Silfab Solar Modules Secure Top Performance Ranking from RETC


Silfab Solar, North America’s leading PV module manufacturer, has been recognized by the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) as a “high achiever” in module performance, the company announced today.

The rating, given by an internationally recognized independent testing authority, continues Silfab’s year-over-year string of awards and rankings that place the company among the most trusted solar module manufacturer for residential and commercial applications.

“Sustained power performance is the result of Silfab’s unwavering commitment to designing and manufacturing premium quality, North American-made solar products that remain a solid investment for long-term energy reliability,” said Paolo Maccario, Silfab President and CEO. “The latest RETC report is a reflection of our more than 40 years of solar experience and our commitment to delivering the best performing products with leading-edge designs from our North American facilities.”

RETC’s PV Module Index Report (PVMI) summarizes 12 months of testing that measures a variety of module performance indicators simulating environmental conditions, such as high temperatures and strong winds, that a module might experience in the real world.

In addition to lab testing, Silfab’s products have decades of proven results “in the field” with its panels delivering consistent power outputs across North America. Customer demand for Silfab products remains strong and the company continues to strategically increase production capacity.

About Silfab Solar Inc.

Silfab Solar is the North American leader in the design, development and manufacture of high-efficiency, premium quality PV modules. Silfab leverages more than 40 years of solar experience and best-in-class technologies to produce the highest- rated solar modules from facilities in the state of Washington and Toronto, Canada. Each facility features multiple automated production lines, an ISO 9001:2015-accredited Quality Management System, and just-in-time manufacturing to deliver Buy American approved PV modules specifically designed for and dedicated to the North American market.



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Southern Company, TerraPower and CORE POWER begin salt operations of Integrated Effects Test

PR Newswire | October 04, 2023

Southern Company, TerraPower and CORE POWER have successfully started pumped-salt operations in the Integrated Effects Test (IET), signifying a major achievement in the development of Generation-IV molten salt reactor technology, namely TerraPower's first-of-a-kind Molten Chloride Fast Reactor (MCFR). "Southern Company believes the next generation of nuclear power holds promise in providing an affordable and sustainable net-zero future that includes reliable, resilient and dispatchable clean energy for customers," said Dr. Mark S. Berry, Southern Company Services senior vice president of research and development. It's exciting to see each new landmark in the Integrated Effects Test, as it helps our nation rebuild lost molten salt reactor knowledge. [Source: PR Newswire] Since installation of the IET at TerraPower's laboratory in Everett, Washington, the project team has completed mechanical, electrical and controls verification and commissioned all systems. Commissioning employed hot argon and chloride salts to confirm readiness, including filling and flushing of drain tanks and verifying operation of freeze valves – a unique and important component for salt systems. Chloride salt has now been loaded into the primary coolant salt loops and pumped-salt operations have begun. A multi-month test campaign will provide valuable salt operations data and know-how for the MCFR program. "The Molten Chloride Fast Reactor has the potential to meet the carbon-free needs of hard-to-decarbonize industrial sectors including and beyond electricity. The Integrated Effects Test will help us gather and evaluate data to support the development of our technology, and we are excited to launch pumped-salt operations," said Jeff Latkowski, senior vice president for the Molten Chloride Fast Reactor. Integrated Effects Test The IET is a nonnuclear, externally heated, up to 1-megawatt multiloop system – the world's largest chloride salt system developed by the nuclear sector – and culminates years of separate effects testing. The project was initiated by Southern Company and TerraPower under the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Reactor Concepts (ARC-15) award, a multiyear effort to promote the design, construction and operation of Generation-IV nuclear reactors. The project team also includes CORE POWER, EPRI, Idaho National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Vanderbilt University. The next generation of nuclear reactors promise the same stable value to customers that is derived from the current operating nuclear fleet, can complement intermittent renewable resources on the grid, and hold the potential to provide zero-carbon, high-grade process heat and thermal storage for energy-intensive industrial markets and ocean transportation sectors that currently rely on fossil fuels. "The startup of the Integrated Effects Test is a milestone achievement in the development of the first fast-spectrum molten salt reactor, and we are immensely proud to contribute to its success," said Mikal Bøe, president and CEO of CORE POWER. "The Integrated Effects Test allows us to collect that crucial last-mile data for a design and build of the Molten Chloride Fast Reactor and takes the team one step closer to a genuinely unique way to do new nuclear that is appropriate for the commercial marine environment." The IET will inform the design, licensing and operation of an approximately 180-megawatt MCFR demonstration planned for the early 2030s time frame.

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Direct Energy Unveils New Solar Plan to Empower Texas Homeowners

Direct Energy | October 11, 2023

Direct Energy's new plan offers solar panel owners a fixed energy rate and the opportunity to receive unlimited monthly bill credits for surplus solar energy. Direct Energy is reducing complexity in the electricity market by providing straightforward and easy-to-understand energy solutions, making it hassle-free for customers to choose the right plan. Britany Keller emphasized the importance of transparency in building lasting customer relationships, offering clear and logical options, and being a reliable partner in the energy industry. This summer has been remarkable, and the radiant sun will continue to bless Texas for many more months to come. Direct Energy has introduced the Direct Solar Unlimited electricity plan to support those with solar panels in harnessing this bountiful energy source. Designed exclusively for solar panel owners, this plan provides a secured fixed energy rate for the duration of the contract. What's more, customers enrolled in this plan have the opportunity to receive unlimited monthly bill credits at an attractive rate for any surplus energy produced by their solar system that exceeds their household consumption. Direct Energy is simplifying the solar sellback process, offering customers straightforward and easy-to-understand energy solutions, making it hassle-free to shop for electricity. With the Direct Energy app, customers can conveniently monitor their energy usage, make bill payments, access account services, and opt-in for proactive text alerts, keeping them informed about their usage, billing, weather-related events, and more. Direct Energy also provides an array of educational tools tailored to the needs of its customers, including the Learning Center and a blog featuring insights on green energy, solar energy, energy-saving tips, home improvement, weather readiness, and relocation tips. For those Texans interested in adopting solar panels, Direct Energy's partner, Vivint, offers customizable solar energy systems that seamlessly complement Direct Energy's latest solar offering, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated solution. Britany Keller, Market Lead at Direct Energy, mentioned, More homeowners are installing solar panels than ever before, and this new plan allows us to help our customers make the most of their home solar panels by offering monthly bill credits. [Source – Business Wire] She also noted that this plan represents the most recent addition to their wide range of electricity offers, which aim to simplify the process of selecting the most suitable plan for individual customer needs. Furthermore, Keller acknowledged the abundance of choices in the electricity offer and provider market but emphasized Direct Energy's dedication to simplifying the landscape by offering clear and logical options for all types of customers. Keller stressed the importance of transparency in establishing enduring customer relationships and expressed Direct Energy's commitment to being a reliable energy partner.

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Entergy Louisiana and Monarch Energy Boost Green Energy Infrastructure

Entergy | September 11, 2023

Entergy Louisiana and Monarch Energy have signed an MOU to enhance South Louisiana's energy infrastructure. Entergy Louisiana will collaborate with Monarch Energy on a 300-megawatt green hydrogen electrolyzer project near Donaldsonville, Louisiana. Monarch Energy's project is expected to create over 300 construction jobs and more than 44 permanent operational positions. Entergy Louisiana and Monarch Energy, a renowned company specializing in green hydrogen and electro-fuels initiatives, have entered into a memorandum of understanding aimed at advancing South Louisiana's energy infrastructure. Under this agreement, Entergy Louisiana will collaborate with Monarch Energy to capitalize on existing transmission infrastructure and potentially construct new generation resources. This joint effort aims to provide a stable supply of long-term renewable power to Monarch's ambitious 300-megawatt green hydrogen electrolyzer project located near Donaldsonville, Louisiana. Monarch Energy's hydrogen electrolyzer project represents a substantial potential investment, exceeding $400 million in Ascension Parish. The initiative is anticipated to generate over 300 construction jobs and create more than 44 permanent operational positions. Monarch Energy has initiated development activities in 2022 and envisions commencing commercial operations by 2027. Ben Alingh, co-founder and CEO of Monarch Energy, commented, Entergy Louisiana’s commitment to providing renewable power to industrial customers like Monarch Energy is a critical piece of advancing the Royale Electrolyzer project. Louisiana presents an excellent opportunity for green hydrogen production with the existing industrial workforce, development friendly local communities, and experienced industrial hydrogen consumers. [Source: Entergy] Entergy Louisiana enjoys a strategic locational advantage, being situated at the epicenter of South Louisiana's hydrogen production, storage infrastructure, and industrial customer base. Beyond providing dependable and secure power, the company recognizes the growing demand among new and emerging customers for access to renewable energy sources. To meet these evolving customer requirements and facilitate the state's economic growth, Entergy Louisiana recently submitted the largest-ever request for renewable power expansion to the Louisiana Public Service Commission. This request seeks approval to augment its generation portfolio with an additional three gigawatts of solar power. Cumulatively, there are 3,225 megawatts of solar power projects in the approval pipeline for development, construction, and placement on the grid through agreements with Entergy Louisiana, representing a significant stride toward meeting the sustainability needs of both its current and future customers. Phillip May, president and CEO of Entergy Louisiana, said, We’re thrilled for the opportunity to bring this project to Louisiana. Our state is primed for an economic boom in the coming years, and this agreement will help foster that growth. Together with Monarch, we know we can build a stronger, more resilient Louisiana. [Source: Entergy]

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