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Savosolar hands over solar district heating plant in Ettenheim, Germany

October 17, 2020 / Globenewswire

Savosolar has handed over the 1700m m² solar collector field and 200 m³ heat storage installation to Fernwärme Ettenheim GmbH. Published originally in September 2019, the project has faced delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 1,2MW solar thermal plant replaces woodchips and oil as sources of heat for the local district heating network, saving approximately 150 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year with no increase in energy costs to heat users. The turnkey delivery is the first project in the German market for Savosolar which has several similar references in France. The customers representative, Peter Blaser, General Manager of the district heating operator Fernwärme Ettenheim GmbH, said: “We are proud to have made the decision to not just replace an outdated CHP gas motor with a new one. Rather, we took on our responsibility for the next generation and went to further decarbonise, even solarise our heat supply.