MPC Energy Solutions selects EPC contractor for the construction of new 21 MW solar power plants in El Salvador

MPC Energy Solutions | September 02, 2021

MPC Energy Solutions (MPCES) has selected ISOTRON SA, part of Spanish Grupo ISASTUR, as EPC contractor for the construction of its Santa Rosa & Villa Sol solar photovoltaic (PV) plants in El Salvador, which have a combined capacity of 21.07 MWp. The construction will commence in September upon financial close with the project financing lender. The renewable power plants are fully owned by MPCES and this is the first project to start construction from the proprietary development pipeline of the Company.

The solar plants will sell all their generated energy through a 20-year USD-denominated power purchase agreement (PPA) with CAESS, the local subsidiary of US-based energy company AES. The total investment is USD 26 million of which 75% is financed through a project financing facility.

"The selection of the construction contractor is an important milestone. The groundbreaking of Santa Rosa & Villa Sol in September shows the inherent value of the project portfolio we have had under ownership since our stock market debut earlier this year and is another proof point that we can successfully execute projects in the region. More than 60% of the energy generated in El Salvador comes from clean and renewable sources, largely thanks to the country's efforts to diversify its power mix. This shows the high potential of the market and we are excited to support the country in this important initiative." said Martin Vogt, CEO at MPC Energy Solutions.

Energy production from the Santa Rosa & Villa Sol project is expected to start in 2022. When commissioned, the plants will generate almost 43 GWh a year. MPCES expects an annual revenue contribution from this project of at least USD 3.5 million. The project's solar power will offer substantial environmental benefits, avoiding nearly 11,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. As part of MPCES's ongoing commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance measures, the firm has set a minimum target of 10% for the participation of females in the construction workforce.

Martin Vogt said: "This solar PV project perfectly aligns with our strategy to build high-quality renewable energy assets together with private sector clients in Central America and it is another step towards our aim to become a leading Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the region. Our long-standing network and expertise in this region will help building a strong and diversified portfolio which will generate attractive returns for our shareholders."

About MPC Energy Solutions
MPC Energy Solutions ("MPCES") is a global provider of sustainable energy and primarily focuses on low-carbon energy infrastructure, including solar and wind assets, and other hybrid and energy efficiency solutions. The Company participates in the full project lifecycle of renewable solutions, from early-stage development through construction and operation.


Harnessing Solar Energy for a More Efficient Home. Residential solar power harnesses energy from sunlight and converts it into green electricity to power your home. How a Residential Solar System Works. Solar panels absorb sunlight: Solar panels are made of silicon photovoltaic cells which absorb sunlight. Usually installed on your root.


Harnessing Solar Energy for a More Efficient Home. Residential solar power harnesses energy from sunlight and converts it into green electricity to power your home. How a Residential Solar System Works. Solar panels absorb sunlight: Solar panels are made of silicon photovoltaic cells which absorb sunlight. Usually installed on your root.

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Trip.Com Launches Integrated Carbon Solution with Sustainable Travel Options | June 08, 2022 has unveiled its integrated carbon solution, which will allow users all around the world to address their travel-related CO2 emissions. The worldwide travel platform has teamed with climate-tech firm CHOOOSE to provide passengers with the option of calculating and offsetting their flight's CO2 emissions by supporting global climate solutions. Customers buying flights on will now be given the option to reduce their CO2 emissions during the booking process. Travelers' offsets will support initiatives that reduce, collect, or avoid CO2 emissions in an amount equal to the calculated emissions of the flight for a nominal fee. The CHOOOSE solution is fully integrated into the platform, allowing clients to address their CO2 emissions as part of their whole trip experience. "As part of our mission to lead the global transformation to modern and more environmentally-responsible travel, we have partnered with CHOOOSE to contribute towards highly effective CO2-mitigating projects around the world. This makes it easier and simpler for users to offset their flight's CO2 emissions during checkout on our platform and travel more responsibly." -Jane Sun, Chief Executive Officer at Group "We see an increasing demand from individuals and companies around the world wanting to understand the CO2 emissions from their travel and to address these emissions through solutions like carbon removals, offsets and sustainable aviation fuel. That's why we are thrilled to team up with to offer integrated climate options as a seamless part of their booking process, making climate action more accessible for people worldwide." -Andreas Slettvoll, Chief Executive Officer at CHOOOSE According to the latest industry requirements, and CHOOOSE compute CO2 emissions per passenger based on criteria such as aircraft fuel usage, seat layout, and travel distance. This estimate can help determine how much it will cost to offset the voyage, as well as which routes will produce the least amount of CO2 per passenger. and CHOOOSE have chosen several high-impact CO2 mitigation initiatives from around the world that decrease, eliminate, or avoid CO2 emissions. Carbon professionals scrutinize the projects and certify them to the most stringent standards, such as the Gold Standard, a prominent worldwide carbon protocol. This guarantees that the initiatives have the lowest possible carbon footprint and provide actual benefits to local communities, so travelers can feel good about their contributions. Visit here to read more about the climate projects chosen for's integrated carbon program. The launch of this new carbon solution is in line with Group's mission of encouraging travellers to think about the environmental impact of their journey and providing solutions for customers to travel more responsibly.

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SDG&E to Add Four Microgrids With Energy Storage to Further Strengthen Summer Grid Reliability and Advance Clean Energy Goals

SDG&E | June 27, 2022

Four microgrids equipped with energy storage will be added to the San Diego region to help the state meet high energy demand, particularly on hot summer days and in the peak evening hours after solar power dissipates. These small-scale grids that can operate independent of or parallel to the larger regional grid will also help keep critical community facilities powered during unexpected outages. “They will dispatch clean energy to the grid when needed and keep critical facilities like schools, Cool Zones, and fire stations powered during emergencies.” Tweet this San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) received approval yesterday from the California Public Utilities Commission to build these projects, which will add a total of approximately 39 megawatts (MW) / 180 megawatt-hours (MWh) of storage capacity at four company substations. “These clean energy projects will help our region become more resilient to the impacts of our worsening climate,” said SDG&E Vice President of Energy Innovation Miguel Romero. “They will dispatch clean energy to the grid when needed and keep critical facilities like schools, Cool Zones, and fire stations powered during emergencies.” The projects stemmed from Gov. Newsom’s Proclamation of a State Emergency issued last summer, which outlines California’s energy needs in the face of growing climate challenges. The four new projects, slated to be completed in summer 2023, are the latest of a series of energy storage investments by SDG&E, including the opening of Top Gun, a 30 MW facility, in June 2021 and Kearny Energy Storage, a 20 MW facility, in March 2022. Battery storage works by capturing renewable resources like wind and solar when they are abundant during the day, then sending that energy back to the grid when it is needed. As with other SDG&E owned storage projects, these facilities will be connected to the state energy market so that the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) can dispatch these resources as needed to balance energy supply and demand throughout the state. Below are brief descriptions of each of the projects. The Clairemont substation microgrid will have the ability to power the Balboa Branch Library/Cool Zone, Fire Station 36, and local schools such as Lafayette Elementary and Sequoia Elementary Schools, Innovation and CPMA Middle Schools, and Madison High School The Boulevard substation microgrid will have the ability to power the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, Fire Station 47, Campo Reservation Fire Station, Cal Fire White Star Station, Campo Tribal Office, Campo Kumeyaay Nation Medical Center, Southern Indian Health Council Campo Clinic, the Boulevard Border Patrol Station, and the Boulevard Post Office The Paradise substation microgrid will have the ability to power Fire Stations 51 and 32, the Southeast Division Police Department, and Bell Middle School, as well as Freese, Boone and Fulton Elementary The Elliott substation microgrid will have the ability to power Fire Station 39, the Tierrasanta Public Library/Cool Zone, Tierrasanta Medical Center, Jean Farb Middle School, Canyon Hills High School, and Tierrasanta and Kumeyaay Elementary Schools. To learn more about SDG&E’s clean energy projects, visit SDG&E is an innovative San Diego-based energy company that provides clean, safe and reliable energy to better the lives of the people it serves in San Diego and southern Orange counties. The company is committed to creating a sustainable future by providing its electricity from renewable sources; modernizing energy infrastructure; accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles; supporting numerous non-profit partners; and, investing in innovative technologies to ensure the reliable operation of the region’s infrastructure for generations to come. SDG&E is a subsidiary of Sempra (NYSE: SRE).

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LyondellBasell Achieves Renewable Energy Milestone

LyondellBasell | August 01, 2022

LyondellBasell announced it has made another step forward in its journey to net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The company signed two additional long-term renewable electricity power purchase agreements (PPA) with Buckeye Partners for a total of 165 megawatts (MW) to be sourced from Buckeye's solar farms currently under construction in north Texas. This announcement is another example of the progress LyondellBasell is making towards achieving its 2030 goal of procuring at least half, approximately five million megawatt hours (MWh) per year, of its current electricity consumption from renewable sources.This agreement is the fourth renewable energy PPA for LyondellBasell and comes just one month after the company announced PPAs with ENGIE North America for 100 MW and Buckeye for 116 MW. The four agreements represent a total of 381 MW of renewable energy, estimated to generate approximately 1,037,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of clean power annually. This is equivalent to the yearly electricity consumption of over 96,000 American homes. "Infused in the work we do and products we make is our commitment to continually improve the quality of life and the environment, Renewable energy is an important step to achieving our GHG emission reduction goals on our journey to net-zero by 2050. Through their use in the production of wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles, our products are critical to the energy transition. Expanding our investment in wind and solar energy sources helps reduce the emissions associated with producing the vital products which make renewable energy possible." -Peter Vanacker, CEO of LyondellBasell. Buckeye Crown and Sol Solar Projects Buckeye's Crown and Sol solar projects are located in Falls County, Texas on adjacent sites and are expected to commence commercial operations in the third quarter of 2023. Each PPA term with LyondellBasell is for 15 years. The projects are estimated to generate over 400,000 MWh of clean power annually for LyondellBasell, equivalent to 152,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide or the yearly electricity consumption of nearly 37,000 average American homes. Decarbonizing electricity supply through the purchase of renewable electricity is important to meeting LyondellBasell's 2030 targets. The renewable energy source target is estimated to reduce approximately 1.5 million metric tons of greenhouse emissions from its scope 2 emissions annually. About LyondellBasell As a leader in the global chemical industry, LyondellBasell strives every day to be the safest, best operated and most valued company in our industry. The company's products, materials and technologies are advancing sustainable solutions for food safety, access to clean water, healthcare and fuel efficiency in more than 100 international markets. LyondellBasell places high priority on diversity, equity and inclusion and is Advancing Good with an emphasis on our planet, the communities where we operate and our future workforce. The company takes great pride in its world-class technology and customer focus. LyondellBasell has stepped up its circularity and climate ambitions and actions to address the global challenges of plastic waste and decarbonization. In 2022, LyondellBasell was named as one of FORTUNE Magazine's "World's Most Admired Companies" for the fifth consecutive year. For more information, please visit or follow @LyondellBasell on LinkedIn.

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