Solar Flexrack Mounting Solution Used In Utah's Largest Landfill Solar Project

Solar FlexRackTM, a division of Northern States Metals and an innovative leader in PV mounting and solar tracker systems, announced the installation of its Series B Cast-In-Place (CIP) ballasted mounting solution in a 4.7 MW community solar project in Spanish Fork, Utah. The project is maintained by Utah Municipal Power Agency and is the state's largest landfill solar project. This project was created on a 27-acre landfill site that was unsuitable for commercial development by Prometheus Power, a premier solar development, engineering, and finance firm in the region. This is Solar FlexRack's first project in Utah, and it is planned to generate enough sustainable energy to power roughly 3,000 households by summer 2021.

Over the last five years, the number of landfill solar projects created in the United States has increased by over 80%. However, most landfills that have been converted to solar do not allow penetration into the site's land surface since mounting and foundation technology must be adaptive, durable, and lightweight in order to meet all site restrictions. The Series B CIP mounting technique from Solar FlexRack was chosen for this project owing to its innovative design, which includes adjustable blocks as well as a two-support system that minimises block thickness. Lighter ballasts and better onsite flexibility for array profiles equate to lower project costs. This mounting method also incorporates internal bracing and fewer components, making installation faster and easier.

"With legislative and regulatory authorities laying out a growth trajectory for Utah, we look forward to assisting the efficient and cost-effective implementation of future renewable energy projects in the state," said Steve Daniel, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Solar FlexRack. "EPCs, developers, project owners, and utilities can rely on our strong project support services and dependable technology to reduce risks and maximise savings on their projects."

"We are delighted to collaborate with Solar FlexRack, who provided cradle-to-grave project support as well as the precise, high-quality mounting solution required to carry out our vision for this significant landfill solar project," stated Brok Thayn of Prometheus Power. Prometheus Power was able to achieve superior financial and operational results for the project by leveraging its veteran in-house development team and industry ties.

This community solar project will not only demonstrate how a formerly unused place, such as a landfill, can be turned into a productive, clean energy generating field, but it will also bring savings to subscribed local residents. The project also produced 50 employment and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of eliminating 5,400 automobiles from the road each year.

About Solar FlexRack
Solar FlexRack, a branch of Northern States Metals, is an integrated solar company that provides commercial and utility-scale solar installation sectors with custom-designed, fixed tilt ground mount and single-axis solar tracking systems. Solar FlexRack also provides comprehensive turnkey packages that include engineering, geotechnical, pullout testing, field, layout, and installation services to handle a project's actual site circumstances and give a full scope of services from design to delivery and installation. Solar FlexRack has installed over 2.5 GW of solar racking in 40 states across the United States and five countries worldwide.



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