Ubiquitous Energy Secures Strategic $8M Equity Investment from ENEOS Holdings

Ubiquitous Energy | March 18, 2021

Ubiquitous Energy, the leader in truly transparent solar energy technology, has secured a strategic equity investment of $8M from ENEOS Holdings, one of the most prominent and comprehensive energy, resources, and materials companies in Asia. The investment from ENEOS represents an initial close of Ubiquitous Energy’s Series B financing round and will help support the company’s go-to-market strategy and production efforts — helping to bring its UE Power™ window products to market in the US and internationally.

There is a strong strategic alignment and synergy between Ubiquitous Energy and ENEOS. UE is focused on developing new ways to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint by seamlessly integrating solar technology into everyday products and surfaces, without aesthetic compromises. ENEOS has a portfolio that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and have begun investing substantial resources behind their smart city and renewable energy strategies. Working together they will pioneer the cultivation of an accessible low-carbon and renewables-oriented society.

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with ENEOS. They share our commitment to powering the buildings of the future with renewable energy and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the ENEOS team.”

About Ubiquitous Energy

Ubiquitous Energy is the world leader in transparent photovoltaics. Its award-winning UE Power™ technology is the world’s only truly transparent solar product. UE Power™ harvests solar energy and serves as an invisible, onboard source of electricity for a variety of end use products. The thin coating can be applied to the surface of window glass to provide electricity generation and energy efficiency while remaining visibly indistinguishable from the fully transparent standard windows on the market today. Originally spun out of MIT, Ubiquitous Energy is now producing its highly transparent, efficient solar cells and windows in its production facility in Silicon Valley.


Hydro Tasmania has been at the forefront of clean energy innovation for over one hundred years. We are Australia’s largest producer of clean energy – generating hydro and wind power – and the largest water manager in the country


Hydro Tasmania has been at the forefront of clean energy innovation for over one hundred years. We are Australia’s largest producer of clean energy – generating hydro and wind power – and the largest water manager in the country

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Greasezilla and LEND Environmental Collaborate in Los Angeles to Produce Premium UCO and Brown Grease Biofuels

Greasezilla | March 17, 2022

Downey Ridge Environmental Company, the creator of the Greasezilla® fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and used cooking oil (UCO) separation and processing system, has partnered with LEND Environmental to expedite the recycling of used cooking oil and grease trap trash throughout southern California. Additional locations will be established to separate waste input streams into water, batter, and oils to recover valuable organics for re-use as clean energy. Additionally, the facilities will help California achieve its environmental goals by keeping garbage out of its public water system, reducing landfills, providing renewable energy, and repurposing wastewater. The move comes on the heels of LEND Environmental's Sylmar, CA site installing a Greasezilla system in 2021. In addition to processing FOG ecologically into Brown Grease Advanced Biofuel, the company began purifying large quantities of waste cooking oil, resulting in a premium, low-moisture Yellow Grease Advanced Biofuel. The Sylmar plant immediately achieved capacity by taking UCO and FOG from nearby transporters. Greasezilla's extraordinary results and the region's enormous need for grease and oil waste recovery prompted the joint venture. Downey Ridge Environmental Company is deploying a Greasezilla system in Lancaster, California, as part of the collaboration. The system, which is expected to be operational in Q2 2022, will increase LEND Environmental's grease recycling capacity and expand Greasezilla's presence in the region. The firms intend to unveil additional systems in California in the coming months and numerous other locations across the country. "Los Angeles County generates an enormous amount of waste oil and greases, With Greasezilla we can separate and recover trapped low-carbon biofuels from waste oils while utilizing a small percentage of the very fuel it generates to power the process – a pure example of the circular economy at work. We see tremendous growth potential and are excited to work with Greasezilla to expand our recycling operations in the area." -Louis Downey, owner of LEND Environmental. Greasezilla, well-known for its environmentally friendly FOG separation process, separates water and batter from commercial grease trap waste to produce a high-quality, low-moisture Brown Grease Advanced Biofuel. Greasezilla's capacity to remove residual particles and drastically reduce water content enables it to refine UCO into a high-quality, low-moisture Yellow Grease Advanced Biofuel. While lower grade Yellow Grease is utilized in animal feed or composted, Greasezilla-refined Yellow Grease with a moisture level of 1% is deemed reactor-ready feedstock for bio- and sustainable diesel production — and may be blended with up to 15% Brown Grease while maintaining its premium value. Most of our public and commercial customers install Greasezilla to solve their FOG discharge and separation needs, meeting the pressing demand for more FOG receiving centers nationwide. LEND Environmental immediately looked beyond FOG separation and saw the advantages of refining UCO with Greasezilla as well. It was a natural progression for our system, and LEND Environmental has proven the efficacy of UCO separation and dewatering deriving a premium quality output. We can now state confidently that UCO processed with Greasezilla is the fastest, most proficient way to achieve a premium Yellow Grease commodity output. Greasezilla plans to invest and co-locate with operators across the country to help manage the increased volumes of waste, mitigate landfills and create renewable biomass.

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Duke Energy to expand electric vehicle charging in South Carolina

Duke Energy | October 08, 2020

As new electric vehicles (EV) enter the market and strong sales growth continues nationwide, the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSCSC) has approved two Duke Energy electric transportation (ET) pilot programs that will allow South Carolina to join other states in deploying EV infrastructure to meet the needs of this growing market. Originally proposed in 2018, Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress participated in extensive working-group sessions with stakeholders for feedback on the innovative plans. The approved programs – the first in the Carolinas – reflect the inclusion of much of that feedback, as well as agreements with the Office of Regulatory Staff and ChargePoint.

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ESG Clean Energy Signs Letter of Intent with Ethatec GmbH to Use Carbon-Free Power Generation for Ethanol Production

ESG | December 14, 2021

ESG Clean Energy, LLC, developers of net zero, distributed power generation and clean energy manufacturing solutions, announced it has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Ethatec GmbH for the use of ESG’s patented CO2-free power generation technology to power its production of ethanol. Under the LOI, US-based ESG Clean Energy will provide its patented carbon-capture system to enable Ethatec GmbH to produce different products in a sustainable way while preventing tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every year. Ethatec uses a unique process using waste from bakeries and pizza factories (old bread, dough, and other starch-based foods). The method involves first crushing and mixing the raw waste with water before being fed into a hammer mill. The resulting liquid is then mixed with water and enzymes and heated in a multi-stage mashing process to saccharify the starch. It is then cooled and fed into fermentation tanks. Yeast is then added for alcoholic fermentation of the sugar and after 72 hours, the mixture is fed to a distillation system where ethanol is obtained. Ethatec can also produce and manufacture other products using this unique system, including biogas and nitrogen fertilizer. In order to meet the growing power demand for their production process, significant amounts of energy are required to run the operation. By using the ESG Clean Energy carbon-capture power generation system, Ethatec will be able to use natural gas to power their manufacturing plants while achieving a net zero carbon footprint. We are excited to explore the new opportunities with Ethatec and see how our carbon-capture system can augment their unique manufacturing system.Combining their system with ESG’s carbon-capture technology would create one of the most environmentally friendly systems in the industry today.” Lutz Deyerling, VP European Operations and Corporate Finance at ESG Clean Energy The ESG system is truly unique with its ability to create a Net Zero carbon outcome from a conventional, natural gas, internal combustion engine without loss of efficiency. Exhaust gas contains a significant amount of water vapor and CO2 as naturally occurring byproducts of the combustion process. By separating those two elements, the ESG system can produce distilled water – and other commodities such as urea, methanol, and recycled plastics – while capturing close to 100% of the CO2. As a result, Net Zero Carbon Footprint power production is achieved. Besides electrical power generation, the ESG system can also be utilized in a number of different environments, including: Plastics Recycling Operations – Can be made more affordable and safer for the environment by providing low-cost, CO2-free heat that is critical to its processing. Nitrogen Removal – Can be done more efficiently and cleanly. Nitrogen can cause algae blooms in wastewater treatment plants and is a risk to human health, so its removal has become an emerging, worldwide concern. Stranded Natural Gas Wells – Can be effectively converted from non-operating revenue producers to operating revenue producers by incorporating the ESG system into its production process. Microgrids – Can be made more reliable in times of emergency with the distributed power abilities of ESG power generation when regional grids go down. Data Centers – Can provide large data centers with clean low-cost energy in a relatively small package. Crypto Mining Operations – Can meet the energy demands of crypto mining operations without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. About ESG Clean Energy, LLC ESG Clean Energy, LLC (ESG) develops Net Zero Carbon Footprints and clean energy solutions for businesses and power providers using natural gas. The ESG system utilizes patented, off-the-shelf technology to efficiently produce electricity while capturing and converting 100% of the carbon dioxide and water vapor, which can be used in the production of various commodities, such as distilled water, ethanol, and urea.

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