2nd International Conference on Environmental Science & Green Energy

October 24-26, 2022 | France

Pride Conferences takes great pride in organising and inviting all the global delegates, to participate and contribute effectively to all the conferences organised by us. These conferences would comprise of Eminent stake holders keynote presentations, elaborative scientific research detailing, years of research works with the roadmap, Q & A, exhibitions of research papers and more. Key Stake holders include researchers, practitioners, students, professors, business communities and lot more. We create an ecosystem that enables the research works to be presented to right audience to take the Innovations ahead for a better society.



Asia Green Tech Summit 2023

February 8, 2023 | Singapore

We are excited to be coming together in-person for the 2023 Asia Green Tech Summit, taking place at The Westin, Singapore. Experience the magic of an in-person conference again as you re-unite with your peers, engage in face-to-face discussions with industry leaders and network with both familiar and new faces. Don't miss out on this exclusive event that provides you with the latest insights and perspectives from industry leaders.

Clean Fuels Conference

January 23-26, 2023 | USA

Chevron Renewable Energy Group is the champion sponsor of the Clean Fuels Conference, which focuses on advancing the use of biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel. This event is organized by Clean Fuels Alliance America, a longtime partner of Chevron REG.

Energy Storage USA 2023

March 28-29, 2023 | USA

As we continue to see an increased penetration of intermittent generation onto the grid, and an urgency to deploy renewable projects to fulfil impending state targets, the US is at the center of the energy storage revolution. Energy storage is at an inflection point across the country, and with the recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act in August this year, it will no doubt continue to play a fundamental role in the transformation of the power sector. That said, the industry has other growing concerns it must face head-on.

Estonian Wind Energy Conference 2023

February 2, 2023 | Estonia

Great opportunity to meet Inspirators! & SparkCognition representatives and ask practical questions about AI and how you can benefit from it. We will present 2 products Renewable Energy Suite and Visual AI. At our stand we will show some practical examples of how AI can help owners and operators to increase the production from their current assets, and how to reduce O&M costs.