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New York program promotes renewable energy through hydro-electricity

July 09, 2019 / ABC7

A New York program allows residents to purchase hydro-electric power from hydro-plants that exist across the region, often housed on old factory sites. Natural Power Group promotes renewable energy by allowing customers to purchase power credits from their hydro-plants across the northeast. The idea is similar to farm-to-table, except for electricity instead of food: green-minded customers supporting an area renewable resource. And smaller hydro plants like those run by Harry Terbush and Sarah-Bower Terbush have a different way to keep their turbines turning. "It's community energy, and it allows us to sell directly to customers, and allows them to get a little more benefit of what's in their backyard," said Sarah Bower-Terbush. The husband-and-wife engineers running Natural Power Group have been maintaining hydro sites north of New York City for three decades. The trio of sites they operate now are "run of the river" that rely on flowing water. The steel-encased turbines are modern, b...