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New D-Link Nuclias Cloud Wifi 6 Access Point Powers Professional Network Activities With Next-Gen AX Performance

September 16, 2020 / Prnewswire

At Spiceworld 2020 today, D-Link unveils its first Nuclias Cloud WiFi 6 Access Point (DBA-X2830P), bringing lightning-fast AX3600 speeds and network efficiencies to its management solution. D-Link also showcases two Nuclias Cloud AC1300 Wave 2 Access Points (DBA-3620P and DBA-3621P), boosting WiFi coverage and productivity for outside cafés and shopping areas or combined home/class environments. "Organizations want enterprise-grade, highly flexible networking solutions to support employees, educators, and end-users who need high-speed connectivity to perform remote and onsite tasks. Along with improved user experiences, businesses also need a comprehensive yet simple system for around-the-clock network management," said Raman Bridwell, vice president, products and services at D-Link Systems. "The evolution of our Nuclias Cloud solution is a testament to where we see professional IT headed and showcases our commitment to next-level engineering."