SAJ Inks Agreement with Leading European Solar Distributor Solarclarity, Strengthening its Presence in Europe

SAJ | December 05, 2022 | Read time : 02:08 min

Solar inverters and storage solutions provider SAJ (or "the Company") announced that the company has reached a long-term cooperation agreement with Solarclarity, a leading distributor of sustainable energy systems in the Netherlands, at the Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2022, the first satellite event of Solar Solutions International that gathers global solar professionals to showcase their latest innovations in solar energy. The agreement will first see one of SAJ's key products, the HS2 All-In-One Residential Storage Solution be available at Solarclarity from January 2023.

"The business alliance with Solarclarity strengthens our reputation as a trusted and capable solar energy expert and innovator whose mission is to create a green, smart and efficient energy-use environment, pursuing a healthy and happy life. We will benefit from Solarclarity's expertise in accelerating our market penetration in Europe, bolstering our foothold in the region by bringing SAJ's residential digital energy solutions to more European households.

Samil Ouyang, CEO of SAJ.

SAJ's residential digital energy solutions are tailor-made for local users and are built from the ground up to ensure greater convenience, reliability, and versatility, suitable for new solar adopters and those wishing to upgrade their existing solar systems. With the eSAJ platform, which includes eSAJ Home and eSAJ Service, the house owners and service providers can monitor, operate and maintain the system in an easy way.

The HS2 All-In-One Residential Storage Solution, unveiled at the Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2022, considerably improves the economy and stability of electricity for residential users. Compact and easy to install, the HS2 is compatible with high-power solar panels with a maximum PV input current of 16A and features a power range from 3 to 10 kW for the single-phase and three-phase models. It can provide power to supply home loads and be served as backup power in emergencies. The electricity bills will be minimized when there are peak and valley tariffs.

About SAJ
With 17 years of dedication and professionalism, SAJ has established itself as a pioneer in the new energy sector, providing reliable solar inverters, storage solutions, and mobile energy service platforms. SAJ has been recently named the winner of the iF and Red Dot Design Awards 2022 for its innovative designs.


As an electrical professional, sustainability should now be at the top of your mind. Climate change is increasingly posing business challenges, and beyond the environmental concern is the organizational risk to brand reputation


As an electrical professional, sustainability should now be at the top of your mind. Climate change is increasingly posing business challenges, and beyond the environmental concern is the organizational risk to brand reputation

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On February 09, 2023, CPS Energy, a utility company, reached agreements with three companies, completing its FlexPOWER Bundle initiative, which was released as a Request for Proposal (RFP) in 2020. This initiative will deliver 580 megawatts (MW) of solar, 500 MW of natural gas and 50 MW of storage capacity of green energy. In addition, CPS Energy will release a separate RFP for adding 320 MW of solar capacity, including solar community proposals, and update its generation portfolio. Regarding the agreements, Calpine, a power company, will provide approximately 500 MW of firming capacity; Ashtrom Renewable Energy firm, in collaboration with OnPeak Power, will provide 100 MW; and green energy investor Eolian will grant exclusive rights for 50 MW of energy storage. San Antonio Mayor, Ron Nirenberg, said, "When we launched the FlexPOWER Bundle, we cast an international net to see what new technologies we could procure for our community." He added, "These last three agreements signify years of hard work and will provide reliable generation to our community. We look forward to our new partnerships and what they will mean for the City of San Antonio." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) President and CEO of CPS Energy, Rudy D. Garza, said, "Securing these last three agreements marks the end of a more than two-year long process that the CPS Energy team has been working diligently on." He added, "The FlexPOWER Bundle was created to further diversify our generation mix, which we have accomplished, and we look forward to continuing to add solar capacity to our portfolio with a new 320 MW RFP to be launched in the coming months." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About CPS Energy Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, CPS Energy, a municipally owned electric and natural gas company, is providing secure, affordable services across the Greater San Antonio area. It focuses on job creation, educational investment, clean energy investment, and economic development as a community partner. With employees' volunteerism and commitment to the community, it has conducted programs that add value to the customers, offering reliable power along with sensitivity towards the environment. Its partners include companies working for clean energy, efficiency, and innovation, especially in solar power. It specializes in the fields of public utilities, renewable energy, electricity, and natural gas

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Ecobat Expands Battery Recycling Capabilities with Arizona Facility

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On February 20, 2023, Ecobat, a leading battery recycling company, announced that it is building its first North American lithium-ion battery recycling facility, which will mark its third facility overall. Initially generating 10,000 tons approximate of salvaged material yearly, the new facility located in Casa Grande, Arizona, will be expanded to meet the increasing need for lithium-ion battery recycling. Through diagnostics, sorting, shredding, and material separation, Ecobat Casa Grande will repurpose lithium-ion batteries that have reached their end of life to yield a concentrated black mass made of the valuable materials in the batteries. It will be situated one mile from the established Ecobat Resources Arizona facility that has been producing anodes for 15 years, using cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled workforce. The launch is anticipated for the Q3 of this year. Ecobat holds prominent ISO certifications in safety and health, environmental, quality, and energy management systems. The company's expansion into the North American market demonstrates its dedication to offering sustainable recycling solutions for advanced battery technology. CEO of Ecobat, Marcus Randolph, shared, "We are thrilled to grow our global lithium-ion battery recycling footprint with a new facility in Casa Grande, Arizona." He added, "This facility, like our lithium-ion battery recycling facilities in Germany and the United Kingdom, represents a significant milestone in Ecobat's strategy to grow our lithium-ion battery recycling business to a scale, similar to our world-leading lead battery recycling business." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Ecobat Ecobat, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is the largest battery recycler in the world. It satisfies vital energy storage requirements by making the battery industry more sustainable and safer for a circular energy economy. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and a network of facilities and service providers, it creates innovative products to meet the ever-increasing demand for more effective and dependable energy storage solutions. With a focus on managing vital resources responsibly, the company operates a closed-loop supply chain, and it is constantly seeking new ways to advance the industry. In the year 2021, its lead battery recycling business fully recycled 70 million car batteries.

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Landis+Gyr & MicroEJ Collaborate for the Next Gen Smart Meters

Landis+Gyr | January 04, 2023

MicroEJ, the leading global provider of software containers for embedded devices and IOT, partnered with Landis+Gyr, the global leader in energy management technology, to broaden the app development environment for the next generation of smart meters. This partnership lays the digital groundwork for a more efficient and sustainable energy management system. MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment delivers an app operating system for Landis+Gyr's Revelo meter, through unique software containerization. In addition, unique waveform sampling gives Revelo a highly accurate sensor that facilitates software applications for grid-edge decision-making. Landis+Gyr has been awarded the 2022 Global AMI Company of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan, highlighting the platform's potential to revolutionize how utilities operate. In response to increased consumer expectations for rapid, individualized, and secure energy management, utility providers must maximize grid-edge customer service capabilities. Revelo enables grid and consumer apps operating on the MicroEJ platform that optimizes grid management and increases consumer involvement through the following: Enhanced grid robustness and dependability through grid-facing applications Enhanced consumer experience through end-user consumption monitoring with appliance-level granularity Support for distributed energy resource integration and monitoring About Landis+Gyr Landis+Gyr, a major provider of energy management solutions on a global scale, measures and analyzes energy consumption to create potent analytics for intelligent grid and infrastructure management. These analytics enable utilities and consumers to cut their energy consumption, which is environmentally advantageous. The company's portfolio of innovative and time-tested software, services, and intelligent sensor technologies is a substantial contributor to the reduction of carbon emissions produced by the grid.

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