Greasezilla and LEND Environmental Collaborate in Los Angeles to Produce Premium UCO and Brown Grease Biofuels

Greasezilla | March 17, 2022

Downey Ridge Environmental Company, the creator of the Greasezilla® fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and used cooking oil (UCO) separation and processing system, has partnered with LEND Environmental to expedite the recycling of used cooking oil and grease trap trash throughout southern California. Additional locations will be established to separate waste input streams into water, batter, and oils to recover valuable organics for re-use as clean energy. Additionally, the facilities will help California achieve its environmental goals by keeping garbage out of its public water system, reducing landfills, providing renewable energy, and repurposing wastewater.

The move comes on the heels of LEND Environmental's Sylmar, CA site installing a Greasezilla system in 2021. In addition to processing FOG ecologically into Brown Grease Advanced Biofuel, the company began purifying large quantities of waste cooking oil, resulting in a premium, low-moisture Yellow Grease Advanced Biofuel. The Sylmar plant immediately achieved capacity by taking UCO and FOG from nearby transporters. Greasezilla's extraordinary results and the region's enormous need for grease and oil waste recovery prompted the joint venture.
Downey Ridge Environmental Company is deploying a Greasezilla system in Lancaster, California, as part of the collaboration. The system, which is expected to be operational in Q2 2022, will increase LEND Environmental's grease recycling capacity and expand Greasezilla's presence in the region. The firms intend to unveil additional systems in California in the coming months and numerous other locations across the country.

"Los Angeles County generates an enormous amount of waste oil and greases, With Greasezilla we can separate and recover trapped low-carbon biofuels from waste oils while utilizing a small percentage of the very fuel it generates to power the process – a pure example of the circular economy at work. We see tremendous growth potential and are excited to work with Greasezilla to expand our recycling operations in the area."

- Louis Downey, owner of LEND Environmental.

Greasezilla, well-known for its environmentally friendly FOG separation process, separates water and batter from commercial grease trap waste to produce a high-quality, low-moisture Brown Grease Advanced Biofuel. Greasezilla's capacity to remove residual particles and drastically reduce water content enables it to refine UCO into a high-quality, low-moisture Yellow Grease Advanced Biofuel. While lower grade Yellow Grease is utilized in animal feed or composted, Greasezilla-refined Yellow Grease with a moisture level of 1% is deemed reactor-ready feedstock for bio- and sustainable diesel production — and may be blended with up to 15% Brown Grease while maintaining its premium value.

Most of our public and commercial customers install Greasezilla to solve their FOG discharge and separation needs, meeting the pressing demand for more FOG receiving centers nationwide. LEND Environmental immediately looked beyond FOG separation and saw the advantages of refining UCO with Greasezilla as well. It was a natural progression for our system, and LEND Environmental has proven the efficacy of UCO separation and dewatering deriving a premium quality output. We can now state confidently that UCO processed with Greasezilla is the fastest, most proficient way to achieve a premium Yellow Grease commodity output. Greasezilla plans to invest and co-locate with operators across the country to help manage the increased volumes of waste, mitigate landfills and create renewable biomass. 


Wind power is at the heart of the renewable energy revolution. Households often prefer solar panels, heat pumps, and biomass boilers as reliable methods of powering a home, but governments and large organisations who want to scale green energy creation use colossal wind turbines. In addition to huge hydroelectricity projects, wind energy is big business.

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Amshore Names New Renewable Energy Vice President of Development

Amshore | February 23, 2022

Amshore, a renewable energy development leader, announced the promotion of senior project developer Aaron Young to the role of Vice President of Development. In his new role, Aaron leads the development strategy, execution and team focused on helping utility companies and independent power producers expand their renewable energy projects throughout North America. Aaron joined Amshore in 2014 and has developed and assisted in the development and construction of key projects throughout the country. Over the last 20 years, Amshore has originated and developed solar and wind energy facilities generating 2.9 gigawatts of power covering over a half a million acres. We continue to invest in our team and capabilities as a leading renewable energy developer to help our valued clients. With his in-the-field renewable energy development experience and his history at our company, Aaron will continue to deliver results for our clients and help shape the future of Amshore as we grow and expand.” Deana Strunk, Owner, Amshore “Development is at the core of one of the most exciting industries within the energy sector—renewable energy,” said Young. “Our highest priority is helping our clients and partners bring clean power to the world. I look forward to leading our team as we continue to invest in our renewable development services.” Aaron received a Bachelor of Science degree in Wind Energy with a concentration in project development from Texas Tech University. About Amshore Amshore Renewable Energy specializes in developing sustainable energy solutions for utility companies and independent power producers looking to expand their renewable energy projects throughout North America. Amshore has originated and developed solar and wind energy facilities generating 2.9 gigawatts of power covering over a half a million acres, and the company offers advanced energy management control and novel energy storage systems. Established in 2002, Amshore is based in the Dallas, Texas, area.

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Standard Solar Acquires 4.69 MW Solar + 4 MWh Storage Project from EDF Renewables, Forwards Massachusetts’ Renewable Portfolio Standard Goals

Standard Sola | February 24, 2022

The Massachusetts town of Plymouth and the Acton Water District will soon enjoy the clean energy and savings of solar power with an innovative 4.69 megawatt (MW) solar and 4 MWh storage project. Standard Solar acquired the project from developer EDF Renewables North America. The project received an award from the state’s Solar Massachusetts Renewable Targets (SMART) program, which provides incentives for solar and storage projects. Located in Acton, Massachusetts, on land owned by the Acton Water District, the Lawsbrook Solar + Storage project will allow the Town of Plymouth and Acton Water District to benefit from discounted power and lease revenues from the solar and storage system. The project will further the Commonwealth’s solar and energy storage goals by adding clean power to the bulk electrical system while supplementing the project with a battery to discharge clean power during on-peak evening hours, reducing the need for reliance on dirtier power sources during those times. The system is expected to generate 5,866 megawatt-hours of clean energy each year, enough to power 800 average Massachusetts’ homes and offset the carbon dioxide equivalent of burning 4.5 million pounds of coal. The project is built over the W.R. Grace Superfund Site and was awarded by way of an RFP to EDF Renewables in 2018. This project makes complimentary use of one of the District’s active groundwater well fields, which serves as part of the Town’s drinking water supply. The property hosting the project is previously disturbed land from gravel extraction and is encompassed by the larger W.R. Grace Superfund Site. Due to the various environmental sensitivities on the site, permitting the project entailed receiving approvals at various levels of the federal, state and local governments. Standard Solar is a leader in forwarding the clean energy movement throughout the nation. Adding this solar+storage project to our existing portfolio in Massachusetts underscores our rapid growth. It’s always significant when we connect with a great partner like EDF Renewables and acquire projects that are helping a town like Plymouth and the Acton Water District to capitalize on the multiple benefits of a solar and storage system. We look forward to adding many more projects like this to our portfolio in 2022 and beyond.” Eric Partyka, Director of Business Development, Standard Solar The Lawsbrook project is part of Standard Solar’s rapidly expanding portfolio in Massachusetts and the U.S. They currently own and maintain nearly 20 MW in Massachusetts and 280 MW of commercial and community solar projects throughout the United States. “The Acton Water Solar + Storage project is the first of two projects that EDF Renewables has had the privilege to partner with the Acton Water District on,” said Peter Bay, Associate Director, Business Development for EDF Renewables. “We are thrilled to see the project come to fruition, despite numerous permitting and interconnection challenges, and begin conveying benefits to the District and Town of Plymouth. The Acton Water District team have been fantastic partners on the project and have provided ample support in ensuring it’s a successful endeavor. We’re appreciative to have a reputable partner in Standard Solar as the long-term owner of the site.” “After a few years of hard work by all involved, we are extremely excited to have this renewable energy project coming online,” said Christ Allen District Manager, Acton Water District. “In the water supply industry, we keenly understand the impacts of global climate change, and the role that reliance on fossil fuels plays. We’re committed to do our part by lowering our carbon footprint, as water and wastewater treatment are very energy intensive processes. Partnering with EDF Renewables, such a knowledgeable, experienced company, has given us a great deal of peace of mind endeavoring into technology where we have no experience. It gives us a great deal of pride commissioning our first solar project and contributing to saving the climate.” The SMART Program was created in 2016 by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and is a long-term sustainable solar incentive program designed to advance cost-effective solar development in the state. The new Lawsbrook solar and storage project will help the Commonwealth of Massachusetts reach its Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard as well as their recently codified 2030 and 2050 goals for a statewide clean energy economy. At the close of 2021, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities issued an order doubling the SMART program, extending the block incentive program to 3,200 MW of solar capacity. This move creates capacity for new projects and releases a bottleneck of stalled projects. About Standard Solar Standard Solar is powering the nation’s energy transformation – channeling its project development capabilities, financial strength and technical expertise to deliver the benefits of solar, as well as solar + storage, to businesses, institutions, farms, governments, communities and utilities. Building on 17 years of sustainable growth and in-house and tax equity investment capital, Standard Solar is a national leader in the development, funding and long-term ownership and operation of commercial and community solar assets. Recognized as an established financial partner with immediate, deep resources, the company owns and operates more than 280 megawatts of solar across the United States. Standard Solar is based in Rockville, Md. About EDF Renewables North America EDF Renewables North America is a market leading independent power producer and service provider with 35 years of expertise in renewable energy. The Company delivers grid-scale power: wind (onshore and offshore), solar photovoltaic, and storage projects; distribution-scale power: solar and storage; asset optimization: technical, operational, and commercial expertise to maximize performance of generating projects, and onsite solutions, through the Company’s PowerFlex subsidiary, offering a full suite of onsite energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers: solar, storage, EV charging, energy management systems, and microgrids. EDF Renewables’ North American portfolio consists of 24 GW of developed projects and 13 GW under service contracts. EDF Renewables North America is a subsidiary of EDF Renewables, the dedicated renewable energy affiliate of the EDF Group.

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2021 Brings More Renewable Natural Gas into SoCalGas Pipelines

Southern California Gas Company | February 25, 2022

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) announced that 14 billion cubic feet of renewable natural gas (RNG) produced from organic waste was distributed via SoCalGas' pipeline system in 2021, the equivalent to removing 166,896 cars off the road annually. This is 2 billion cubic feet more than 12 billion cubic feet distributed by SoCalGas in 2020. In addition, the utility completed five RNG interconnection projects last year located throughout its service territory including the San Joaquin Valley and San Bernardino County. In total there are now nine RNG projects connected to SoCalGas' system. As part of SoCalGas' goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its operations and delivery of energy by 2045, the utility plans to deliver 20% RNG to core customers by end of 2030 and continues to make significant progress towards reaching its goal. Thanks in part to the low carbon fuel standards program, last year more than 14 billion cubic feet of RNG was transported by the SoCalGas' pipeline system, displacing more than 778,000 metric tons in carbon dioxide equivalent. The establishment of an RNG procurement standard for gas utilities, like the one up for vote by the CPUC could help build on the success of California's low carbon fuel standard and help bring more renewable natural gas onto our system to accelerate California's decarbonization goals." Jawaad Malik, chief environmental officer for SoCalGas "These RNG projects are an important step toward helping San Joaquin Valley residents and our Dairy industry partners move in the right direction," said California Assemblymember Devon J. Mathis. "RNG uses existing dairy manure and natural gas infrastructure to deliver a cleaner, carbon-negative fuel to trucks that would replace diesel trucks, reducing air pollution along the San Joaquin Valley's freeway corridors while providing jobs and revenue sources for our residents." One of the projects produces RNG from diverted landfill waste, completed last May by Anaergia, Inc. (Anaergia) at its Rialto Bioenergy Facility. The facility has the capacity to convert up to 300,000 tons per year of landfill-diverted organic waste and biosolids from municipal wastewater treatment facilities into fertilizer and up to 985,000 MMBTU per year of RNG using Anaergia's advanced anaerobic digestion technology and proprietary systems. The RNG is injected into SoCalGas' pipeline. "As a global leader in anaerobic digestion and upcycling of organic waste, Anaergia has deployed more infrastructure capacity for converting food and wastewater biosolids than any other company in California," said Yaniv Scherson, chief operating officer for Anaergia. "Our Rialto Bioenergy Facility, the largest landfill-diverted organics-to-RNG facility in North America, will be central in helping California cut methane emissions from landfills under SB 1383, and stands as a model of efficiently converting organic waste into carbon-negative renewable fuel." "The completion of this RNG project in Rialto is an important step toward reaching the state's climate and environmental goals," said Mayor of Rialto, Deborah Robertson. "As RNG is a cleaner, carbon-negative fuel, this project has the potential to help reduce air pollution in the Inland Empire while creating economic opportunities for our residents." The production and use of RNG is growing in California and nationally. There are currently more than 245 operational RNG facilities in the United States, with another 105 under construction and 118 planned. Additionally, over the last five years, RNG use as a transportation fuel has increased 291 percent, displacing close to 7.5 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Last month, SoCalGas released its ASPIRE 2045 SoCalGas Sustainability Strategy, outlining goals and benchmarks around environmental health, social equity, and wellbeing in the communities SoCalGas serves. About SoCalGas Headquartered in Los Angeles, SoCalGas is the largest gas distribution utility in the United States. SoCalGas delivers affordable, reliable, and increasingly renewable gas service to 21.8 million consumers across 24,000 square miles of Central and Southern California. Gas delivered through the company's pipelines will continue to play a key role in California's clean energy transition—providing electric grid reliability and supporting wind and solar energy deployment. SoCalGas' mission is to build the cleanest, safest and most innovative energy company in America. In support of that mission, SoCalGas is committed to the goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in its operations and delivery of energy by 2045 and to replacing 20 percent of its traditional natural gas supply to core customers with renewable natural gas (RNG) by 2030. Renewable natural gas is made from waste created by dairy farms, landfills, and wastewater treatment plants. SoCalGas is also committed to investing in its gas delivery infrastructure while keeping bills affordable for customers. SoCalGas is a subsidiary of Sempra, an energy services holding company based in San Diego.

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ROVENSA becomes global leader in BioSolutions through the integration of COSMOCEL

ROVENSA | May 27, 2022

ROVENSA, a global leader of agricultural inputs for sustainable agriculture, today announces that it has agreed to integrate COSMOCEL, a leading player in specialty biostimulants and high-tech products for agriculture. The completion of the integration is subject to approval by the anti-trust authorities. Based in Monterrey, Mexico, COSMOCEL is a market-leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of specialty biostimulant solutions with over 60 years of experience. COSMOCEL's portfolio of over 100 products spans biostimulants, biocontrol and adjuvants. COSMOCEL has more than 700 employees, 3 state of the art manufacturing facilities, 11 offices and 26 warehouses to serve its customers in more than 50 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and South Africa. It has a strong and long-established market reach through commercial teams and strategic partnerships, as well as a highly experienced R&D team. This strategic integration positions ROVENSA as global leader in BioSolutions for sustainable agriculture and it is squarely aligned with its strategy to provide distributors and farmers with innovative solutions to increase land productivity and output profitability, whilst enabling farming in a sustainable and responsible way to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. COSMOCEL complements ROVENSA's geographical footprint, bringing exposure to new geographies and enhanced access to strategic markets in the Americas. It also brings sizeable and versatile production capabilities in Mexico, additional R&D competences, and material product synergies. COSMOCEL and ROVENSA share a similar business culture and go-to-market approach, a critical cornerstone to achieve continued commercial growth and value creation in partnership with distributors and farmers. "We are thrilled to welcome COSMOCEL to the group to strengthen our global presence as a reference provider of well-balanced solutions for agriculture. This strategic integration highlights our growth ambitions in the BioSolutions international market and our strong commitment to sustainable agriculture. The high quality and complementary range of biostimulants and bio-performance products of COSMOCEL, their culture, their market approach, the quality and commitment of their people and management, and their production capacities will give us a unique position to offer the best nature-based solutions for our distributors and farmers, leveraging on our global scale and capabilities. We are determined to have a strong impact in sustainable agriculture that should be both productive and regenerative, in harmony with nature, making crops more resilient to climate change, and ultimately feed the world guarantying equity and health". -Eric van Innis, ROVENSA´s CEO

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Wind power is at the heart of the renewable energy revolution. Households often prefer solar panels, heat pumps, and biomass boilers as reliable methods of powering a home, but governments and large organisations who want to scale green energy creation use colossal wind turbines. In addition to huge hydroelectricity projects, wind energy is big business.