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Iron Mountain Data Centers are Among the First to Track Renewable Energy on an Hourly Basis

April 16, 2021 / Anurag Khadkikar

Iron Mountain Incorporated, storage, and information technology services provider reported today that it has taken a major step forward in the creation of improved technologies for buying renewable energy across easily accessible retail outlets by entering into an arrangement with RPD Energy and Direct Energy to monitor the hourly renewable energy load of Iron Mountain data centers.

RPD Energy and Direct Energy will provide Iron Mountain with a monthly report detailing the match between average hourly generation and Iron Mountain's real hourly offtake from the grid. Traceability and environmental statements are assured by green energy credits issued by EDP Renewables North America and sourced from the same renewable developer to uphold the credibility of the transaction's renewable effect.

About Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Incorporated, established in 1951, is the world's largest provider of storage and information management services. Iron Mountain stores and preserves billions of valuable properties, including vital business records, extremely sensitive data, and cultural and historical objects, and is trusted by over 225,000 organizations worldwide. It has a real estate network of nearly 93 million square feet across approximately 1,450 facilities in 56 countries. Iron Mountain helps customers reduce costs and expense, comply with laws, recover from disasters, and create a more modern way of operating by offering solutions such as safe records collection, identity security, digital transition, secure loss, as well as data centers, cloud computing, and art storage and logistics.

About RPD Energy

RPD Energy creates renewable energy options for businesses in the United States. RPD has directly sourced, flexible duration (2-8 years), right-sized contracts for renewable energy, and RECs from utility-scale wind and solar facilities that lack the complexity of conventional PPA/VPPAs. RPD Energy has been selected by Fortune 500 energy buyers to partner with their vendors to provide renewable energy contracts for their data centers, manufacturing plants, and corporate offices in many regions across the United States. The headquarters of RPD is in Houston, Texas.