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Singlepoint Subsidiary Designates Stellar Energy Gp, Inc. A Leading Energy Storage and Solar Company with More than 15 Years of Experience.

October 19, 2020 / Prnewswire

SinglePoint Inc is pleased to announce the company's solar subsidiary Direct Solar of America has signed an agreement with Stellar Energy. The agreement provides Direct Solar of America the ability to sell projects throughout California including residential, and commercial solar as well as Energy Storage systems. This provides an instant growth opportunity as it provides a path to the nation's leading solar market California. Additionally, it provides Direct Solar of America the ability to offer multiple energy storage solutions as part of the company's service offerings. Congruently, Direct Solar America and Stellar Energy have signed agreements to make Stellar Energy a sales partner for Direct Solar of America in Illinois. We feel this union will significantly increase production for both companies in a very hot and growing market.