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Cameco and Brookfield Renewable Form Strategic Partnership to Acquire Westinghouse Electric Company

Cameco and Brookfield Renewable
As announced earlier  a consortium comprised of Cameco (NYSE: CCJ; TSX: CCO) and Brookfield Renewable (NYSE: BEP; TSX: BEP.UN, BEPC), together with its institutional partners, has signed an agreement to acquire Westinghouse Electric Company from Brookfield Business Partners (BBU).This transaction brings Westinghouse’s best-in-class clean power technologies under Brookfield Renewable’s cutting-edge hydroelectric, wind, solar, energy storage and distributed generation portfolio, and alongside Cameco’s expertise in front-end uranium fuel capabilities. This will further strengthen Westinghouse’s presence in nuclear technology globally and provide a long-term path for the company’s strategic growth to the benefit of customers.

“This is the start of an exciting new chapter for the Westinghouse team and for nuclear power, We are grateful to BBU for its stewardship and investments that have strengthened Westinghouse’s position in the nuclear power industry, and more broadly in the clean power world, for the long-term. Now we are proud to join Brookfield Renewable and Cameco, reaffirming the important role played by Westinghouse and nuclear power in enabling the world’s clean energy transition and energy security goals.”

-Patrick Fragman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Westinghouse.

After giving effect to the transaction, Brookfield Renewable and other affiliates of Brookfield Asset Management Inc. will own a 51 percent interest in Westinghouse and Cameco will own 49 percent. Brookfield Renewable is pursuing this opportunity through the Brookfield Global Transition Fund I (“BGTF I”), which is the largest fund in the world focused on the clean energy transition.

The acquisition of Westinghouse is expected to close in the second half of 2023, subject to customary closing conditions and approvals.

Westinghouse Electric Company is shaping the future of carbon-free energy by providing safe, innovative nuclear and other clean power technologies to utilities globally. Westinghouse supplied the world’s first commercial pressurized water reactor in 1957 and the company’s technology is the basis for nearly one-half of the world's operating nuclear plants. Over 135 years of innovation makes Westinghouse the preferred partner for advanced technologies covering the complete nuclear energy life cycle. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Brookfield Renewable operates one of the world’s largest publicly traded, pure-play renewable power platforms. Its portfolio consists of hydroelectric, wind, solar and storage facilities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, and totals approximately 24,000 MW of installed capacity and an approximately 100,000 MW development pipeline. Investors can access its portfolio either through Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. (NYSE: BEP; TSX: BEP.UN), a Bermuda-based limited partnership, or Brookfield Renewable Corporation (NYSE, TSX: BEPC), a Canadian corporation. Further information is available at and Important information may be disseminated exclusively via the website; investors should consult the site to access this information.

Brookfield Renewable is the flagship listed renewable power company of Brookfield Asset Management, a leading global alternative asset manager with approximately $750 billion of assets under management.

The Brookfield Global Transition Fund, co-led by Mark Carney, Brookfield Vice Chair and Head of Transition Investing, and Connor Teskey, CEO of Brookfield Renewable, is Brookfield’s inaugural impact fund focusing on investments that accelerate the global transition to a net-zero carbon economy, while delivering strong risk-adjusted returns to investors. The Fund targets investment opportunities relating to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, as well as increasing low-carbon energy capacity and supporting sustainable solutions. Consistent with its dual objectives of earning strong risk-adjusted returns and generating a measurable positive environmental change, the Fund will report to investors on both its financial and environmental impact performance.Cameco is one of the largest global providers of the uranium fuel needed to energize a clean-air world. Our competitive position is based on our controlling ownership of the world’s largest high-grade reserves and low-cost operations. Utilities around the world rely on our nuclear fuel products to generate safe, reliable, carbon-free nuclear power. Our shares trade on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges. Our head office is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.



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Honeywell and ESS Tech, Inc. Collaborate to Accelerate Commercial Deployment of Iron Flow Battery Energy Storage Systems

Business Wire | September 27, 2023

Honeywell announced a strategic collaboration with ESS Tech, Inc. to advance technology development and market adoption of iron flow battery (IFB) energy storage systems. Honeywell has made an investment in ESS as part of this collaboration. The relationship builds upon each company’s development of energy storage systems, and brings together ESS’ market-leading, patented IFB design with Honeywell’s advanced materials and energy systems expertise. “The demand for long-duration energy storage represents a compelling market opportunity within the energy transition and the combination of Honeywell and ESS technology can accelerate decarbonization for the commercial, industrial and utility sectors,” said Bryan Glover, chief growth officer, Honeywell Performance Materials and Technology (PMT) group. “Our strategic collaboration with ESS will accelerate Honeywell’s ability to bring comprehensive solutions to our customers while working to advance long-duration energy storage across all industries requiring expansive energy storage.” “Today, we are creating superior technology in the critical long-duration energy storage industry,” said Eric Dresselhuys, CEO of ESS. “Combining ESS’ innovative technology and deployment experience with Honeywell’s storage and control system expertise will enable us to drive the clean energy transition and deliver value to our customers, shareholders and communities.” Honeywell and ESS are working together to meet growing global demand for long-duration energy storage (LDES), driven by the rapid increase in renewable power generation. This is creating a substantial and fast-growing market as countries worldwide transition to zero carbon energy. The current global energy storage market is estimated to be $50 billion per year and is forecast to grow significantly with a cumulative investment of up to $3 trillion by 2040, according to the LDES Council and McKinsey & Co. As the shift to renewable energy accelerates, challenges associated with the intermittency of wind and solar energy are becoming more apparent. Safe and sustainable IFB technology enables the transition to clean energy using Earth-abundant materials – iron, salt and water – to provide energy storage without reliance upon limited minerals such as lithium, cobalt or vanadium.

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Power Capital and Google Sign Agreement for Irish Solar Initiative

Google | September 08, 2023

PCRE has entered into a power purchase agreement with Google for a 14-year supply of 58 MW of solar energy to Google's facilities in Ireland. PCRE is investing €54 million to construct an 83 MW solar farm in County Wexford, connected to a dedicated 110kV substation for efficient energy distribution. Google demonstrates its commitment to renewable energy by partnering with PCRE and other clean energy projects in the United States. PCRE has ambitious plans for 5 GW of operational capacity from solar and energy storage installations in Ireland and the United States by 2030. Power Capital Renewable Energy (PCRE), an Irish firm specializing in solar power plant design, development, financing, construction, and operation, has entered into a significant power purchase agreement (PPA) with the tech giant Google. The essence of this agreement lies in its capacity to provide Google's data center and office facilities in Ireland with an impressive 58 MW of solar energy. Peter Duff and Justin Brown, Co-Chief Executives and Founders of Power Capital Renewable Energy said, We are very active in the corporate power purchase market and the opportunity to partner with Google on a transaction like this is a very significant milestone for us. [Source – Saur Energy International] Understanding the requirements and aligning the interests of both the companies to achieve the desired outcome had resulted in a further 83MW of solar energy being connected to the grid, reducing Ireland's carbon emissions, and helping to reach the 2030 targets, added Peter and Justin. This PPA is a substantial commitment spanning fourteen years, combined with a share of energy production from an impressive 83 MW solar farm, currently amid construction in County Wexford (Ireland). PCRE is committed to investing a substantial €54 million to develop and link this solar facility to a dedicated 110kV substation. This substation, exclusively established for this project, ensures the seamless integration of the solar farm into the Eirgrid-operated transmission system, facilitating efficient energy distribution. AIB and La Banque Postale provided funding for the project in the early part of 2023. It will be completed by early next year. Google's strategic involvement in this agreement symbolizes its unwavering dedication to bolstering its renewable energy portfolio. A prime example of this commitment is the company's recent partnership with Apex Clean Energy to secure a substantial 189 MW capacity from the Timbermill Wind project in North Carolina, USA. In addition, Google has demonstrated its environmental stewardship by collaborating with EDPR North America Distributed Generation LLC on over 80 distributed solar PV projects, collectively amassing an impressive 500 MW capacity, thus championing clean energy initiatives throughout the United States. Data Center Energy Senior Lead at Google Ainhoa Anda mentioned, Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time, but we feel that technology can be part of the solution. That’s a central motivation behind our goal to operate on carbon-free energy every hour of every day by 2030. Data center energy team of Google is excited about collaborating with Power Capital Renewable Energy for their first long-term renewable energy deal in Ireland. Ainhoa emphasized that such deals would take the company one step closer to a carbon-free future by contributing to the addition of new clean energy sources to Ireland's grid. By 2030, Power Capital Renewable Energy expects 5 GW of operational capacity from its Solar PV and BESS installations in Ireland and the United States. The company has adopted a comprehensive long-term strategic approach that spans the entire power plant life cycle, encompassing everything from initial planning to ongoing maintenance. As the project owner, PCRE plays an integral role in monitoring the development of power plants.

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Dominion Energy Virginia Unveils Revolutionary Battery Storage Project

Dominion Energy | September 25, 2023

Dominion Energy Virginia proposes the Darbytown Storage Pilot Project to extend battery discharge times. The project seeks to test innovative battery technologies with the potential to discharge energy for multiple days. This initiative aligns with Dominion Energy's larger efforts to promote clean energy, including developing the largest offshore wind project in the U.S. Dominion Energy Virginia has recently submitted a groundbreaking proposal to the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC), unveiling the Darbytown Storage Pilot Project. This initiative aims to revolutionize battery storage capabilities, potentially extending the duration for which batteries can discharge electricity into the grid significantly. The Darbytown Storage Pilot Project will test two innovative technologies that could serve as viable alternatives to traditional lithium-ion batteries, offering enhanced safety features for energy storage. One of these technologies has the potential to discharge energy over multiple days, a stark contrast to the current industry standard where most batteries, both within Dominion Energy's fleet and nationwide, are limited to discharging energy for a maximum of four hours. This proposal arrives at a pivotal juncture for Dominion Energy, coinciding with their development of the largest offshore wind project in the United States and the continuous expansion of the second-largest solar fleet in the nation. According to Ed Baine, President of Dominion Energy Virginia, they were making the grid increasingly clean in Virginia through historic investments in offshore wind and solar. He further mentioned that with longer-duration batteries in the mix, the project could represent a transformational step forward, aiding in the safe discharge of stored energy when it is most needed by their customers. The Darbytown Storage Pilot Project is set to be located at the existing Darbytown Power Station in Henrico County. It will assess two alternative battery technologies: iron-air batteries developed by Form Energy and zinc-hybrid batteries by Eos Energy Enterprises. Form Energy's iron-air technology stands out with the remarkable ability to discharge energy for up to 100 hours, a substantial improvement over current market offerings. To come to fruition, the project requires SCC approval and development plan approval from Henrico County. If granted the green light, construction is slated to commence by late 2024, with the project becoming operational by late 2026. This initiative will further augment Dominion Energy Virginia's growing portfolio of battery storage facilities, complementing the three already operational in Powhatan, New Kent, and Hanover counties. Moreover, the company is actively progressing on three additional large-scale battery storage facilities in Chesterfield County, Sussex County, and Dulles International Airport in Loudoun County.

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