QPQ Green Energy Project Expo 2022

November 14-22, 2022 | USA

Accelerating Energy Transition by Helping Green Energy Projects secure Partners and Funding Most events are done for educational and informational purposes - too many monologues that don't eventuate in any tangible outcomes or actions – our event is all about FOCUS, CONVENIENCE, AND RESULTS! After a mega-successful online event in November 2021 - QPQ Green Energy Summit and Funding Accelerator for which, we had attracted over 250 utility-scale projects in renewable energy, waste to energy, hydrogen, and energy storage from all over the world and 350 professional investors, IPPs, general partners and asset managers of leading private equity infrastructure funds as well as large institutional investors, QPQ International launch an even bigger initiative - QPQ Green Energy Project Funding Accelerator & Green Energy Project Expo 2022.


As electricity continuously gets “cleaner,” homeowners, businesses, and local governments should be ready to utilize it. From living off the grid to electrifying your home, there are many innovative ways to live a more sustainable life.


21st Wind & Solar Integration Workshop

October 5-12, 2022 | USA

The 21st Wind & Solar Integration Workshop from 10 – 14 October in Delft / The Hague will feature a wide range of topics from resilience, grid forming and forecasting to hybrid power systems and micro grids, with the 2022 special topics of sector coupling and storage.

Electricity Transformation In Canada

October 26-28, 2022 | USA

Global, national and provincial markets are constantly changing. Without a plan or strategic connections, it’s hard to participate and invest in Canada’s electricity transformation. Tap into the power of Canadian renewable energy and storage at Electricity Transformation Canada for a bright today and a brighter tomorrow.

Solar Ireland 2022 National Conference

October 13, 2022 | Ireland

During this unique conference you heard from industry experts from home and abroad on how a successful solar industry in Ireland will be transformative to job creation, investment and the countries climate action agenda. Solar Ireland 2022 will be your national roadmap to where the opportunities and challenges are, while hosting a who's who of the best and brightest minds on all matters solar.


November 3-5, 2022 | Uganda

Uganda and the rest of Africa share great challenges concerning reliable and affordable supply of sustainable (green) energy. Addressing such challenges could be most effectively done if the academia, industry, government, and non-governmental organization joined forces.