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Tesla Chief Elon Musk’s trial on SolarCity purchase postponed due to coronavirus

March 16, 2020 / SOURAV D

US District court had postponed a trial of Tesla boss Elon Musk on coronavirus concerns which has been set to begin on Monday (March 16th) over a $2.2 billion deal linked to Tesla Inc.’s purchase of SolarCity back in the 2016, which Tesla shareholders claimed had benefitted Musk at the expense of Tesla Inc.. Besides, as a next trial date of the case had not yet been declared, several industry analysts were quoted saying that the outcome of the case might depend on the Tesla Inc. owner, Elon Musk’s temperament, while the e-vehicle maker’s long-hailed Chief had shown two sides of his character in recent court proceedings, one had been invasive and taunting and another was polite and respectful. Since it had been Elon Musk’s fourth case in less than a year and a half, it remains a question which part of the Tesla Chief would be appearing in the Delaware court hearing, where he would be fighting against fund managers alongside pension funds which claimed that the Menlo Park, CA-based e-vehicle maker had misguided them regarding the benefits of a $2.2 billion SolarCity takeover deal.