Tesla Energy Plan Launched in Australia, Intending to Lower Electricity Prices with the Use of a Virtual Power Plant

In South Australia, Tesla has unveiled a new "Tesla Energy Plan" in an attempt to reduce power prices in a country known for high energy costs. A Tesla Powerwall-powered virtual power plant is supporting the initiative. Over the years, South Australia has had several power outages.

Tesla first became interested in providing its Powerpack to Neoen's massive energy storage initiative, named the "Tesla Big Battery."

While in the region during the launch of the big battery, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was interviewed and presented with the significant hardship that Australia's high energy rates are causing low-income families.

As a result of the unstable grid and high electricity costs, some households are forced to choose between keeping the lights on and going hungry.

Musk was visibly moved by the situation and promised that Tesla will “work harder” to help fix the crisis.

Tesla revealed a few months later that it had signed an agreement with the South Australian government to install solar panels and Powerwalls on up to 50,000 houses, many of which were owned by low-income households.

Tesla has been installing more Powerwalls in recent years to expand the virtual power plant, which provides grid services to reduce costs and backup power in the case of a power outage.

Tesla had 1,000 Powerwalls on the network last summer, and they were permitted to install another 3,000 batteries in a new process.

Tesla is now introducing the “Tesla Energy Plan on the Tesla Virtual Power Plant.”



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