Centrica Business Solutions Completes 2.5 Megawatt rooftop solar installation Shelter Creek Condominiums

Centrica Business Solutions | November 05, 2020

Centrica Business Solutions, part of Centrica plc, a worldwide energy and administrations organization, has finished a 2.5 megawatt housetop sun powered establishment at Shelter Creek Condominiums in San Bruno, California. The task, which started in 2017, will balance the office's energy use by 70% and is relied upon to produce 3,632,773 kilowatt-hours every year. By producing their own capacity on location, the arrangement gives greater soundness to energy costs, and makes more open doors for investment funds.

"As we began to review options to make our community more sustainable, it seemed natural to have solar panels installed on our roof space that spans 440,000 square feet across eight buildings," said Ronnie Rosen CCAM-HR.LS General Manager, Shelter Creek Condominium Owners' Association. "When we were evaluating partners, Centrica Business Solutions stood out from the competition because of their ability to deliver a complete system that would produce the 2.5 megawatts we needed to make a difference in our electricity usage.  The depth and breadth of their abilities and expertise were essential to successfully guide us through to the completion of our solar project."

Sanctuary Creek Condominiums is one of the biggest multi-family advancements in San Mateo County and is driving the route as a supportable network. The 1,296 apartment suite style homes sit on 46 sections of land are worked around open save territories. Over the previous decade, the board has been determined to change the 45-year-old office into one of the most reasonable networks on the west coast. Notwithstanding having sunlight based boards, they have introduced 5,600 LED lights to basic regions, added colonies to improve the neighborhood biological system, and have electric vehicle charging stations accessible to occupants.

"Shelter creek is a good example of how even older facilities can be sustainable with some enhancements," said Chris Covell, head of Centrica Business Solutions North America. "The way we generate and consume energy is changing and Centrica Business Solutions' goal is to help customers through that change so they can be more carbon neutral through energy efficiency, solar and battery storage and electric vehicle innovations."

The close planetary system profits by 25-year workmanship guarantees and creation ensures, giving important true serenity to the network. It was subsidized through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) - a low-upkeep financing choice which implied the framework required no capital cost. Haven Creek pays for the power produced by the framework at a set, limited kWh cost for the term of the agreement. This gives the network long haul consistency over their energy costs, ensuring them against future cost increments in utilities and empowering Shelter Creek to give cost investment funds to their inhabitants.

About Centrica plc

Centrica plc is an international energy and services company. Our purpose is to provide energy and services to satisfy the changing needs of our customers. We've been serving customers for over 200 years and aim to be at the center of their daily lives - central to helping them run their world. Under the Centrica Business Solutions brand, we deliver integrated energy solutions for businesses and other large energy users, combining distributed energy technologies and a variety of commercial options to improve performance and cost management, drive decarbonization, strengthen resilience, and create opportunities for growth.


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) have developed various programs that allow distributed energy resources (DERs) to compete with traditional generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure to provide capacity and ancillary services.

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MCS Industries Announces Commissioning of Solar Power Generating System

MCS Industries, Inc. | April 27, 2021

MCS Industries, Inc., the U.S. market leader for picture frames, poster frames, mirrors, wall décor, and architectural and decorative moldings for home construction and home improvement markets, is proud to announce the commissioning of an 894 kW roof mounted solar power generating system at their new and distribution facility in Easton, PA. The 894 kW solar system is expected to generate approximately 1.1 MWhs of electricity annually, avoiding the emission of 828 metric tons of CO2, equivalent to removing 167 cars from Pennsylvania's roads per year. This project highlights MCS' pledge to manufacture products for retailers that embody a full product lifecycle approach to cleaner, more sustainable products for consumers. By using solar technology to reduce CO2 emissions and increase the adoption of renewable energy, MCS is promoting environmental conservation and an offset to traditional grid-supplied electricity. "At MCS, sustainable corporate citizenry pulses through everything we do. Our incredible team members are really proud to be a part of a great business, but more importantly a great business that does what's right. We currently recycle over 10 million pounds of primarily Styrofoam waste, formerly destined for landfills, using advanced technology to clean and reconstitute into products that save consumers money while making their homes beautiful. MCS's latest multi-million dollar sustainability initiative is the construction of large-scale solar power plant in Easton, PA. This plant will provide most all of our power needs for our nearly 500,000 square feet of operations in the Lehigh Valley. When not using the power ourselves, the excess will be returned to the Northeast power grid. The payback on a project of this magnitude is measures in tens of years financially, but immediate socially and environmentally. MCS could not have made this project happen without the partnership of Dynamic Energy, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the people and leadership of Palmer Township. Lastly, MCS would like to express our gratitude to Don Cunningham, President of the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation for their vital role in helping make this dream become a reality." – MCS Industries, President, Josh MacNeel Upholding an Environmentally Sustainable Focus: MCS is committed to being a good global citizen. We recognize our responsibility to the world and generations to come. MCS is energized by the challenge of enhancing the lives of our customers through our products while preserving the environment. We have made major investments in renewable energy resources and have won multiple awards within our industry and among our retail partners. In addition to our solar initiative, we are committed to the recycling of EPS Styrofoam in our manufacturing operations; as well as the conversion from incandescent to LED lighting. EPS Styrofoam Recycling MCS recycles over 10,000,000 pounds of EPS Styrofoam per year. Annually, over 500,000 tons of garbage are sent to U.S. landfills daily. Styrofoam makes up approximately 1,300 tons by weight; which is less than one percent going into U.S. landfills. However, 20-30% of U.S. landfills are made up of Styrofoam due to its low density and light weight. Styrofoam takes approximately 500 years to decompose. LED Lighting Initiative MCS's comprehensive corporate investment in the conversion from incandescent to LED lighting saves 300K KWH, which is the equivalent of taking 46 cars of the road every year.

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Proteum Energy and Istmo Energy Sign MOU For Production of Low Cost, Clean Hydrogen in the Permian Basin

Proteum Energy | December 18, 2021

Proteum Energy, LLC entered a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Istmo Energy LLC, headquartered in Fort Worth Texas, to negotiate the terms by which Proteum Energy™ will provide low cost, low carbon intensity hydrogen to Istmo for production of "ultra-low sulfur diesel" and clean hydrogen for delivery to offtake customers in the Permian Basin, Mexico and California markets. Istmo Energy is pleased to have the option to leverage our onsite de-ethanizers to produce hydrogen from ethane for our hydrotreaters, while at the same time offer additional clean hydrogen sales in the Permian region." Alex Gutierrez, Principal and Co-Founder of Istmo Energy About Istmo Energy Istmo Energy is a midstream and downstream greenfield export platform to connect and meet the needs of poorly served markets harnessing wealth that lies within the Delaware Basin. Istmo Energy was formed by oil and gas industry professionals with decades of experience in the Mexican and US energy markets, and a solid Advisory Board consisting of industry leaders in the Energy, Financial, Legal and Regulatory space on both sides of the US/Mexico border. About Proteum Energy™ Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, Proteum is a producer of low carbon, low-cost clean hydrogen from renewable ethanol, ethane and NGLs. With its patented and proven reformation system, Proteum can provide fuel cell grade clean hydrogen for heavy-duty transportation, low carbon hydrogen-rich designer fuels for power plants, and direct hydrogen pipeline production and injection at natural gas processing plants.

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Volvo Energy invests in Connected Energy for second life battery business

Volvo Energy | June 17, 2022

Volvo Energy invests in the UK-based, second-life battery energy storage specialist Connected Energy in order to further accelerate Volvo Group's battery business and sustainability opportunities. In its mission to support and secure an attractive and sustainable circular business model for batteries, Volvo Energy is investing approx. SEK 50 M for 10 percent in the UK-based second-life battery energy storage specialist Connected Energy. "There is a great deal of untapped potential in the second-life use of batteries. This forward-leaning investment aims to facilitate the scaling-up of second-life battery energy storage systems and further secure circular business opportunities for the forthcoming ramp-up in Volvo Group's second-life battery returns, Together with Connected Energy, we will minimize the environmental impact of the batteries that has powered Volvo Group vehicles. By repurposing the batteries, we obtain the full value from them – from a climate, environment and business perspective." -Joachim Rosenberg, President Volvo Energy. "We couldn't be more pleased to welcome our new investor Volvo Energy on board and look forward to forging a path to increasing the sustainability of both electric vehicles and grid connected energy storage. Our collaboration will enable us to optimize the potential for battery reusage and ensure that the resources in the batteries are used effectively," - Matthew Lumsden, CEO Connected Energy. Volvo Energy is one of five new investors including Caterpillar Venture Capital Inc., the Hinduja Group, Mercuria, OurCrowd to join existing investors of Connected Energy; Engie New Ventures, Macquarie, and the Low Carbon Innovation Fund. Facts Volvo Energy Volvo Energy is a business area within the Volvo Group dedicated to providing essential support and infrastructure during the first-life, i.e. when batteries are mounted on vehicles, whilst subsequently securing reliable and sustainable second-life opportunities prior to battery recycling. Consequently, Volvo Energy supports to optimize first-life, creates and prolongs the second-life opportunities and thereby expanding the value creation from a climate, environment and business perspective. Facts Connected Energy With its headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne, Technical Centre in Norfolk and systems operational in the UK, Belgium, Germany and Netherlands, Connected Energy is one of only a handful of companies in the world to have proven that second life vehicle batteries can be used in commercial battery storage systems. Connected Energy has sixteen operational systems across Europe: Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK with its largest at Cranfield University in Bedfordshire, England.

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Medallion Launches New Clean Energy Technology Strategy

Medallion | April 27, 2022

Medallion Resources Ltd., is pleased to announce the launch of a new strategic plan (the “Strategic Plan”) to position the Company in the near term as a technology leader within the industries essential to the generation, storage, and efficient use of clean energy. Key parts of the plan include a strengthened executive leadership team, up-listing to Nasdaq Capital Markets, and rebranding as Medallion Innovations Corp. to better reflect the future direction of the Company. Medallion’s focus has been to identify and develop innovative technologies for the rare earth element (“REE”) industry that, when compared with incumbent technologies, are lower cost and reduce the environmental and social impacts of production. Implementation of the new Strategic Plan is intended to enhance Medallion’s existing REE processing technology portfolio by identifying, incubating and gaining exclusive rights to the commercialization of additional innovative technology platforms across the entire REE value chain and broadening its focus to include other high-performance materials. Medallion believes that its technology portfolio will continue to facilitate the production of materials, deployment of processes, and/or generation of essential data for the clean energy transition. The clean energy transition, involving the widespread generation of renewable energy and the electrification of transport is now demonstrating dramatic growth that is at risk because of weaknesses in global supply chains. Medallion’s new Strategic Plan reflects the global shift from fossil fuel-based to a minerals-based economy centered on “friendly nations” and is intended to position the Company for better access to capital, a larger playing field, and importantly the ability to build a team with the essential skills and experience in technology development and commercialization. Medallion believes that up-listing to the Nasdaq Capital Markets (“NasdaqCM”) will significantly strengthen the Company’s profile and increase the capacity for US and international shareholders to invest in the REE and clean energy technology sectors. Upon completion of the Nasdaq up-listing, Alfredo Ramos Plasencia will join the Company as Chief Executive Officer and Director, while Dr. Kurt Forrester will join the management team as Chief Technology Officer and continue to serve as a Director. Mark Saxon will continue as a Director and assume a business development role focused on mining industry opportunities. As previously announced, the Company has engaged Chardan Capital Markets LLC (“Chardan”) to advise on an up-listing and simultaneous financing. The up-listing to the NasdaqCM is conditional on Nasdaq accepting the Company’s listing application, including the Company’s plan to meet the Initial Listing Requirements, and a registration statement being declared effective by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). The Company is preparing to file a registration statement with the SEC on Form F-1 before the Annual General and Special Meeting of Shareholders (the “Shareholders’ Meeting”) on May 27, 2022 in Vancouver, B.C. Medallion has begun the Nasdaq listing application process and has reserved the trading symbol “MDL” for trading on NasdaqCM after the up-list. Medallion President & CEO Mr. Saxon stated “Medallion is setting the course for a strong and positive impact in the supply of materials and technologies for the energy transition. Our recent successful partnerships in the REE sector, based on deep industry knowledge and connections, have laid the groundwork for where we see many value-add opportunities. The proposed business and management changes deliver the opportunity to accelerate in line with the renewable energy and EV markets.” “I am excited to be entrusted with the CEO role at Medallion at this key time in the Company’s history. My experience in the identification, incubation and commercialization of breakthrough technologies matches well with the new Strategic Plan. Medallion’s past investment in REEs and methodology in identifying new investment opportunities provides an excellent platform for future development.” -Mr. Ramos Medallion – the New Vision The clean energy transition has triggered a fundamental change in the consumption of materials, as single-use oil, gas and coal is replaced by renewable energy alternatives. Energy generation and storage is now increasingly linked to high performance, critical raw materials at a time of heightened supply chain vulnerability, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and recent geopolitical instability. Over the past decade, the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Korea have increasingly focused on the supply chain for critical minerals and, in the U.S., REE supply chain resilience is a bipartisan issue.

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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) have developed various programs that allow distributed energy resources (DERs) to compete with traditional generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure to provide capacity and ancillary services.