Sourceability Launches Order API to Optimize Procurement of Electronic Components

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Sourceability, a global distributor of electronic components, today announced Sourcengine Order API, an update to Sourcengine's Application Program Interface (API). The innovative tool allows enterprise resource and material requirement planning (ERP/MRP) functions to streamline the procurement process and reach thousands of suppliers globally.

The API, designed for mid-sized manufacturers with an ERP/MRP system, helps to eliminate time spent managing suppliers and procurement lists by allowing businesses to research, quote, and purchase electronic components without leaving their internal systems.  Unlike its competitors, Sourcengine's API does not limit its capabilities by what it is able to stock. Its marketplace relies on the partnerships the company has established with over 3,500 suppliers worldwide.

Additionally, users benefit from third-party integrations with innovative solution providers like CalcuQuote, one of the first integrations for Sourcengine Order API. CalcuQuote offers software and supply chain solutions for the Electronics manufacturing industry. This integration provides direct access to the Sourcengine marketplace to their customers within the CalcuQuote platform.

"One of the biggest industry pain points we aim to solve is the amount of time spent searching for pricing and availability of electronic components," said Jens Gamperl, Founder and CEO of Sourceability. "This API update is the next step in digitalizing the supply chain and automates the manual process of checking multiple platforms and sending emails to sales representatives for individual quotes. This software centralizes data so that users can reduce the risk of human error and optimize the procurement process."

"The integration to the Sourcengine Order API further provides digital purchasing capabilities to the electronics manufacturing industry that are integrated through CalcuQuote solutions," said Kaitlyn Dotson, CalcuQuote COO.  "The industry is continuing to push for more digitalization for ordering and this allows CalcuQuote to support more customers."

The new tool marks the next evolution of Sourcengine's innovation by making its marketplace more easily accessible to manufactures – streamlining the procurement process while still allowing users to price benchmark and quickly get pricing from multiple suppliers.

About Sourceability

Sourceability a global distributor of electronic components offering digital tools, services and data with the power of technology to meet customers' evolving demands. Sourceability combines the expertise of global distribution with the leading e-commerce marketplace in the industry, and works with the largest catalog of suppliers to provide the transparency, robust data and speed that customers need to create a seamless procurement process. The company's global distribution centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Miami are supported by regional offices to maintain a holistic understanding of customer supply chain needs. Sourceability continues to build upon its initial success since the company was founded in 2015 by harnessing innovation, customer empowerment, and integrity.


This paper offers a comprehensive overview of the status of solar development in the state of Pennsylvania. Beginning with a brief background of potential benefits to individuals and communities from residential and utility scale solar, barriers to realizing these opportunities are then discussed.


This paper offers a comprehensive overview of the status of solar development in the state of Pennsylvania. Beginning with a brief background of potential benefits to individuals and communities from residential and utility scale solar, barriers to realizing these opportunities are then discussed.

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Spruce Power Acquires Portfolio of 2,400 Residential Solar Systems and Contracts

Businesswire | August 22, 2023

Spruce Power Holding Corporation a leading owner and operator of distributed solar energy assets across the United States, today announced the acquisition of a portfolio of over 2,400 residential solar systems and contracts from a publicly traded, regulated utility company for $20.9 million. The acquisition closed on August 18, 2023. The acquired portfolio consists of residential solar systems located in California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, with an average remaining contract life of nearly 11 years. The portfolio is expected to generate about $4.0 million of annual run-rate revenue. Prior to the acquisition, Spruce was the third-party services solution provider for the portfolio, which allows for efficient, low-cost integration into Spruce’s existing portfolio of home solar assets and contracts. Spruce’s total portfolio grows to over 75,000 home solar assets and contracts, representing almost 50% growth in less than a year since the Company’s transition into a pure play owner and operator of residential rooftop solar assets in 2022. Spruce funded the acquisition purchase price entirely through proceeds from the concurrent upsizing of its Spruce Power 2 credit facility (the “SP2 Facility”). Strong performance to date of legacy Spruce assets in the SP2 Facility collateral pool resulted in the Company’s ability to raise incremental debt financing on the underlying assets during the upsize process, thus offsetting any cash equity needed for the acquisition purchase price. The SP2 Facility, as well as all of Spruce’s debt, is non-recourse to the Company. "With Spruce already providing comprehensive servicing solutions to this acquired portfolio, our team is very familiar with the portfolio and its strong operating history and financial performance. This investment will provide Spruce an attractive return on capital and represents continued execution of our growth strategy that enables such low customer acquisition cost,” said Christian Fong, Spruce’s Chief Executive Officer. Sarah Wells, Spruce’s Chief Financial Officer, added, “This is an exciting acquisition where Spruce could self-fund growth by tapping the operational excellence of the Company’s asset management teams and strong performance of our existing assets. With this acquisition, our financial outlook continues to improve, and we are tightening our expectation for annual run-rate business cash inflows to between $120 million and $130 million.” About Spruce Power Spruce Power Holding Corporation is a leading owner and operator of distributed solar energy assets across the United States. We provide subscription-based services that make it easy for homeowners to benefit from rooftop solar power and battery storage. Our as-a-service model allows consumers to access new technology without making a significant upfront investment or incurring maintenance costs. Our company owns the cash flows from over 75,000 home solar assets and contracts across the United States.

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Altus Power Announces New Solar & Energy Storage Asset in Massachusetts

businesswire | July 26, 2023

Altus Power, the leading independent owner of commercial-scale solar solutions announced the addition of a new combined 10 megawatt solar plus 15 megawatt-hour battery storage system located in Holliston, Massachusetts. The benefits of the electricity generated will be delivered under long-term agreements with a regional supermarket as well as local Community Solar customers under the Massachusetts DOER SMART Program. “Battery storage is an important tool for local utilities to ensure grid stability as they increase their reliance on renewable electricity,” said Gregg Felton, co-CEO and co-Founder, Altus Power. “In addition, we expect storage will increasingly be paired with Altus Power solar arrays for customers interested in clean, on-site backup power and electric vehicle charging.” Solar energy systems paired with battery storage enhance the availability of clean electricity at any time of day, independent of weather conditions. The Holliston project was developed in partnership with REA, one of Altus Power’s long-standing channel partners, and adds to the 116 megawatts of solar arrays owned and operated by Altus Power in Massachusetts (as of March 31st, 2023). Altus Power’s portfolio across 25 states serves enterprises committed to achieving carbon reduction goals, anchored by the company’s distributed solar arrays. As one of the pioneers of Community Solar, Altus Power currently serves more than 20,000 subscribers nationwide. Community Solar provides homeowners and renters of diverse income brackets access to the benefits of clean energy savings without requiring customers to provide their roofs for the installation of solar panels. About Altus Power, Inc Altus Power, based in Stamford, Conn., is the leading independent commercial-scale provider of clean electric power serving commercial, industrial, public sector and community solar customers with end-to-end solutions. Altus Power originates, develops, owns and operates locally-sited solar generation, energy storage and charging infrastructure across the nation.

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Energy Vault Announces Commencement of Commissioning of World’s First EVx™ Gravity Energy Storage System

Businesswire | August 07, 2023

Energy Vault Holdings, Inc. a leader in sustainable, grid-scale energy storage solutions, announced, along with its partners Atlas Renewable and China Tianying (CNTY), that the world’s first grid-scale EVx™ gravity energy storage system (GESS) has entered the first phases of commissioning. Located outside of Shanghai in Rudong, Jiangsu Province, China, the 25 MW/100 MWh EVx GESS is built adjacent to a wind farm and a national grid interconnection site to augment and balance China’s national energy grid through the storage and delivery of renewable energy. Commissioning began in June on the power electronics and new ultra-efficient “ribbon” lifting systems. The system is expected to be fully grid interconnected in Q4 as planned with local state grid authorities, making EVx the world’s first commercial, utility scale non-pumped hydro gravity energy storage system. Building on the excellent round trip efficiency (RTE) results (above 75%) of the first 5 MW EV1 Tower that was grid interconnected in Switzerland in mid-2020, the new EVx system with its efficiency chain design enhancements is expected to have RTE above 80%, placing the new gravity system as a leader in energy storage efficiency versus all other forms of mechanical, thermodynamic processes, compressed air or flow battery systems. “Happy to share our continued progress and a critical milestone achieved with our partners Atlas Renewable and China Tianying related to commencement of commissioning activities of the world’s first EVx gravity energy storage system,” said Robert Piconi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Energy Vault. “The team’s pace and quality of development since the start of construction in March 2022 has been extraordinary, especially when considering the backdrop of two COVID related work stoppages in the first year of construction alone. While this represents a significant milestone, our work in China is just beginning given recent local announcements of multi-GW hours of gravity energy storage buildouts, including projects announced in 2022 supporting China’s “Zero-carbon parks” initiative with Energy Vault’s gravity energy storage technology. Look forward to sharing more on this first EVx deployment and our planned future gravity technology deployments globally as we see increasing demand for longer duration energy storage.” Eric Fang, Chief Executive Officer, Atlas Renewable, stated: “This milestone could not have been achieved without the unprecedented collaboration between the collective teams in the U.S. and China, as the world’s two largest economies have joined forces to meaningfully address climate change. Energy Vault’s breakthrough, innovative technology is on the cusp of playing a critical role in supporting China’s clean energy transition and 30-60 decarbonization policy. We remain focused on an efficient system commissioning process in order to begin storing and dispatching renewable energy to China’s national grid in full alignment with local and state grid authorities. This first deployment of Energy Vault’s EVx technology will serve as a model for global decarbonization technology partnerships, and as we have previously announced, are already working on multi-GWh deployments of Energy Vault’s gravity technology in China to support and ideally accelerate China’s current 30-60 net carbon neutral plans.” Highlighting the market adoption of Energy Vault’s gravity technology, China Tianying's subsidiary, Jiangsu Nengying New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., announced last week that it has entered into an agreement with the People's Government of Huailai County to build an additional 100 MWh gravity energy storage project in Huailai County, Hebei Province, China. The project, to be located in Cunrui Town, will provide stable and eco-friendly green electricity to data centers in the region. This expansion highlights the strong demand and value proposition for Energy Vault’s gravity energy storage technology, the execution of the local construction and business development teams, and the impact that Energy Vault’s gravity energy storage technology can have in the very near term in reducing carbon emissions across the globe. Energy Vault will provide more details on this expansion during the Company’s second quarter 2023 earnings conference call scheduled for August 8, 2023. Additionally, on July 26, the National Energy Administration of China released a comprehensive roster of significant technical equipment projects scheduled for 2023 within the energy sector. Notably, Energy Vault's EVx gravity energy storage solution received prominent recognition in this announcement. The document highlights the substantial surge in demand for renewable energy sources and emphasizes the indispensable role of gravity energy storage in the crucial mission of global decarbonization. About Energy Vault Energy Vault® develops and deploys utility-scale energy storage solutions designed to transform the world's approach to sustainable energy storage. The Company's comprehensive offerings include proprietary gravity-based storage, battery storage, and green hydrogen energy storage technologies. Each storage solution is supported by the Company’s hardware technology-agnostic energy management system software and integration platform. Unique to the industry, Energy Vault’s innovative technology portfolio delivers customized short-and-long-duration energy storage solutions to help utilities, independent power producers, and large industrial energy users significantly reduce levelized energy costs while maintaining power reliability. Utilizing eco-friendly materials with the ability to integrate waste materials for beneficial reuse, Energy Vault’s EVx™ gravity-based energy storage technology is facilitating the shift to a circular economy while accelerating the global clean energy transition for its customers.

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