Tesla Claims that all Superchargers will be Powered by Renewable Energy this Year

Tesla reportedly made an Earth Day announcement that went unnoticed: the automaker plans to fuel its Supercharger stations with renewable energy this year.

To have a truly positive impact on the climate, the electric car revolution must be fueled by renewable energy.

This is why Tesla has a solar and energy storage business to further drive the growth of renewable energy.

The majority of charging occurs at home, and going with domestic solar will practically result in your electric car running on sunlight, but public charging stations must also be powered by renewable energy.

We now know that Tesla intends to make significant progress in this area this year.

Justin Lange, Tesla's sales lead for Superchargers in the mid-Atlantic, shared some fascinating statistics about Tesla's Supercharger network on Earth Day:

The most intriguing piece of information here, however, is that Tesla reportedly plans for “all Supercharger energy to be 100% renewable in 2021.”

Tesla has some solar power at some Supercharger stations, but the majority of its charging stations are supplied by the grid and whatever source of electricity is owned by the local utilities.

Since some electric utilities now obtain all of their electricity from renewable sources, the charging stations on their networks are often powered by renewable energy.

Adding solar power at the station is not the only option for areas where the grid is operated on fossil fuels.

It is unclear how Tesla will approach this new target of powering the entire Supercharger network with renewable energy this year.

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, said in 2017 that the company intends to install solar and batteries in all Supercharger stations and gradually disconnect the majority of them from the grid.

Tesla now runs the world's largest global electric vehicle charging network, with over 24,000 Superchargers located in over 2,700 locations worldwide.



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