Comcast Takes First Step Towards Carbon Neutrality with 250 MW Solar Deal

Comcast | April 01, 2022

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On March 31, Comcast announced that it had agreed to buy 250 megawatts (MW) of solar electricity from Constellation, which will power about 13% of its U.S. operations and most of its Mid-Atlantic operations with clean, renewable energy.
The agreement will fund the construction of Scout Clean Energy's Blue Sky Solar Project in Illinois, resulting in creating local jobs and the addition of clean energy to the United States' power grid.

“Sourcing clean, renewable energy is the top priority for meeting our goal to be carbon neutral by 2035, This marks the first of many major green investments that are already underway or on the immediate horizon which demonstrate our commitment to sustainable, responsible business.”

- Peter Kiriacoulacos, Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Comcast.

Comcast is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2035 for Scope 1 and 2 emissions, or those it owns and controls, across its global operations. With purchased electricity accounting for most of these emissions, achieving this goal will require a focus on renewable energy.

Comcast's renewable energy strategy will prioritize securing green tariffs, direct power purchase agreements (PPAs), and virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs) through contracts that add new renewable capacity to the grid. Additionally, it will include the development of onsite renewable energy capacity and the supplementation of electricity needs by purchasing clean energy projects or renewable energy certificates (RECs).

“We commend Comcast on its carbon neutral commitment and are pleased that our offsite renewable solution will serve as a significant steppingstone toward achieving that goal, As our nation transitions to a clean energy future, Constellation is dedicated to offering the products, services and expertise that help our customers strategically manage their energy use and reduce their carbon footprints.”

- Jim McHugh, Chief Commercial Officer, Constellation.

Highlights of the Project Include the Following:

Comcast will purchase 250 megawatts (MW) of carbon-free solar energy from the 300 megawatt Blue Sky project, accounting for a majority of the project's total output. Blue Sky is one of the most significant solar projects approved in the PJM power grid, which serves the Mid-Atlantic and portions of the Midwest in the United States, and Comcast is the project's sole customer.

Comcast will be able to avoid nearly 360,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually as a result of the agreement – the equivalent of avoiding the emissions produced by more than 65,000 homes for an entire year.

The project will generate up to 400 construction jobs and 20 new long-term jobs in the community, and $36.3 million in tax revenue over the project's life, with $25.4 million going directly to local schools.

By December 2024, Blue Sky is expected to begin commercial operations. In addition, Comcast has entered into a 15-year agreement with Constellation to purchase energy and renewable energy credits from Blue Sky as part of its retail electric supply contract beginning in 2025.

“We are pleased to work with Comcast and Constellation to deliver carbon-free solar energy and invest $400 million into the local community, creating new sustained jobs and tax revenue for local schools, Comcast’s commitment made this possible.”

- Michael Rucker, founder and CEO of Scout Clean Energy.


Can solar power REALLY save you money? The short answer is yes! But like any investment you need to do your due diligence. Here’s what you need to know to get started: Solar is a long-term investment. Think of it as if you’re pre-paying for your electricity costs upfront, and then you’re reaping the benefits for years to come. Imagine that 30 years ago you could have installed a gas pump in your backyard that could supply all of your fuel needs. However, lets’ say the gas pump required a one-time fee of $15,000. You may have hesitated because that one-time fee seemed like a lot of money.


Can solar power REALLY save you money? The short answer is yes! But like any investment you need to do your due diligence. Here’s what you need to know to get started: Solar is a long-term investment. Think of it as if you’re pre-paying for your electricity costs upfront, and then you’re reaping the benefits for years to come. Imagine that 30 years ago you could have installed a gas pump in your backyard that could supply all of your fuel needs. However, lets’ say the gas pump required a one-time fee of $15,000. You may have hesitated because that one-time fee seemed like a lot of money.

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Summit Ridge Energy held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate completion of the nation's largest rooftop community solar project. The 9.2 MW solar project, operated by SRE and jointly owned with Annapolis-based climate investment firm Hannon Armstrong, is located in Carroll County, Maryland on a large commercial warehouse owned by STAG Industrial. Black Bear Energy facilitated the partnership between SRE and STAG while Powerflex provided engineering, procurement and construction services for the project. Once operational, the community solar project will provide monthly energy savings to approximately 1,300 residential and small commercial customers located across the state. This is a marquee project for Summit Ridge, our capital partners at Hannon Armstrong and the entire community solar industry. Leveraging 23 acres of largely unused roof space to generate energy savings for thousands of Marylanders is precisely the direction our nation's energy generation strategy needs to head." Steve Raeder, CEO, Summit Ridge "This solar project resulting from the partnership of Summit Ridge Energy and STAG Industrial is an excellent example in alignment with Governor Hogan's roadmap of deploying renewable energy on available rooftop or brownfield space," said Dr. Mary Beth Tung, Director of the Maryland Energy Administration. "Clean energy from this installation will benefit the local economy and create opportunities for a wide variety of organizations and residents." SRE's rooftop community solar portfolio across the state has grown to over 75 MW's, enough to power nearly 11,000 homes. Nearly one-third of the projects will serve low-to-moderate income ("LMI") customers, highlighting the industry's unique ability to provide renewable energy savings to Americans of all socioeconomic backgrounds. The recent expansion of Maryland's Community Solar Pilot Program is evidence of community solar's rapid growth within the broader renewable energy space, as is Department of Energy's October announcement of a National Community Solar Partnership target of 26 GW by 2025, enough to power the equivalent of five million homes and create $1 billion in annual energy savings. About Summit Ridge Energy Summit Ridge Energy is the country's leading owner-operator of community solar assets. Through dedicated funding platforms, the team acquires pre-operational projects within the rapidly growing solar energy and battery storage sectors.

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iSun Announces Investment in Encore Renewable Energy

iSun | November 30, 2021

iSun, Inc., a leading solar energy and clean mobility infrastructure company with 50-years of construction experience in solar, electrical and data services and a provider of proprietary electric vehicle charging platforms, announced it has reached a definitive agreement to make a strategic minority interest equity investment in Encore Renewable Energy, a leading innovator in community-scale clean energy and Top 20 US commercial solar developer. Highlights Investment to accelerate expansion of iSun’s Commercial, Industrial and Utility businesses into new geographic markets Provides collaboration opportunities across both parties’ project pipelines Extends Encore’s long-term experience as a registered B-Corp to iSun’s ESG initiatives Enables Encore to expand its geographic reach while advancing innovative clean energy solutions including solar + storage, brownfield redevelopment and dual land-use/agrivoltaics initiatives Further strengthens the long-standing relationship between two leading innovators in the community-scale clean energy sector. iSun’s investment aligns with its previously stated growth objectives. First announced in late 2019, iSun’s growth strategy highlighted the specific steps the Company would take to accelerate the nation’s transition to solar energy across all sectors. The investment compliments two of the strategy's key pillars - organic growth organic regional growth by expanding relationships with existing Industrial and Utility customers, and investment in companies capable of increasing project pipeline opportunities. This partnership reflects the progress we’ve steadily been making against our three-pronged strategy for growth. By deepening our long-standing relationship with Encore Renewable Energy, we will gain invaluable insights into new geographic markets which we can use to further advance our C&I strategy. Equally important: we will be strengthening a long-term relationship with a partner whose values and commitment to innovation mirrors ours. Encore’s experience in reclaiming undervalued real estate for clean energy generation and storage, and revitalizing communities with the deployment of agrivoltaic solutions illustrates their understanding of the challenges often associated with getting buy-in for community-scale clean energy development projects, and ultimately reduces barriers for solar adoption. As a Certified B Corporation and a values driven organization, Encore is a leader in creating a new industry standard. We’re proud to have them as a partner.” Jeffrey Peck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of iSun "This new infusion of capital from iSun will allow us to more than double our project development pipeline over the next 12 months," offered Chad Farrell, CEO and Founder of Encore Renewable Energy. "Deploying additional community-scale solar and solar + storage solutions across the Northeast and other strategic markets supports our ongoing work to accelerate the transition to a robust clean energy economy powered by low cost, carbon free renewable resources." About iSun Inc. Since 1972, iSun has accelerated the adoption of proven, life-improving innovations in electrification technology. iSun has been the trusted electrical contractor to Fortune 500 companies for decades and has installed clean rooms, fiber optic cables, flight simulators, and over 400 megawatts of solar systems. The Company has provided solar EPC services across residential, commercial & industrial, and utility scale projects and provides solar electric vehicle charging solutions for both grid-tied and battery backed solar EV charging systems. iSun believes that the transition to clean, renewable solar energy is the most important investment to make today and is focused on profitable growth opportunities. About Encore Renewable Energy Encore Renewable Energy is a Burlington, Vermont-based leader in commercial renewable energy with a proven track record in solar development from concept to completion. Founded in 2007 as Encore Redevelopment, their team specializes in the design, development, financing, permitting, and construction of solar and energy storage projects on landfills, brownfields, rooftops and carports. As a values-led company, Encore is committed to revitalizing communities and creating a cleaner, brighter future for all.

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As scientists and innovators work to find the replacement of fossil fuels, one renewable energy source is at the forefront – wind. Sensatek Propulsion Technology is bringing efficiency to the race for renewable energy with its passive RF temperature sensors. Sensatek’s in situ sensing system measures, monitors, and reports data back, which will provide wind turbine farms the information needed to be successful and keep their equipment running longer. Over the last few years, there has been a growth in interest for renewable energy around the world, with an emphasis on wind energy. Wind turbines and land-based farms are steadily increasing, and research is at an all-time high for off-shore wind farms. As the world ramps up its interest in this renewable energy source, Sensatek brings its RF sensors to the playing field. The technology company, funded in part by the National Science Foundation, takes the same technology it has had major success with in power generation, aerospace, oil and gas and aviation industries to wind turbine testing. Sensatek’s manufactured RF sensors will be able to online monitor and measure downtime of wind turbines that results in loss of revenue, as well as monitor shaft, gearbox, and generator failures. Expanding into the wind turbine industry was a no-brainer for us. At Sensatek, our mission is to provide quicker, more accurate data on engines. Our team has learned a lot and received early success increasing efficiency for gas turbines, and we’re confident we can apply this experience to wind turbines as well. We’re working to make our communities safer, greener places.” Reamonn Soto, founder and CEO of Sensatek Sensatek’s technology comes with many benefits for the wind turbine industry. With the knowledge and measured data on how and precisely when the wind turbines are operating, companies will be able to the lower the cost of energy production for their turbines. “We look forward to continuing to expand how and where our technology is used,” said Soto. “We knew wind turbine testing was the next step in the right direction.” With a meeting already on the books this fall with a major power plant, Sensatek will continue to research and develop the future of wind turbine measuring technology. About Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc. Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc. is a venture capital backed company headquartered on Florida's Space Coast in Daytona Beach, Florida. Sensatek offers advanced sensing technology to help optimize systems used in harsh environments. Their manufactured rotating sensing system, Turbotrack, measures and tracks changes in temperature, strain, and torque allowing system owners to capture more value on revenue generating assets.

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