Canadus Power Systems and Merlin Solar Provide New Approach to Sustaining Charged Batteries by by Combining two Established Technologies

Canadus Power Systems and Merlin Solar (San Jose, CA) reported the joining of two demonstrated advances to make another technique for keeping up batteries in the most ideal condition. This plan incorporates Merlin solar board innovation to give supplemental battery charging a Canadus Battery Reconditioner to give adjusted battery science. The outcome is the capacity to keep up full charge limit and longer battery life for vehicles utilized intermittently.

The One-System Battery Solution has been effectively tried on put away Army Reserve wheeled vehicles to keep up mission availability. Preceding establishment, the armada's batteries were assessed, and many met the prerequisites for substitution. When these batteries were charged by 21 patterns of sunshine associated with a 36-watt One System plan, all batteries in the experimental group were back to full charge and mission prepared.

"This is additionally an answer for development hardware that sits on the place of work just as occasional help vehicles and school transports that experience the ill effects of undercharging," said Canadus President Dana Cassidy.

The One-System Battery Solution is ideal for vehicles that are utilized irregularly and left. A Merlin high productivity solar board is estimated to give enough supplemental charging to forestall oneself release of a particular vehicle. This charging instrument initiates the included Canadus Battery Reconditioner that cleans the development of solidified lead sulfate gems from the battery plates that would definitely annihilate usable limit.

As indicated by Cassidy, the One-System Battery Solution can improve the battery life of backup vehicle armadas as much as 5x anticipated assistance. "Batteries that are kept charged and liberated from harming lead sulfate keep going quite a while."



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