Microsoft launches new sustainable datacenter region in Sweden next year

Microsoft | November 27, 2020

A year ago, Microsoft revealed its arrangements to extend its cloud reach in Sweden with manageability as their key target. Presently, more than one year later, the organization has affirmed that it's structure its first manageable datacentre district in Sweden in 2021 as a feature of the activities.

This speculation expands on Microsoft's current presence in the nation, which includes solid associations across various areas, for example, the energy, assembling, and retail enterprises. The activity includes building up three maintainable datacentres, which Microsoft says will zero in on conveying Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 and Power Platform across Sweden. It ought to outfit nearby organizations with cutting edge network, information protection, just as security.

“Sweden has long been a leader on the global stage in many areas, including sustainability, innovation and gender equality. It is one of the places in the world where IT and tech have the greatest potential to create new opportunities for the individual, the organization and society. In this time of change, we invest in the digital infrastructure and our Swedish ecosystem to accelerate digital transformation that will empower public and private companies to innovate, providing a strong digital foundation for the country’s future growth,” said Hélène Barnekow, General Manager, Microsoft Sweden.

Alongside the launch of the new datacenter region, the company also plans to partner with 13 local organizations to provide digital skills training to around 150,000 Swedish citizens. The effort is a part of Microsoft’s long term goal to help 25 million people globally to improve their technical competence.

It is important to note that Microsoft Azure is already available in more than 140 countries worldwide with over 65 data center regions, making it the world’s largest cloud infrastructure.


Xan Difede started Fidelity Fuels and Specialty Products as a woman-owned business and biodiesel has been part of her growth plan from day one providing her with a unique marketing advantage. Learn how biodiesel can enhance your marketing power in the distillate marketplace.


Xan Difede started Fidelity Fuels and Specialty Products as a woman-owned business and biodiesel has been part of her growth plan from day one providing her with a unique marketing advantage. Learn how biodiesel can enhance your marketing power in the distillate marketplace.

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VIGORPOOL Introduces the Captain 1200, a New Generation of Smart Solar Generators

VIGORPOOL | June 09, 2022

On June 15th, EST, VIGORPOOL, a company that delivers portable, green energy solutions, will launch the Captain 1200, its new flagship product, on Indiegogo. With a continuous output power of 2400W and a peak power of 4800W, the power station provides a parallel function, allowing customers to connect two units and quadruple the capacity to 2560Wh. It also has a dual rapid charging mechanism that allows it to charge completely in 1.5 hours. When the Captain 1200 is combined with solar panels, it forms a green solar generator that produces safe, clean, pollution-free, renewable electricity. It is also more durable and safer than similar items with similar power capacities. Its battery will last around nine years if used and recharged every day. FEATURES OF VIGORPOOL CAPTAIN 1200: 1. Perform a parallel function The introduction of the Parallel Function marked a watershed moment in the mobile power supply business. When two Captain 1200s are connected in parallel, the capacity is increased to 2560Wh, and the continuous output power is increased to 2400W. The Captain 1200's longer battery life and higher power output make it more suited for a wider range of mobile power applications. 2. Longer-lasting and more cost-effective The Captain 1200 employs a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, which is both safer and more robust. In comparison to ternary lithium batteries, which lose roughly 20% of their charge capacity after 500 cycles, LiFePO4 batteries withstand 3500+ charge cycles before reaching 80% capacity. Because of the improved durability, even if the unit is used and recharged every day, it will last for 9 years without losing substantial capacity. As a result, the requirement for product replacement and recurring purchases is greatly decreased. 3. A Portable Energy Station on Wheels Because of its high output and 12 different types of power ports, the Captain 1200 is compatible with 99 percent of equipment and appliances on the market. There's also a built-in wireless charging station for charging cordless phones on the road. 4. It Only Takes 1.5 Hours To Recharge The Captain 1200 accomplishes actual fast charging while keeping the unit and battery safe thanks to the smart built-in BMS system. The Captain 1200 can be charged by both the main charger and the solar panel at the same time to accomplish Duel Fast Charging, which takes only 1.5 hours to complete. 5. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) (UPS) Any devices plugged into the Captain 1200 will run straight from the power supplied by the outlet if it is kept plugged into a wall outlet. The Captain 1200's UPS feature restores power within 10 milliseconds following a power outage, safeguarding the operation of important equipment such as household freezers, CPAPs, and computers. 6. BMS Protection System with Three Layers VigorPool prioritizes safety beyond anything else. The VigorPool Captain 1200 features a three-layer BMS system to assure the safety of the user and the equipment, whereas similar products only enable two-layer BMS protection. 7. A Sustainable Energy System The VigorPool Captain 1200 may be combined with 100W, 200W, or 400W solar panels to create a solar generator that can be used anywhere. Furthermore, its built-in MPPT charge controller intelligently adjusts the charging power, resulting in a 30 percent higher solar charging efficiency than standard solar charging systems. 8. Intelligent Control System Users may check battery data, control charge and discharge operations, and access other options via their phone or tablet using the VIGORPOOL APP.

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Scout Clean Energy Sells Persimmon Creek Wind Farm to Evergy

Scout Clean Energy | August 12, 2022

Scout Clean Energy (Scout), a Colorado based renewable energy developer-owner-operator, and its joint venture partner Elawan Energy, a global operator in the renewable energy industry, announced they have completed the sale of the 199-megawatt (MW) Persimmon Creek Wind Farm (Persimmon) in western Oklahoma to Evergy, Inc (NYSE: EVRG) for a total consideration of approximately $250 million.Michael Rucker, CEO and founder of Scout Clean Energy, said, "The Persimmon Creek Wind Farm has been a reliable source of renewable energy over the last four years making it a solid investment for Scout. We are excited to execute the sale to Evergy as it seeks to deliver carbon-free wind energy directly to their customers." Persimmon achieved commercial operation in 2018 with 80 General Electric turbines across 17,000 acres in Dewey, Ellis and Woodward counties in Oklahoma. The renewable energy generated from Persimmon will serve customers in Evergy's service area. "Evergy continues to tap into the Midwest's affordable, renewable energy resources to serve our customers, Expanding our portfolio of owned renewable generation positions us to ensure customers receive the long-term benefits of these assets." -David Campbell, Evergy president and CEO Scout is a portfolio company of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners (Quinbrook), a global investment manager specializing in lower carbon and renewable energy infrastructure. "We are delighted that Evergy has agreed to purchase Persimmon from Scout which will serve Evergy's renewable energy plans well over the coming years. Persimmon was designed and constructed to a very high standard by the Scout team and this is reflected in the value achieved in this transaction," said David Scaysbrook of Quinbrook and Chairman of Scout's Board of Directors. "Quinbrook continues to support Scout's efforts as a leading renewables IPP in the US market to build a diverse and growing wind, solar, and storage portfolio which has rapidly expanded to over 15 GW in 24 states." The sale of Persimmon Creek Wind Farm is expected to close in the first quarter of 2023 and remains subject to closing conditions, including regulatory approvals. Scout's legal advisor was McDermott Will & Emery LLP and Evergy's legal advisor on the transaction was Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP. About Scout Clean Energy Scout Clean Energy is a renewable energy developer, owner-operator headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with over 1,200 MW of operating assets. Scout is actively developing a portfolio of over 15,000 MW of onshore wind, solar PV, and battery storage projects across 24 US states. Scout has expertise in all aspects of renewables project development, permitting, power marketing, finance, construction, 24/7 operations, and asset management. Scout is a portfolio company of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners. For more information, please - visit About Evergy Evergy, Inc. (NYSE: EVRG), serves 1.6 million customers in Kansas and Missouri. Evergy's mission is to empower a better future. Our focus remains on producing, transmitting and delivering reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy for the benefit of our stakeholders. Today, about half of Evergy's power comes from carbon-free sources, creating more reliable energy with less impact to the environment. We value innovation and adaptability to give our customers better ways to manage their energy use, to create a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace for our employees, and to add value for our investors. Headquartered in Kansas City, our employees are active members of the communities we serve. About Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners ( is a specialist investment manager focused exclusively on renewables, storage and grid support infrastructure needed to drive the energy transition n the US, UK, and Australia. Quinbrook is led and managed by a senior team of power industry professionals who have collectively invested c.USD 8.2 billion equity in energy infrastructure assets since the early 1990s, representing a total enterprise value of c.USD 28.7 billion or 19.5 GW of power supply capacity. Quinbrook has completed a diverse range of direct investments in both utility and distributed scale onshore wind and solar power, battery storage, reserve peaking capacity, biomass, fugitive methane recovery, hydro and flexible energy management solutions in the US, UK, and Australia. Quinbrook is currently developing and constructing some of the largest renewables and storage infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the US, UK and Australia. About Elawan Energy Elawan Energy is a global operator in the renewable energy industry with over 1.1 GW of wind, solar, and hydropower projects in operation and over 11 GW of renewable energy under development. Elawan offers integrated solutions along the green energy life circle, from the promotion, development and construction of wind farms, photovoltaic plants and hydropower plants until their operation, maintenance and sale of the green energy produced. Elawan Energy is part of the ORIX Group.

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Jabil Teams with SolarEdge to Advance Smart Energy Technology

Jabil | June 22, 2022

Jabil (NYSE: JBL) announced that it is teaming up with SolarEdge, a global leader in smart energy technology, to help change how power is harvested and managed in photovoltaic (PV) systems. A shared focus on manufacturing excellence and automation has led to the installation of more than 2.5 million intelligent power inverters and more than 60 million power optimizers in over 130 countries across five continents, “We produce tens of millions of products every year, so high-volume, high-quality manufacturing is our lifeline to meeting aggressive growth demands and unrelenting product quality expectations, That is not an easy challenge for any manufacturer, but Jabil has delivered on our expectations during the ups and downs, and most challenging times. Because we are similar in attitude and company culture, we focus on execution and accomplish what we set out to do.” -Zvi Lando, CEO of SolarEdge Technologies. SolarEdge’s unwavering customer commitment has propelled the company to market leadership across its primary markets, comprising residential, commercial, industrial and utility sectors. The result is a steady stream of different products for residential and commercial customers, as well as continuous product modifications to meet emerging regulations around the world. Overall, SolarEdge’s products are quite complex to build, especially in such large volumes, some of which are made in quantities more commonly associated with consumer electronics and cellphone production. Rigorous quality requirements demand fastidious tracking of every production step to identify any potential reliability issues or possible product defects, which are critical factors when building products with extended warranties. “We’ve done tremendous things together to create an optimum manufacturing environment,” said Scott Gebicke, Senior Vice President, Industrial Division, Jabil. “We deployed an automated solution that enables Jabil to operate in the leanest and most efficient way possible while decreasing manufacturing time by almost 50%. This makes a big difference when you’re making tens of thousands of products each week, if not millions in a month.” Creating an Optimal Manufacturing Environment Jabil and SolarEdge collaborate on all aspects of production, encompassing design for manufacturing, supply chain management, as well as manufacturing automation and scalability. To keep pace with SolarEdge’s aggressive market ramps, Jabil devised a dual-site strategy, mirroring its massive China production facility with a secondary site in Vietnam. In addition, the development of a multi-level vertical testing facility reduces the resources and floor space needed for product curing and testing while complete product traceability is aligned with stringent quality demands. Minimizing Supply Chain Disruptions Jabil also provides global supply chain assistance in every region supported by SolarEdge, with meticulous attention on each material and component needed for manufacturing. During the pandemic-related disruptions, Jabil leveraged its digital supply chain intelligence to forecast long-lead items, submit pre-orders and identify alternate suppliers when faced with component shortages. As raw material shortages, logistical challenges and factory closures intensified, Jabil qualified new components, modified product designs and moved production into different locations to mitigate the impact. Driving the Green Energy Revolution Together, Jabil and SolarEdge continue to combat the global climate crisis through the delivery of industry-leading solutions that maximize power generation while lowering energy costs. As SolarEdge evolves its product roadmap, Jabil keeps stride to support the introduction of new product offerings, from energy storage and backup to battery systems and uninterrupted power supply solutions. The addition of more intelligence to SolarEdge's products enables homeowners to manage solar energy production, consumption and backup storage in real time. Every step of the way, Jabil is there to bring SolarEdge’s new products to market quickly, efficiently and economically. Supporting Quotes and Resources “We are sure that Jabil will be with us through our journey to the next era. They have been with us hand-in-hand for more than 10 years, and they will be with us for the next 10 years, which is very important to us. That’s kind of the magic, the secret sauce that works between our two companies.” -Uri Bechor, COO, SolarEdge Bill Mitchell, Senior Business Unit Director, Power & Storage Sector, Jabil Industrial: “There’s a continuous engineering effort on both sides to put out the best performing, competitively priced products. The value that Jabil brings to SolarEdge is excellence in execution of manufacturing and being hyper-focused on quality and cost.” About Jabil: Jabil (NYSE: JBL) is a manufacturing solutions provider with over 260,000 employees across 100 locations in 30 countries. The world's leading brands rely on Jabil's unmatched breadth and depth of end-market experience, technical and design capabilities, manufacturing know-how, supply chain insights and global product management expertise. Driven by a common purpose, Jabil and its people are committed to making a positive impact on their local community and the environment. Visit to learn more.

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