Daimler and Statkraft have reached a power purchase agreement (PPA) to use wind and solar energy to power Mercedes factories

Daimler | April 07, 2021

Through these agreements with renewables, an increasing number of major industrial players are seeking to decarbonize their activities. Daimler has also signed power purchase agreements (PPAs) with wind farms in Germany and Poland. However, this new agreement will provide them with 100% renewable energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as it combines wind and solar power, with hydro capacity in Norway providing backup.

Wind power will be generated by 200 wind turbines located across 24 different wind farms in Germany. There are existing wind farms that are no longer receiving public funding. As a result, the deal keeps them operational and aims to stop premature and needless decommissioning of the turbines.

Furthermore, by combining wind, solar, and hydro Daimler and Statkraft show that renewables can provide stable and reliable electricity to industry, in this case to a critical part of Europe's manufacturing base.

The German government, as well as other governments, should continue to endorse these types of PPA deals. They are an excellent way to boost market-driven renewable energy demand. However, many countries continue to face challenges to PPAs. Energy-intensive industries in Germany, are now penalized unnecessarily if they sign a corporate renewable PPA. Besides that, some governments refuse to have the necessary origin guarantees that underpin PPAs by ensuring the traceability of renewable energy.

“This is a fantastic deal”,  said WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson. Daimler gets clean energy. Europe's biggest industry has made significant progress in reducing pollution. 24 wind farms get a new customer and will continue to operate without public assistance. The wind is combined with solar and hydro to provide consistent electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And Europe gains a prime example of how affordable and dependable renewables can decarbonize the economy.”


The way we supply and use energy in Australia continues to change. This includes changes in the type of energy we use, how we use it and where it comes from, as new technologies are adopted, as our economy grows and changes in structure, and as awareness of our energy use and its economic and environmental cost grows.


The way we supply and use energy in Australia continues to change. This includes changes in the type of energy we use, how we use it and where it comes from, as new technologies are adopted, as our economy grows and changes in structure, and as awareness of our energy use and its economic and environmental cost grows.

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SunPower Launches New Monitoring App To Manage Solar and Storage for Homeowners

SunPower | February 04, 2021

SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ:SPWR), a main solar innovation and energy administrations supplier, today announced the new mySunPower™ app, the organization's new experience for homeowners to survey and deal with their energy age, utilization, and battery storage settings from a cell phone. The new mySunPower app for monitoring will be accessible for download for SunPower Equinox® clients on Feb. 16 on the Apple App Store and Google Play and will be accessible to the entirety of SunPower's 285,000 monitoring clients by spring 2021. Intended to coordinate consistently with SunPower's current property holder stage, the mySunPower app makes it conceivable to streamline energy use, set aside cash, and become less subject to conventional energy suppliers despite intentional power outages, cataclysmic events, and the effects of environmental change. SunPower has completely rethought the monitoring experience for homeowners. Launch features include: • Storage system controls: mySunPower users can control their battery settings from the palm of their hand. Homeowners can set their battery to minimize energy costs, lower their carbon footprint, or preserve maximum resilience in the event of unforeseen power outages. • Live power flow: With live data, Equinox customers with production meters can view the immediate impact of their energy choices, including the effects of changing weather conditions, adjustments in battery settings, or even the use of small appliances such as a microwave in real time. • In-app alerts: New notification features alert homeowners to important changes to their system status, connectivity, and weather conditions. Additional app features expected to be released later in 2021 include alerts for homeowners to prepare for rolling blackouts and other disruptions. A TIPPING POINT FOR SOLAR AND STORAGE As per information from Wood Mackenzie and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), in excess of 25 percent of on location solar frameworks will be combined with storage by 2025. The new mySunPower app will decrease the expectation to absorb information for clients receiving solar and storage through a totally patched up interface, significant experiences dependent on continuous information, and live in-app refreshes on the framework's status and network. This client centered advancement will help encourage the appropriation of solar and storage frameworks, for example, SunPower's SunVault™ storage, changing North America's circulated energy matrix. "The launch of the new mySunPower app represents a major step forward for solar and storage customers," said Jake Wachman, vice president of software product and engineering. "By combining system monitoring and control in a single, easy-to-use mobile application, SunPower is changing how homeowners interact with renewable energy technology. The new mySunPower app establishes solar and storage systems firmly in the growing smart home ecosystem." The app will integrate seamlessly with the mySunPower web portal, offering consumers one experience from purchase and installation to monitoring. About SunPower Headquartered in California's Silicon Valley, SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR) is a leading Distributed Generation Storage and Energy Services provider in North America. SunPower offers the only solar + storage solution designed and warranted by one company that gives customers control over electricity consumption and resiliency during power outages while providing cost savings to homeowners, businesses, governments, schools and utilities.

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JinkoSolar Supports Japan's Largest Oil Refiner to Build Gas Station PV Power Plant in Japan

JinkoSolar Holding Co | September 17, 2020

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. ("JinkoSolar" or the "Company") (NYSE: JKS), one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today announced its intention to co-operate with ENEOS Corporation ("ENEOS"), Japan's largest oil refiner, on the provision of solar modules for a Virtual Power Plant ("VPP") project. For this project, JinkoSolar's high-efficiency monocrystalline products will be deployed and installed on the roof of gas stations connected to a cloud-based distributed power plant, and will become the first VPP project of JinkoSolar in Japan.

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Greasezilla and LEND Environmental Collaborate in Los Angeles to Produce Premium UCO and Brown Grease Biofuels

Greasezilla | March 17, 2022

Downey Ridge Environmental Company, the creator of the Greasezilla® fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and used cooking oil (UCO) separation and processing system, has partnered with LEND Environmental to expedite the recycling of used cooking oil and grease trap trash throughout southern California. Additional locations will be established to separate waste input streams into water, batter, and oils to recover valuable organics for re-use as clean energy. Additionally, the facilities will help California achieve its environmental goals by keeping garbage out of its public water system, reducing landfills, providing renewable energy, and repurposing wastewater. The move comes on the heels of LEND Environmental's Sylmar, CA site installing a Greasezilla system in 2021. In addition to processing FOG ecologically into Brown Grease Advanced Biofuel, the company began purifying large quantities of waste cooking oil, resulting in a premium, low-moisture Yellow Grease Advanced Biofuel. The Sylmar plant immediately achieved capacity by taking UCO and FOG from nearby transporters. Greasezilla's extraordinary results and the region's enormous need for grease and oil waste recovery prompted the joint venture. Downey Ridge Environmental Company is deploying a Greasezilla system in Lancaster, California, as part of the collaboration. The system, which is expected to be operational in Q2 2022, will increase LEND Environmental's grease recycling capacity and expand Greasezilla's presence in the region. The firms intend to unveil additional systems in California in the coming months and numerous other locations across the country. "Los Angeles County generates an enormous amount of waste oil and greases, With Greasezilla we can separate and recover trapped low-carbon biofuels from waste oils while utilizing a small percentage of the very fuel it generates to power the process – a pure example of the circular economy at work. We see tremendous growth potential and are excited to work with Greasezilla to expand our recycling operations in the area." -Louis Downey, owner of LEND Environmental. Greasezilla, well-known for its environmentally friendly FOG separation process, separates water and batter from commercial grease trap waste to produce a high-quality, low-moisture Brown Grease Advanced Biofuel. Greasezilla's capacity to remove residual particles and drastically reduce water content enables it to refine UCO into a high-quality, low-moisture Yellow Grease Advanced Biofuel. While lower grade Yellow Grease is utilized in animal feed or composted, Greasezilla-refined Yellow Grease with a moisture level of 1% is deemed reactor-ready feedstock for bio- and sustainable diesel production — and may be blended with up to 15% Brown Grease while maintaining its premium value. Most of our public and commercial customers install Greasezilla to solve their FOG discharge and separation needs, meeting the pressing demand for more FOG receiving centers nationwide. LEND Environmental immediately looked beyond FOG separation and saw the advantages of refining UCO with Greasezilla as well. It was a natural progression for our system, and LEND Environmental has proven the efficacy of UCO separation and dewatering deriving a premium quality output. We can now state confidently that UCO processed with Greasezilla is the fastest, most proficient way to achieve a premium Yellow Grease commodity output. Greasezilla plans to invest and co-locate with operators across the country to help manage the increased volumes of waste, mitigate landfills and create renewable biomass.

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