Leeward Renewable Energy Closes $175 Million in Financing for Panorama Wind Farm

Leeward Renewable Energy | November 25, 2021

Wind Farm
Leeward Renewable Energy, LLC (Leeward) announced that it has closed construction financing and secured tax equity commitments for its Panorama Wind Farm located in Weld County, Colorado. MUFG Bank, Ltd. served as coordinating lead arranger, bookrunner and administrative agent for the approximately $190 million financing. The financing is comprised of a construction loan, tax equity bridge loan and back leverage term loan commitment. National Australia Bank, Silicon Valley Bank and Helaba Group served as part of the lending group and Goldman Sachs provided a $135 million tax equity commitment.

The greenfield Panorama project is the third wind farm Leeward has developed in Weld County, in addition to its Cedar Creek and Mountain Breeze projects. Vestas-American Wind Technology supplied the 66 wind turbine generators that will have the capacity to generate 145 megawatts (MW) of clean energy. Under a previously announced power purchase arrangement with Guzman Energy, the project will generate affordable electricity for approximately 53,000 homes in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

We are pleased to have closed financing for the Panorama project with a number of new financial relationships led by MUFG Bank. With their support, we are well-positioned to complete the construction of Panorama with the latest and most efficient technologies, bringing our total generation capacity in Weld County to 617 MW and helping Colorado meet its goal of 100 percent green energy generation by 2040.”

Chris Loehr, Chief Financial Officer, Leeward

Beth Waters, Managing Director of Project Finance at MUFG, commented: “Toward our commitment to renewable energy financing, we welcome the opportunity to support Leeward’s efforts and advance the transition to sustainable energy sources.”

Vivek Kagzi, from the Sustainable Investing Group of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, commented: “Investments from Goldman such as these enable our sponsor clients like Leeward to maximize all the incentive benefits that are available to them to finance wind projects. Goldman looks forward to continuing to support sponsors like Leeward as they build out renewable energy solutions to combat the ongoing effects of climate change.”

Construction of the Panorama Wind Farm has commenced and is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2022.

About Leeward Renewable Energy
Leeward Renewable Energy, LLC is a leading renewable energy company that owns and operates a portfolio of 21 renewable energy facilities across nine states totaling approximately 2,000 megawatts of generating capacity. Leeward is actively developing new wind, solar, and energy storage projects in energy markets across the U.S., with 17 gigawatts under development spanning over 100 projects. Leeward is a portfolio company of OMERS Infrastructure, an investment arm of OMERS, one of Canada’s largest defined benefit pension plans with C$114 billion in net assets (as at June 30, 2021).


Finland is a northern European country with vast forest resources and sustainable wood production that supports industrial output, energy supply, economic growth and social well-being. This report describes Finland’s approach to sustainable solid biomass supply, the country’s application of forest wood resources for production of heat and power, and three specific cases where Finnish forest resources have been used in an innovative fashion.


Finland is a northern European country with vast forest resources and sustainable wood production that supports industrial output, energy supply, economic growth and social well-being. This report describes Finland’s approach to sustainable solid biomass supply, the country’s application of forest wood resources for production of heat and power, and three specific cases where Finnish forest resources have been used in an innovative fashion.

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Angel Yeast Strengthens Low-Carbon Measures to Advance Global Sustainable Development

Capstone Green Energy | March 14, 2022

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd., a publicly traded global yeast and yeast extract company, has achieved another milestone in its green quest toward carbon neutrality by being awarded one of China's "Green Factories" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The award demonstrates its unwavering dedication to reducing its operations' carbon footprint and demonstrates its tremendous and long-standing commitment to energy conservation and environmental protection. "As a leading global yeast innovator dedicated to bringing healthy and nutritious yeast-based products to customers worldwide, Angel Yeast shares the global responsibility to drive forward sustainable development by continuously advancing our pledge to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The recognition from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology marks another major step for Angel Yeast in our drive to help China and the world accelerate towards the net-zero goal, " -Xiao Minghua, General Manager of Angel Yeast. Angel Yeast has increased investment in its manufacturing facilities to equip them with various carbon-reducing solutions—including energy-saving equipment and waste heat and pressure recovery—to reduce energy consumption and meet the company's new green energy production requirements. The company has increased its reliance on solar energy while decreasing its dependency on fossil fuels. Angel Yeast's factories can now recover waste heat created during manufacturing, increasing energy efficiency and reducing steam use. On the other hand, Angel Yeast can use more power because it uses cutting-edge water recycling technology in its business. In 2021, Angel Yeast began work on adding magnetic levitation fans at its Suixian and Binzhou manufacturing facilities. As a result, all of Angel Yeast's manufacturing facilities now include magnetic levitation fans. In addition, Angel Yeast also enhanced the boiler automation for its Egypt-based company in the same year, installing magnetic suspension chillers for its yeast manufacturing plant in Chongzuo. Another thing that happened this year was that Angel Yeast made twenty-eight technological changes to its plants worldwide. This meant that the company cut its carbon dioxide output by 19,700 tons, cut its power consumption per ton of yeast by 1.4 percent, cut its steam consumption by 2.5 percent, and cut its water consumption by 3.1 percent.

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Genesis Ray Energy introduces the Site Suitability Module, which enables renewable energy companies to reduce site selection risk

Genesis Ray Energy | July 27, 2021

Genesis Ray Energy, a Singapore-based energy technology and research firm, has earned another feather to its cap. It just released the GenRay Site Suitability Mapping Module, a critical tool for evaluating and selecting the best site for renewable energy projects. The technology is especially useful in the current Covid-19 era, when large physical site surveys have become impractical. The Site Suitability tool allows for a virtual desktop survey of prospective sites on key parameters such as land use, soil bearing capacity, distance from transmission substations, road connectivity, site topographical features (such as slope), natural hazard susceptibility, and exclusion zoning details for any given location. Because it is dependable and simple to use, the new module addition saves site surveyors, consultants, and technical teams a significant amount of time, effort, and energy in obtaining, cleaning, and confirming data. With the combination of this module and GenRay EXPLORERTM, Genesis Ray has taken another step in providing high-quality data and analytics to renewable energy providers in order to assist error-free and cost-effective decision making. “We are devoted to adding more and more layers to our fundamental product to improve our value proposition,” says Irfan Choudhry, CEO of Genesis Ray Energy. Our technologies bring value at every level of the project life cycle, including pre-feasibility studies, operations, project-exit/sale, and assisting in making appropriate investment, repowering, and acquisition decisions.” Another module that assesses the resource potential of a wind or solar site and generates a probabilistic generation profile is also on cards. Genesis Ray is now offering a free trial access on its website to allow interested users to evaluate the benefits of its solutions. It also launched its webstore this month, where online users can choose from a number of pricing options and product packages to fit their needs. About Genesis Ray Energy GenRay EXPLORERTM presently covers assets with a combined capacity of 650GW, 38,500 wind turbines, 465,000 kilometres of transmission lines, and 35,000 kilometres of natural gas pipelines. Before being placed on the Genesis Ray platform, data from several primary and secondary sources is pooled, cross-validated, and optimised. The portal provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date database on the gas and electricity energy sectors in South and South East Asia.

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MPC Energy Solutions commences construction of 26.55 MW solar PV plant in Colombia

MPC Energy Solutions | August 12, 2021

MPC Energy Solutions (MPCES) and Akuo Energy have commenced construction of Parque Solar Planeta Rica, a solar photovoltaic (PV) project in Colombia. The project is a joint venture with Akuo Energy, a leading French developer and operator of renewable energy projects. "The start of the construction of the Planeta Rica project in Colombia is another important step forward for MPC Energy Solutions, executing on our significant project pipeline as outlined at the time of our IPO in January 2021. Our plan is to build up an operational portfolio as a leading independent power producer (IPP) with a highly diversified portfolio and attractive rates of return. We are highly dedicated to Latin America, and Colombia is a particularly attractive market, having the strongest growth rate for renewable energy in the region," said Martin Vogt, CEO at MPC Energy Solutions. The total investment for erecting the Planeta Rica plant is approximately USD 24 million. MPCES and Akuo Energy are the equity sponsors whereby the debt financing is provided by Bancolombia. Financial close was achieved in early August. Bancolombia is the largest commercial bank in Colombia and one of the largest in Latin America as well as a leader in directing capital towards environmentally sustainable investments accross the region. The project will sell all generated electricity under a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to a leading regional utility with AAA (col) credit rating by Fitch Ratings. Planeta Rica is the second Colombian project with a signed PPA within MPCES's portfolio. The Los Girasoles solar PV project was the first project that signed a PPA earlier this year. The commercialization of energy of both projects is fully aligned with the company's strategy to support the private sector and corporate clients with clean energy. Energy production from the Planeta Rica project is expected to start in early Q3 2022. The Planeta Rica plant will have an installed capacity of 26.55 MWp, while delivering enough electricity to satisfy the energy needs of over 10,000 households in Colombia. During the construction phase, the plant will employ over 200 people with a requirement for a proportion of those workers to be female. When the plant is commissioned, it will avoid the emission of over 4,000 tons of CO2 each year and provide a sustainable source of clean electricity. Martin Vogt said: "We believe Colombia has the potential to be a leader in terms of moving towards a cleaner energy future and we have had a dedicated team in the country for several years. This OECD country is rich in sources of renewable energy and just like many other countries in Latin America, Colombia has ambitious targets for transition to renewable energy. We are excited to build and operate this project together with such a reputable and experienced partner as Akuo Energy. Planeta Rica is our first Colombian project to start construction demonstrating the successful start of implementation of our solar portfolio here. The Planeta Rica project will support the country's transition towards a low-carbon future and help boost its resilience. The increasing scale of our operations in Colombia also allows us to ensure that high-value skills learnt from the construction and operation of these cutting-edge facilities help to enhance the broader economic development of Colombia." About MPC Energy Solutions MPC Energy Solutions ("MPCES") is a global provider of sustainable energy and primarily focuses on low-carbon energy infrastructure, including solar and wind assets, and other hybrid and energy efficiency solutions. The Company participates in the full project lifecycle of renewable solutions, from early-stage development through construction and operation.

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