Next Earth and SEE Turtles Collaborate on Metaverse Charity Game for Earth Day

Our planet is in crisis, but you can help make a difference, even from the comfort of your home. Next Earth , the third largest metaverse, is teaming up with SEE Turtles  to launch a new game with a cause: players can purchase land in the metaverse, with a portion of the proceeds going to real-life environmental projects. 

Having already allocated $1 million to environmental issues, Next Earth is committed to making a difference. Users can now buy land in select metaverse territories, with a chance to win $200,000 worth of NXTT or five unique NFTs. In each transaction, 20% of the proceeds will go to SEE Turtles, which will use the funds to implement plastic removal projects in the same locations in the real world.

How to participate in the game

In this campaign, players can help clean up the environment by purchasing land on one of the designated territories. In the game, you will participate in a treasure hunt by looking for prizes hidden under the garbage.

Next Earth placed $200,000 worth of NXTT in various denominations under the tiles, along with 5 unique NFTs made by TinyWasteland. The campaign will launch in May, and Next Earth will announce the exact date soon.

Noemi Magyar , Head of CSR at Next Earth, and Brad Nahill , President of SEE Turtles, joined forces for a live stream on April 21 to discuss their partnership and how donations turn into aid real. TinyWasteland artist Peter Csakvari also joined them to discuss his art and how NFTs can be used in these campaigns.

A “metaverse for doing good” project

The collaboration between Next Earth and SEE Turtles illustrates how the metaverse can be used for good causes and for social responsibility. Together they have a positive impact on the environment and help endangered species recover.

As a metaverse that already donates 10% of proceeds to environmental initiatives, Next Earth is thrilled to launch its latest social responsibility campaign in partnership with its community.



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