New Palmetto Platform Revolutionizes Residential Clean Energy

Palmetto | January 12, 2023 | Read time : 02:10 min

New Palmetto Platform Revolutionizes

On January 11, 2023, Palmetto, the leading clean energy technology company, announced the strong results of its new Clean Energy Operating Platform, which is transforming the end-to-end consumer solar journey, allowing sales partners to achieve their growth potential, creating operational efficiencies, and most importantly, providing the best industry customer experience (CX) with a 70 or higher Net Promoter Score.

The redesigned Palmetto platform, released in 2022, has proven to streamline customer transactions experience and automate end-to-end operations, from sales to design, installation, and system activation. In addition, the company's all-in-one sales tool has resulted in a faster, more efficient process for sales partners, ultimately leading to satisfied clients who become solar energy ambassadors in their communities.

Palmetto cites several key performance indicators to indicate the success of its enhanced operating system.

  • Streamlined automation and procedures and improved turnaround times accelerated the installation rate. This expedited the installation of household solar systems by 37 days compared to the previous average.
  • Palmetto's total installations surged 75% YoY, and system activation grew 82% YoY as a result of the company's already robust growth trajectory over the last year.

Palmetto Founder and CEO Chris Kemper said, "We are passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience and removing friction from the sales process. The Clean Energy Operating Platform gives us greater opportunities to achieve those goals."

Source: Cision PR Newswire

The platform provides a seamless, nationwide fulfillment network, serving homeowners with local sales and installation professionals to boost the clean energy economy in communities around the country. In addition, Palmetto's energy intelligence models and stimulates the energy load profiles and solar potential for 84% of U.S. roofs, including local requirements for 130+ utility service areas and building-level data.

About Palmetto

Palmetto, a leading clean technology software and fulfillment firm headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, is dedicated to developing The New Utility, a distributed, decentralized energy source that will replace The Old Utility's fossil-fueled, centralized energy paradigm. The company aims to democratize energy by returning power and control to consumers and empowering them to make ecologically responsible decisions.To achieve this objective, Palmetto has established a clean energy marketplace with patented technologies meant to make it simpler and more economical for homeowners to get their energy from renewable sources, such as solar power. In addition, the company has created products that cut expenses and promote the mass distribution of simple energy management solutions.


The whitepaper provides some helpful information regarding the expected application of the Critical Mineral Requirement and the Battery Component Requirement. For instance, the whitepaper provides some useful clarifying information such as stating that “critical minerals” for purposes of section 30D refers to the applicable critical minerals defined in the Section 45X (the advanced manufacturing production tax credit) and identifying what items are included as battery components.


The whitepaper provides some helpful information regarding the expected application of the Critical Mineral Requirement and the Battery Component Requirement. For instance, the whitepaper provides some useful clarifying information such as stating that “critical minerals” for purposes of section 30D refers to the applicable critical minerals defined in the Section 45X (the advanced manufacturing production tax credit) and identifying what items are included as battery components.

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EVLO and Wildstone to Partner for Summerland's First Solar Plus Storage Project

EVLO Energy storage | January 17, 2023

EVLO Energy Storage Inc., an energy storage company and subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, has recently announced its partnership with Wildstone Construction Group, a general contracting group, and Skyfire Energy, a leading provider of solar panel installation services, to deliver Summerland's first utility-scale solar installation that utilizes battery energy storage system (BESS) technology. This technology will extend the system's output into hours with the greatest energy demand. The project includes a 0.4 MW solar array, 4 EVLO 1000 battery energy storage units, and a proprietary EMS control system that will provide a total storage capacity of 4 MWh. The storage system will allow for peak shaving, minimizing short-term demand spikes and reducing peak loads, lowering the overall cost of demand charges. In addition, the solar installation will be geo-ballasted, eliminating the need for ground anchors or concrete during construction, thereby reducing the project's carbon footprint. EVLO's industry expertise and battery technology are based on Hydro-Québec's decades of research and development on battery materials, holding hundreds of patents in the field. The company is uniquely qualified to develop products and services that meet the specific requirements of utilities and independent power producers due to Hydro-Québec's experience in the control, operation, and simulation of electric power systems. Sonia St-Arnaud, President and CEO at EVLO, stated, "We are honored to support this green energy initiative that stems from the district's vision. As our first solar plus storage installation in Western Canada, EVLO is proud to work alongside Wildstone to provide our leading energy storage solutions and industry expertise for this first-of-its-kind project for the Summerland region." She adds, "As we celebrate our second anniversary, this project builds upon our rapidly growing portfolio as we expand into markets throughout North America and abroad." (Source – Business Wire) About EVLO Energy Storage Inc. Based in Varennes, Québec, EVLO, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, is a storage system service provider that offers customized battery energy storage systems, installation, control software, commissioning, inspection, operation, and management, as well as an end-of-life recycling program. The energy storage systems from the firm range from large, containerized utility-scale systems to small, rack-mounted commercial systems. EVLO's eco-friendly, patent-protected battery chemistry results from forty years of research by Hydro-Québec's advanced innovation lab. The company designs, delivers and manages energy storage systems with innovative sustainability and safety features to power a brighter future for the world.

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UGI and Archaea Energy Form Joint Venture to Develop RNG Project in Pennsylvania

UGI and Archaea Energy | February 14, 2023

On February 13, 2023, UGI Energy Services, LLC, a subsidiary of UGI Corporation, and Archaea Energy Inc., a subsidiary of bp, announced that they recently formed a joint venture, Aurum Renewables, LLC, to build a renewable natural gas ('RNG') project. This project will be located in the Commonwealth Environmental Systems landfill in Hegins, Pennsylvania. Archaea Holdings, LLC, has a 60% ownership interest, while the UGIES subsidiary has a 40% ownership interest in the joint venture. UGIES will contribute its current 11-megawatt landfill gas-to-electricity facility to the joint venture. Through the joint venture, Aurum will construct a new RNG facility that will convert landfill gas into RNG. The project is anticipated to have the ability to generate approximately 5,000 MMBtu per day of pipeline-grade RNG upon completion. Archaea, a renowned RNG company, will lead the new RNG facility's design, engineering, building, and operation. In addition, UGIES will direct the marketing of the RNG produced by the facility. Brian McCarthy, Chief Financial and Commercial Officer of Archaea, shared, "We are very excited to continue to expand our partnership with UGI, which, as a result of this joint venture, now spans across the full RNG value chain of production, transportation, and commercial offtake." He added, "This new RNG facility will be one of the largest in the Archaea portfolio and is expected to bring significant environmental and social benefits to southeast Pennsylvania communities. This new facility will also bring global benefits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing a domestically-produced, affordable, low-carbon source of energy." (Source – Business Wire) About UGI Corporation UGI Corporation distributes and markets energy-related goods and services and is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Through its subsidiaries, the company manages natural gas and electric utilities in Pennsylvania and natural gas utilities in West Virginia. It distributes LPG domestically (through AmeriGas) and internationally (through UGI International). It also manages midstream energy assets in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio and electric generation assets in Pennsylvania. In addition, it provides energy marketing, including the marketing of renewable natural gas, in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and California. About Archaea Energy Archaea Energyis one of the largest producers of renewable natural gas ('RNG') in the United States, with an industry-leading RNG platform. The company has vast expertise in designing, constructing, and running RNG facilities to capture waste emissions and transform them into low-carbon fuel. It seeks to redefine the RNG industry by introducing a systematic and sustainable approach to RNG project development, from a cost-effective manufacturing approach utilizing the best available technologies and processes to a differentiated commercial system centered on selling RNG under long-term, fixed-price agreements to creditworthy partners.

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Enphase Energy Increases IQ8 Microinverter Installations in Arizona

Enphase Energy, Inc | January 06, 2023

On Jan. 05, 2023, Enphase Energy, Inc., a worldwide energy technology organization and the leading provider of microinverter-based solar and battery systems in the world, announced that Enphase® product installers in Arizona have experienced increased deployments of Enphase Energy SystemsTM powered by IQ8TM Microinverters. As per the U.S. Solar Market Insight study by Wood Mackenzie and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), residential solar deployments in Arizona have increased annually and are projected to reach 206 MW in 2023, demonstrating a growth of 20 percent over the previous year. In addition, residential battery deployments in Arizona are predicted to nearly quadruplicate by 2026's end, according to the most recent U.S. Energy Storage Monitor study by the Wood Mackenzie and Energy Storage Association. Enphase's unique IQ8-based systems can deliver Sunlight BackupTM functionality even in the absence of a battery during a power outage. When coupling Enphase IQTM Batteries with IQ8 Microinverters, there are no size limitations for homeowners who desire battery backup. With the Sunshine Jump StartTM feature, IQ8 Microinverters can restart a home energy system using just sunlight following a prolonged grid interruption that completely depletes the battery. This feature also eliminates the need for a manual restart of the system, which gives homeowners the greater assurance of energy resilience. With a 25-year limited warranty, Enphase IQ8 solar microinverters are built to last. About Enphase Energy, Inc. Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company headquartered in Fremont, California, is the world's leading provider of microinverter-based solar and battery systems that enables users to harness the sun to make, use, sell, and save their own electricity—and control it all with a smart mobile application. The company restructured the solar industry with its microinverter-based technology, and it builds all-in-one battery, solar, and software solutions.

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