Solar&Energy Storage Future Philippines

May 17, 2023 | Philippines

Solar&Energy Storage Future
Solar & Energy Storage Future Philippines Conference is a high-level forum organized by Energy Box in order to build the most mature connection between different pioneering experts as developers, investors, finance professionals, lawyers, manufacturers,suppliers, distributors and services providers who are constantly dedicated to the global renewable energy development.




March 6-10, 2023 | USA

United Scientific Group a non-profit organization takes the honor to invite you to the Global Energy Meet (GEM) which will be held on March 06-08, 2023 at Boston, MA. GEM-2023 hosts important gathering and foster connections that will spur the innovations in Energy fields. This year’s meeting is a seventh edition (GEM-2023) formerly titled as Fossil and Renewable Energy (F&R Energy) and now reinstated with a new dialogue on Energy Ideas. It is a forum where business and academia intersect to spark development and showcase latest technological developments in Global Energy Issues.

Arab Water Convention 2023

February 20-21, 2023 | UAE

Water is the resource most affected by climate change. The finite global water resources are under stress as demands continue to mount up due to population increase with their development needs. The situation in arid and semi-arid regions is becoming more critical where water scarcity is escalating compounded with the effects of climate change. To secure water for societies, there is a dire need to consider the use of alternative water resources. The solution has been found to be in variety of non-conventional Water Resources (NCWR) that can be used in different context.

Financing Public Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy Projects

April 5, 2023 | USA

How do we overcome financial barriers to act locally on climate and sustainability? Through an interactive workshop, we’ll explore financial options that overcome common community challenges like lack of up-front cash, tight operating budgets, and difficulty pairing high-impact climate actions together. We’ll also explore how public buildings can be an unexpected hero in carbon reduction. With new federal dollar opportunities and financial models that fund improvements by capturing their own efficiency savings, high-impact climate action may be on the table for your community faster than you think.

Asia Green Tech Summit 2023

February 8, 2023 | Singapore

We are excited to be coming together in-person for the 2023 Asia Green Tech Summit, taking place at The Westin, Singapore. Experience the magic of an in-person conference again as you re-unite with your peers, engage in face-to-face discussions with industry leaders and network with both familiar and new faces. Don't miss out on this exclusive event that provides you with the latest insights and perspectives from industry leaders.