White Pine Renewables Completes Floating Solar Project in the U.S.

White Pine Renewables is pleased to announce the culmination of the Healdsburg Floating Solar Project. The task will convey clean energy to the City of Healdsburg, Calif., under a 25-year power buy arrangement. At 4.78 MW(dc) and sited on lakes at the City's wastewater treatment plant, the venture is the biggest floating solar task finished in the United States to date.

The power created by the task will cover around 8% of the City's absolute energy interest and is a significant piece of the City's arrangement to arrive at 60% environmentally friendly power before 2030. Moreover, siting the solar boards on the lakes tries not to utilize land for the task and will diminish dissipation and green growth development, profiting the encompassing grape plantations that depend on the treated water for water system.

The Healdsburg Floating Solar Project was developed and is operated by White Pine Renewables. "This project exemplifies what differentiates White Pine," said White Pine CEO Evan Riley. "We combined innovative technology and an efficient capital structure to provide long-term savings to the City of Healdsburg."

Noria Energy co-built up the venture with White Pine and Collins Electrical Company, Inc., a California-based development worker for hire, if establishment administrations. The Healdsburg project was finished in under a half year from acquirement to charging.

Terry Crowley, Utility Director for the City of Healdsburg, described the project as "a cornerstone of the City's long-term plan to save money on energy costs and provide City electric customers with 60% renewable energy."  Crowley added that he "greatly appreciated the collaborative partnership between White Pine, Noria, and Collins Electrical to deliver the project safely, efficiently and in an extremely short period of time."

Noria's CEO Jon Wank noted that the Noria-White Pine partnership "leveraged Noria's experience in floating solar technology and White Pine's development experience to create a project that delivers low-cost renewable energy while creating environmental benefits."

While still a little bit of the by and large solar market, floating PV is turning out to be progressively mainstream as a result of its double land use reason and for the most part higher energy creation because of the cooling impacts of water and wind.

About White Pine Renewables

White Pine Renewables is a renewable energy development company that provides competitively priced, long-term PPAs to leading commercial, industrial and public-sector customers. Focusing on projects ranging from 1 to 20 MW(dc), White Pine originates, develops, finances and operates projects throughout the U.S., with key areas of focus in California and the Midwest.

About Noria Energy

Noria Energy is a leader in floating solar technology in the United States and Latin America. Since 2018, Noria has been dedicated to optimizing the design of solar PV systems guaranteeing affordable long-term power to clients and enabling them to transition to clean, renewable energy. Noria is currently developing 300+MW of solar projects serving wastewater treatment plants, industrial customers, hydroelectric powerplants, among others.



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