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OUC to convert solar power into hydrogen for storing

October 10, 2019 / Robert Guaderrama

The Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) is doubling its solar power over the next year but the issue with solar energy is the sun isn’t always beaming down. The panels are useless in cloudy conditions and at night. “What we want to do is make sure we’re providing that reliable resource and through solar fluctuations, that can cause some problems, and if we get ahead of them, that means we provide a nice, clean, reliable power for the customer,” said Justin Kramer, Supervisor of Emerging Technologies with Orlando Utilities Commission. So, OUC is turning to water. The utility company will be one of the first to covert the electricity into hydrogen. “Hydrogen is a storage technology, it’s similar to a battery, we can actually take excess electricity from the solar array and store it into hydrogen,” said Kramer. Here’s how it works: the solar panels create the electricity from the sun, the energy is converted into hydrogen, the hydrogen burned when needed, that energy used as electricity. ...