SensorLogic launches first in a series of climate-tech sensors

2.5 billion people rely on the annual snowpack for drinking water, hydropower, food crops, and more. Accurately predicting water availability has become a global priority due to climate change. SensorLogic is developing a range of new snow sensors that cost less to install and maintain, offer flexible placement options, and deliver real-time results over LTE, LoRa and satellite.

Bozeman, Montana: SensorLogic's SNOdar, a low-power, affordable and versatile sensor offers a new way for ski areas, water conservation districts, governments, private weather companies, and hydropower plants to accurately measure snow depth in real-time. SNOdars are currently deployed across US and European environmental agencies, hydro plants and ski resorts.

"Current snowpack sensing technology is outdated and expensive to install and maintain. These barriers prevent sensor deployment where they are needed most. This results in uncertain water forecasting during unusual winters, which are becoming more common, with potentially devastating outcomes for the 2.5 billion people who rely on the water stored in seasonal snowpack. SensorLogic's suite of new snow sensing technologies are a critical addition to predicting water availability."

- H.P. Marshall, a leading snow scientist and former group leader for the NASA SnowEx Project.

"Customer feedback on SNOdar performance has been incredible, especially in extreme environments or when compared to their existing ultrasonic or laser sensors, SNOdar is simple to set up and retrieve real-time results on smartphones, data loggers, or our SNOdar Cloud, even during severe storms where most sensors fail."

- Doug Roberts, founder of SensorLogic.

SNOdar Features and Benefits:
  • Accurate Seasonal Snow Depth and New Snowfall Measurement in Real-Time
  • Low Power/ Low Cost/ Low Maintenance
  • Flexible Installment Options
  • Direct to Cloud Data Capable
  • Estimated Snow Water Equivalency (SWE) Available via Upgrade
  • LTE, LoRa, and Commercial Data Loggers (RS-232 Port and SDI-12 Port)
  • Cornice Growth Monitoring
  • FCC & CE Compliant, and IP67 rated

About SensorLogic: SensorLogic is a remote sensing solutions and radar development company in Bozeman, Montana. Founded in 2006, SensorLogic has helped design remote sensing solutions for Google, Dorel Juvenile, John Deere, Xylem, and many others.



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