Sensatek Takes Innovative Technology to Future of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
As scientists and innovators work to find the replacement of fossil fuels, one renewable energy source is at the forefront – wind. Sensatek Propulsion Technology is bringing efficiency to the race for renewable energy with its passive RF temperature sensors.

Sensatek’s in situ sensing system measures, monitors, and reports data back, which will provide wind turbine farms the information needed to be successful and keep their equipment running longer.

Over the last few years, there has been a growth in interest for renewable energy around the world, with an emphasis on wind energy. Wind turbines and land-based farms are steadily increasing, and research is at an all-time high for off-shore wind farms. As the world ramps up its interest in this renewable energy source, Sensatek brings its RF sensors to the playing field.

The technology company, funded in part by the National Science Foundation, takes the same technology it has had major success with in power generation, aerospace, oil and gas and aviation industries to wind turbine testing. Sensatek’s manufactured RF sensors will be able to online monitor and measure downtime of wind turbines that results in loss of revenue, as well as monitor shaft, gearbox, and generator failures.

Expanding into the wind turbine industry was a no-brainer for us. At Sensatek, our mission is to provide quicker, more accurate data on engines. Our team has learned a lot and received early success increasing efficiency for gas turbines, and we’re confident we can apply this experience to wind turbines as well. We’re working to make our communities safer, greener places.”

Reamonn Soto, founder and CEO of Sensatek

Sensatek’s technology comes with many benefits for the wind turbine industry. With the knowledge and measured data on how and precisely when the wind turbines are operating, companies will be able to the lower the cost of energy production for their turbines.

“We look forward to continuing to expand how and where our technology is used,” said Soto. “We knew wind turbine testing was the next step in the right direction.”

With a meeting already on the books this fall with a major power plant, Sensatek will continue to research and develop the future of wind turbine measuring technology.

About Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc.
Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc. is a venture capital backed company headquartered on Florida's Space Coast in Daytona Beach, Florida. Sensatek offers advanced sensing technology to help optimize systems used in harsh environments. Their manufactured rotating sensing system, Turbotrack, measures and tracks changes in temperature, strain, and torque allowing system owners to capture more value on revenue generating assets.



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