Grow Solar Jefferson Waukesha Smashes Goals, Boosts Wisconsin Renewable Energy

Organizers are proud to announce that the Grow Solar Jefferson Waukesha group buy rebate program is a huge success. Residents and businesses saw the benefits of switching to solar energy, coming together not only to reach the maximum possible rebate but also surpassing the goal by almost 100 kilowatts (kW).

The Grow Solar program launched on June 15, 2021, to provide residents and businesses in the Wisconsin counties of Jefferson and Waukesha with the chance to invest in high-quality solar installations at a lower cost through volume purchasing. As more properties signed up, the rebate for all participants increased with a group goal of reaching 350kW.

Grow Solar was coordinated by the Waukesha County Green Team, Heart of the City/Fort Atkinson, and Midwest Renewable Energy Association. Installations were performed by the Madison, Wisconsin, office of solar energy solution provider, All Energy Solar.

Though we stopped taking applications on October 31, the first panels in the program were already installed, and we still had quite a few projects in negotiation. We were fairly sure we were going to at least reach the 350 kilowatt goal once it was all said and done. In the end, we had more participants than expected at 57 and the solar energy production will add up to 448.73 kilowatts. That's almost half a megawatt of fossil-fuel-based energy replaced with solar power!"

Michael Allen, CEO and Co-Founder for All Energy Solar

The size of Grow Solar rebate checks will vary, depending on system size. For an average solar array of 7kW, participants will receive a $1,400 rebate. Businesses and residents that switched to solar were also able to take advantage of the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit set at 26 percent for projects installed during 2021 and 2022.

"We love doing solar group buy programs, they're such great opportunities for communities to take huge steps together towards reaching renewable energy goals," said Ryan Buege, Director of Sales & Marketing for All Energy Solar. "We're already working on another group buy in the Kenosha area to bring even more solar to Wisconsin."

An event to recognize the success of Grow Solar Jefferson Waukesha is tentatively planned for late spring or early summer. More details of the celebration will be announced after the last of the panels have been installed.

About All Energy Solar
All Energy Solar provides a full-service solar energy integration experience for residential, commercial, agricultural, and government customers looking to make the transition to solar energy. With industry-leading certifications and full electrical and building licenses, All Energy Solar installs quality solar power systems at competitive prices and monitors and maintains the systems after installation.



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