Siemens Gamesa will Provide Wind Turbines for Peru's Biggest Wind Farm

Siemens Gamesa has been chosen by ENGIE to together compose another section of the energy unrest handling environmental change in Latin America with the establishment of 260 MW of clean energy for Peru at the Punta Lomitas project in the southern area of Ica.

This is ENGIE Energia Peru's first wind ranch in the country. Until now, the Andean country has an introduced limit of 400 MW of wind control in more than 8 working parks and means to significantly increase its spotless force age by 2030. As far as it matters for its, Siemens Gamesa has 164 MW of introduced limit in Peru.

"It has been an extraordinary collaboration to arrive, and we are glad to be dependent on ENGIE Energia Peru. We will exceed all expectations of what's required from us to convey and finish this undertaking, in a market with all the possibility to turn into a benchmark around there," said Jorge Lobaton de la Guardia, Onshore Managing Director of Siemens Gamesa Latam.

Punta Lomitas will be furnished with 50 units of the SG 5.0-145 coastal turbine, and it is relied upon to be authorized by the primary quarter of 2023. The turbines will work at between 5 MW to 5.2 MW. The request incorporates a drawn-out activity and upkeep contract, setting Siemens Gamesa in a favored position overhauling 5 of Peru's breeze ranches.

Around the world, ENGIE has a sum of 10 GW wind power introduced limit, of which 20% has been completed with Siemens Gamesa innovation.

"The future Punta Lomitas Wind Power Plant is an unmistakable illustration of our obligation to the improvement of sustainable power sources in Peru and a reasonable assurance of our activities to speed up the change towards a carbon-impartial economy," said Rik De Buyserie, CEO of ENGIE Energia Peru.

Peru's breeze power history started in 1996 with pilot establishments, with the main huge undertakings created in 2006. The Peruvian government has vowed to arrive at 15% of clean force age by 2030.



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