WEC Energy Group Announces First Large-Scale Solar and Battery Storage Project

WEC Energy Group (NYSE: WEC) today proposed plans for another 310-megawatt (MW) solar and battery storage project. Whenever affirmed, the Paris Solar-Battery Park in Kenosha County would be the biggest office of its sort in Wisconsin.

The office highlights 200 MW of solar age — which is equivalent to driving 60,000 homes, and 110 MW of battery storage — which can store solar-produced force and release it when the sun goes down, giving clients "sunshine after sunset."

"This project is another concrete example of our commitment to build a bright, sustainable future," said Tom Metcalfe, president — We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service. "As the largest renewable energy investor in the state, we know the importance of clean energy. Projects like this maintain reliability, deliver significant savings to customers and support the goals of the Governor's Task Force on Climate Change."

The Paris Solar-Battery Park is essential for the organization's arrangements to put $2 billion in new solar, wind and battery storage projects by 2025. Building these offices in Wisconsin will make green positions and help drive the state's economy.

Clean energy speculations, similar to the Paris project, are a significant piece of the organization's objective to decrease fossil fuel byproducts 70% by 2030. The organization's more drawn out reach plan is required to save utility clients more than $1 billion over the course of the following 20 years.

The organization recorded the battery and solar storage proposition today with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. Whenever endorsed, WEC Energy Group utilities We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service, would possess 90% of the undertaking. Madison Gas and Electric would claim the other 10%.

The venture is being created by Invenergy. Whenever endorsed, development is relied upon to start in 2022 and the undertaking is booked to go into administration in 2023.

About WEC Energy Group

WEC Energy Group is one of the nation’s largest electric and natural gas delivery companies, with deep operational expertise, scale and financial resources to meet the region’s future energy needs. We focus on reliable service, customer satisfaction and shareholder value.



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