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Solar energy leading the charge in renewable push around Kansas City

May 09, 2019 / Charlie Keegan

A solar farm, rebates for installing solar panels, and electric vehicles are all part of a series of initiatives turning Kansas City, Missouri, green. This year, city leaders adopted a goal to power all municipal operations with electricity from carbon-free sources by the end of 2020. That includes solar, wind, nuclear, hydro and bio-gas. And through 2026, the city will place a priority on buying electric and hybrid vehicles and buses. "In Kansas City when we say sustainability, we mean trying to take action to make decisions that are designed to simultaneously promote environmental quality, economic vitality and social equity in the community," said the city's Chief Environmental Officer Dennis Murphey. He added going green improves the air quality around Kansas City and thus the health of people living in the area, plus new, renewable energy options create jobs. To help everyone in the city access green energy, KCP&L plans to build a solar farm, or array, and sell subscriptions.