Solriver Capital bought 45 MW Solar Portfolio from Birdseye Renewable Energy

SolRiver Capital | March 31, 2021

SolRiver Capital LLC, a national solar investment fund, has announced the purchase of a 45-megawatt solar portfolio situated in the Carolinas from Birdseye Renewable Energy, a leading developer of solar energy projects in the U.S.

SolRiver and Birdseye also made their second purchase. The first plant, based in North Carolina, was completed successfully last year. "This extension of the current alliance between SolRiver and Birdseye is truly a result of the quality of the collaboration our teams have created," said Brandon Conard, Managing Partner of SolRiver Capital.

Birdseye Renewable Energy designed the solar plants, and the company has a long track record of completing utility-scale solar projects in the Southeast. "Each project we create is a partnership with local communities that focuses on innovation, such as bio-diversity initiatives or innovative buffering to reduce local impact. We take pride in fulfilling our promises to our communities on time "Birdseye CEO Brian Bednar elaborated. "Our collaboration with SolRiver enables us to do exactly that."

The portfolio of solar projects will be funded, installed, owned, and managed by SolRiver Capital, a solar independent power producer. This will be SolRiver's fifth purchase in the Carolinas. "SolRiver is pleased to invest in providing sustainable renewable energy to cities in North and South Carolina. We could not have made those investments without Birdseye's solar production experience and strong local ties. We look forward to improving our alliance with Birdseye and working on even more high-quality solar systems in the coming years "Nicholas Gazzolo, Partner at SolRiver, elaborated.

About SolRiver Capital

SolRiver Capital is a solar investment fund that finances the growth, installation, and acquisition of DG, C&I, and utility-scale solar projects. SolRiver owns and runs ventures in the United States, from Oregon to New York. SolRiver was founded in 2016 by a team of top-tier entrepreneurs, financial experts, and operational specialists, many of whom have over ten years of experience. The company has built and operated over $400 million in solar plants totaling 180MW of power across 300 projects.

About Birdseye

Birdseye Renewable Energy is a renewable energy developer based in the southeastern United States that offers shovel-ready projects. The company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializes in the greenfield construction of utility-scale solar facilities by finding optimal locations, assessing markets, and establishing trust with local communities. Birdseye has delivered quality outcomes to all stakeholders with over 540 MW of active innovations.


The infographic below is about global renewable energy use. Renewable energy is energy that is generated over and over again naturally within a reasonable amount of time. The most common types of renewable energy include: solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biofuels.


The infographic below is about global renewable energy use. Renewable energy is energy that is generated over and over again naturally within a reasonable amount of time. The most common types of renewable energy include: solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biofuels.

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Eos Energy Secures $20 Million Order to Supply California Power Grid with Long-term Storage

Eos Energy | January 05, 2021

Eos Energy Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: EOSE) ("Eos"), a main supplier of protected, adaptable, effective, and reasonable zinc-based energy stockpiling frameworks, today declared a firm request from EnerSmart, an engineer, proprietor and administrator of utility scale energy stockpiling projects, to give in any event 90MWh, and as much as 180MWh, of energy stockpiling throughout the following two years. The ventures are intended to be fueled by Eos' inventive Znyth® battery innovation to give improved lattice solidness and expanded renewables use across various areas in California. The principal project, foreseen to supply 9MWh of capacity in El Cajon to CAISO (California's autonomous network administrator), is esteemed at $2 million with establishment planned for the final quarter of 2021. "We are energized and accept that this understanding will grow our introduced base and keep on demonstrating the interest for longer span stockpiling. We anticipate working with EnerSmart to bring inventive innovation intended to make a drawn out certain effect on California's capacity network," said Balki Iyer, Chief Commercial Officer of Eos. The Eos Znyth® battery is intended to give persistent force upon establishment and is foreseen to have a helpful existence of 20 years. This decidedly keen stockpiling arrangement created in Edison, NJ is demonstrated to be protected across a wide scope of working conditions and will be sent from Eos' assembling office situated in Pittsburgh, PA. "As we extend our arrangement of utility scale energy projects in key business sectors, we depend on innovation that can give protected, solid stockpiling at an appealing cost," said Marc La Magna, Co-originator and Managing Partner at EnerSmart. "Eos Energy's innovation is intended to address these territories and significantly, they share our enthusiasm and idealism that energy stockpiling and sustainable power ventures will keep on being broadly received in California and around the nation."

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CleanSpark Partners with Solar and Storage Developer Symmetric Energy

CleanSpark | December 16, 2020

CleanSpark, Inc. (Nasdaq: CLSK)("CleanSpark" or the "Organization"), a high level programming and controls innovation arrangements organization, zeroed in on tackling present day energy challenges, today declared it has banded together with Symmetric Energy (Symmetric) to target new microgrid ventures in Northern California. The target will be to give dependable back-up energy or off-framework power utilizing a blend of sun based PV and energy stockpiling for both business and home level private microgrids. Symmetric is planning sun based and capacity arrangements that give "Genuine feelings of serenity" battery back-up administrations for private clients and energy security at a modern scale for business usage. Symmetric is situated in San Rafael, CA and serves the entirety of the Bay Area provinces including Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, just as the encompassing regions which have a past filled with fire and climate prompted power blackouts and request requirements. Fully expecting the association, CleanSpark and Symmetric have just started venture improvement for off-framework private undertakings to be overseen by CleanSpark's protected mPulse wise controls for sunlight based and capacity. Moreover, the arrangement gives that mVSO, CleanSpark's plan and demonstrating programming, is to be utilized to examine impending ventures and RFPs for Symmetric. Amer Tadayon, CleanSpark's Chief Revenue Officer remarked, "We are eager to report another organization with a grounded sun based and capacity engineer in California. We accept that banding together with CleanSpark for plan and controls programming alongside the co-advertising abilities of our group will permit Symmetric to quickly produce a lot more microgrid ventures. With Symmetric, CleanSpark will have the option to give mPulse to a significant number of undertakings through a trusted, existing relationship." Elliott Jessup, Director of Business Development for Symmetric Energy expressed, "We had distinguished the need to bringing to the table astute programming and controls to give energy security, flexibility and cost-evasion to our drawn out customers. We investigated various choices and discovered that CleanSpark's control arrangement will best give our customers reserve funds, secure reinforcement power, and even give off-framework abilities when the need emerges. CleanSpark will give us the assets, connections and advancements to guarantee that the energy arrangements are appropriately streamlined to address the issues of our insightful private and business clients."

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Swell Energy Launches Advanced Distributed Energy Resource Management System

Swell Energy | February 10, 2022

Swell Energy Inc, an energy and smart grid solutions provider, has announced the roll out of GridAmp, its proprietary Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS). The enhanced DERMS platform aggregates Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), including solar and battery storage devices, into virtual power plants (VPPs) to provide advanced grid capabilities to utilities. GridAmp will control multiple grid service operations with behind-the-meter solar-powered batteries within Swell’s Home Battery Rewards program, an 80-megawatt distributed VPP being developed on O‘ahu, Maui and Hawai‘i islands -- as contracted with Hawaiian Electric and approved by the Hawai‘i Public Utilities Commission. Working with Power Partner grid service aggregators like Swell is an essential part of reaching Hawaiian Electric’s goal to cut carbon emissions from power generation 70% by 2030 and achieving net zero carbon emissions from power generation by 2045 or sooner.” Yoh Kawanami, Hawaiian Electric co-director of Customer Energy Resources Swell’s GridAmp software is designed to maximize revenue across multiple utility and customer value streams using optimization algorithms and machine learning models that inform and automate DER and VPP operations. GridAmp provides a differentiated ability to co-optimize or “stack” multiple grid services to support a variety of energy objectives at the customer, utility and wholesale market levels. The software supports interoperability and customization for various utility markets and DER integrations. GridAmp is designed to be inclusive across various technologies and manufacturers, expanding the breadth of Swell’s VPP partnerships and geographies. The DERMS platform is integrated with Swell’s operations and customer facing platforms to further enable rapid turnkey deployment of DERs and enhance participation in VPPs. “GridAmp co-optimizes the VPP experience for end-users and the utility, fundamentally enhancing value and customer participation in generating, consuming, and transacting renewable electricity,” said Suleman Khan, CEO of Swell. “Through our various technology partnerships and a comprehensive ‘VPP in a Box’ solution, Swell unites homeowners, businesses, industry partners, and utilities behind the shared goal of utilizing VPPs to yield reliable, cost-effective, flexible energy in an equitable manner.” Swell’s first GridAmp enabled VPP in Hawai‘i will simultaneously balance three separate grid services, namely Capacity Build, Capacity Reduction and Fast Frequency Response, to help manage Hawaiian Electric’s energy supply by absorbing excess renewable energy from the grid as production spikes and dispatching energy when needed, thus reducing peak demand and providing 24/7 fast frequency response to balance the three island grids. Solar powered energy storage systems located at homes and businesses of Hawaiian Electric customers will collectively and autonomously meet the customer’s demands and respond to the grid’s dynamic needs. In return, Swell’s VPP customers receive GridRevenue and gain additional GridSavings by shifting their energy use throughout the day. These capabilities and services are available to utilities across the country. About Swell Energy Swell Energy is creating a greater grid for the greater good. The energy management and smart grid solutions provider is accelerating the mass adoption of distributed clean energy technologies by enabling consumers to take control of their energy use and cost, achieve energy security, and participate in the transactive grid. Swell Energy provides homeowners and businesses with financing and virtual power plant programs, while partnering with trusted local solar and solar+storage companies for seamless, high-quality installations. By creating a critical mass of dynamic and responsive clean energy resources within utility service areas across the United States, Swell Energy also delivers resilient virtual power plant networks and grid-balancing services to utilities, which are fundamental to our future, carbon-free, distributed renewable energy system. About Hawaiian Electric Established in 1891, Hawaiian Electric serves 95% of Hawaii’s 1.4 million residents on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Lanai and Molokai. Hawaiian Electric is committed to empowering its customers and communities by providing affordable, reliable, clean and sustainable energy. In 2021, 38% of the electricity used by Hawaiian Electric customers came from a diverse mix of renewable resources including waste-to-energy, biomass, geothermal, hydro, wind, biofuels and solar, both utility-scale and customer-sited systems.

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