surface well testing operations. An industry first, FloConnect controls, measures, and analyzes surface well testing through automated workflows. It allows data access in real time, process monitoring, and control from a command center or remote location. FloConnect reduces operational variabilities and optimizes workforce deployment, which improves personnel safety and lowers exposure to hazardous and complex operations by taking personnel out of the red zone. The NeoCem™ E+ and EnviraCem™ systems leverage synergies between the chemical and physical properties of specialized materials combined with Portland cement. Halliburton’s innovative tailoring process engineered these reduced Portland systems to deliver high-performance, compressive strength and ductility at a lower density than conventional systems for improved barrier dependability. The Portland cement reduction helps customers lower their carbon emissions and provides engineered cement systems with enhanced cement sheath performance. Join Halliburton Oct. 31 – Nov. 1 in Hall 5, booth #5250 to learn more about the Company’s innovative technologies and sustainable solutions. ABOUT HALLIBURTON Halliburton is one of the world’s leading providers of products and services to the energy industry. Founded in 1919, we create innovative technologies, products, and services that help our customers maximize their value throughout the life cycle of an asset and advance a sustainable energy future. Visit us at; connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

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