Longroad Energy Finishes Financing of Sun Streams 3 Storage Project

Longroad Energy | January 23, 2023 | Read time : 02:45 min

Longroad Energy Finishes Financing

Longroad Energy, a renewable energy owner, developer, and operator, recently announced the completion of financing and the start of construction for Sun Streams 3, a 285 MWdc PV and 215 MWac / 860 MWh storage project based in Maricopa County, Arizona. The biggest solar and storage project in Longroad's operational portfolio, Sun Streams 3, is anticipated to start commercial operations in 2024.

The project connects to the grid at the Hassayampa switchyard, a notable transmission hub in the western United States. Sun Streams 3 will increase Arizona's electrical capacity and system reliability. Arizona Public Service (APS) will also purchase the project's entire output, sufficient to power 90,000 homes, through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement.

Early in 2021, Longroad bought Sun Streams 3 from First Solar as part of a larger deal involving several Arizona projects, such as the 200 MWdc Sun Streams 2 solar project, operational since 2021, and additional projects that are still under development. First Solar continues its successful partnership by providing Series 6+ solar modules to Longroad for the Sun Streams 3 project. The project is expected to commission more than 300 people during construction.

The project's EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractor will be McCarthy Building Companies, with Powin, an energy storage platform provider, delivering the 215 MW/ 860 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS). In addition, the project will use trackers from Nextracker and solar inverters from SunGrow. Longroad's affiliate Longroad Energy Services, along with Powin and NovaSource, will offer comprehensive operations and maintenance services for the project.

Sun Streams 3 will prevent 460,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions each year, the same as taking 100,000 cars off the road for the project's duration.

Through long-term leases with the Arizona State Land Department, Sun Streams 3 will bring in more than $65 million for Arizona schools. Longroad expresses gratitude to Maricopa County and the Arizona State Land Department for their ongoing assistance and cooperation in the planning and execution of the Sun Streams projects.

About Longroad Energy

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Longroad Energy is a renewable energy developer that owns, develops, and operates wind and solar energy projects across North America. Additionally, the company provides asset management and operations services to wind and solar projects across the US, having a proven track record of developing cost-effective and competitive renewable energy projects. Longroad owns more than 2.4 GW of wind, solar, and storage projects, managing and operating a total of 4.0 GW on behalf of third parties and the company itself.


As an electrical professional, sustainability should now be at the top of your mind. Climate change is increasingly posing business challenges, and beyond the environmental concern is the organizational risk to brand reputation


As an electrical professional, sustainability should now be at the top of your mind. Climate change is increasingly posing business challenges, and beyond the environmental concern is the organizational risk to brand reputation

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On February 7, 2023, Exro Technologies Inc. (Exro), a leading clean technology firm that has developed new generation power control electronics that extend the capabilities of electric motors and batteries, announced entering into a channel partnership agreement with Greentech Renewables Southwest (Greentech), one of the major solar equipment distributors in the United States. The agreement is coherent with Exro's targeted go-to-market strategy for its Cell Driver™ Energy Storage System (Cell Driver™) product offering, partnering with renowned clean energy integrators to provide scalability and expertise in order to enhance and accelerate market penetration to commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. The non-exclusive partnership will expedite Exro's market presence by addressing Greentech's expanding demand for energy storage in C&I applications and EV charging stations. The primary goal for 2023 is to successfully present the Cell Driver™ product to Greentech's network of commercial integrators. It is anticipated that these objectives will be accomplished in two phases, commencing with the development of a collaborative sales and marketing plan that includes a pilot project for which multiple locations are being examined. During the second phase of the agreement, Greentech and its network of solar installers will provide a flexible 12 and 24-month rolling demand forecast for the duration of the 5-year agreement. The Exro Cell Driver™ offers more control over battery cells, resulting in more efficient charging, deeper discharge rates, higher safety, and uninterrupted operation. This allows commercial and industrial establishments to regulate energy usage, protect against grid failures, store energy produced on-site, and profit from peak shaving and load shifting. Additionally, Cell Driver™ is outfitted with Exro's proprietary Battery Control System™, which dynamically manages cells depending on their State-of-Charge (SoC) and State-of-Health (SoH). This enables micro-protection systems to isolate defects electronically, drastically lowering the likelihood of thermal runaways without interfering with system performance. With its active cell balancing features, the Exro Cell Driver™ addresses issues in the stationary energy storage market while also providing an appropriate solution for the influx of retired electric car batteries by repurposing them into a second life in stationary energy storage. About Exro Technologies Inc. Founded in 2014, Exro Technologies Inc. is a leading clean technology firm that has developed new generation power control electronics that are changing how the world optimizes energy by increasing the capabilities of electric motors and batteries. The company's cutting-edge technologies help close the performance-cost gap in stationary energy storage (Cell Driver™) and e-mobility (Coil Driver™), as well as expedite the adoption of a circular electrified economy by delivering a minimum amount of energy for maximum results.

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