JLL's strategic technology services enable future of work and sustainability

JLL Technologies | November 22, 2022 | Read time : 03:27 min

JLL's strategic technology services enable
JLL Technologies (JLLT), the technology division of JLL,  announced the launch of the Strategic Technology Program, which provides assessment, strategic planning, goal setting and performance measurement services for real estate technologies. 

The launch of the program is in response to increasing demand for technology solutions to help commercial real estate (CRE) managers adhere to sustainable business objectives. These services are particularly relevant now as businesses implement long-term hybrid work models and ambitious sustainability targets stemming from the pandemic.

According to JLL research, 44% of large and mid-size organizations rely on external partners and service firms to accelerate their real estate technology implementation. Among JLL's enterprise clients, demand for technology management services has increased by over 50% year-over-year. As demand has increased, JLL has invested in its technology services.   

The Strategic Technology Program helps real estate leaders better manage and operate their real estate technology for optimal outcomes. Real estate leaders can use the program's technology assessment, management and measurement offerings to align their technology portfolio to their building systems and data, sustainability, and facility management objectives.
  • The offering helps companies in the following areas:
  • Building – Tools that tune buildings and workspaces to drive for optimal performance, inform sustainability objectives, and enable real estate services teams to interact with building and enterprise systems. 
  • Workplace – Enterprise technology solutions that help maximize employee efficiency and enhance their workday experience.
  • Sustainability – Platforms that measure and improve energy use, water use and waste to help companies reach their net zero carbon goals.
  • Data & Analytics – Governance, integration, reporting and modeling that leverage data and analytics platforms to achieve financial, operational and experiential breakthroughs that power insight-driven real estate decision.

"More and more, organizations are coming to us to help them demystify the ever-expanding and increasingly complex real estate technology landscape, and ultimately use that technology to help them navigate the changing world of the workplace, Hybrid work requires technology to be successful. This offering is a great example of how we combine expertise across technology and technology services to enable our customers to select, deploy and adopt technology and accelerate their return on investment." 

-Sharad Rastogi, president, JLLT

JLLT houses decades of talent from all corners of CRE – developers, technologists, brokers and more. Together with other business lines in JLL, it delivers a comprehensive portfolio of purpose-built software platforms, apps, hardware and technology services. It also offers innovations from venture-backed companies. JLLT's objective is to meet and exceed the industry's demands for transactional, operational, experiential and data-driven excellence."JLLT is our strategic real estate technology partner," said Kathy Jones, Associate Vice President for Facilities Engineering and Planning, Rice University. "They are an extension of our internal team and a trusted delivery and thought partner. They help us drive innovation, transformation, and adoption through an actionable and measurable technology roadmap and tightly aligned business outcomes, both of which are supported by efficiently utilized people resources and technology resources."

JLLT is recognized as a leading Workplace Systems Integrator by Verdantix Research and has helped thousands of clients deploy and manage technology in more than 130 countries globally, representing over 250,000 properties and more than 14 billion square feet of space.

About JLL
JLL (NYSE: JLL) is a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management. JLL shapes the future of real estate for a better world by using the most advanced technology to create rewarding opportunities, amazing spaces and sustainable real estate solutions for our clients, our people and our communities. JLL is a Fortune 500 company with annual revenue of $19.4 billion, operations in over 80 countries and a global workforce of more than 102,000 as of September 30, 2022. JLL is the brand name, and a registered trademark, of Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated. For further information, visit


Trojan Energy chargepoints are flat and flush with the pavement so you can walkover them or even drive over them. Crucially it keeps the streets free of clutter when not in use as users access these with a removable lance.We have two products on offer depending on the scenario:Trojan HUB – Designed for en masse deployment of public chargers within a street, the HUB consists of up to 15 chargepoints powered directly from the grid.

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Fossibot Launches F2400 Solar Generator with 2400W High-power and Super Fast Charge

Fossibot | November 21, 2022

Fossibot, a portable power station brand from China, is releasing its first solar generator in the US & Japan. Focusing on large capacity, high-power and super fast charging, Fossibot aims to offer a portable and renewable energy solution. The first product Fossibot F2400 is characterized 2048Wh large capacity, 2400W high-power, and super fast charging within 1.5 Hours. From Nov.21st-Dec.5th, Fossibot F2400 is first released on Official website, Amazon Japan and Rakuten Japan.2048Wh High Capacity and 2400W High-power. The Fossibot F2400 comes with a capacity of 2048Wh, which satisfies a family's emergency use for a half day: LED lights, a projector, a laptop, a router, and charging of smartphones. That's enough for family movie time before going to bed. More than home backup power, the Fossibot F2400 is suitable for 8 people's whole day camping out or your RV's one day use(an average RV uses 2.0kWh power per day). With 2400W high output power, the F2400 can power more and higher-power appliances. Super Fast Charging within 1.5 Hours by AC+solar panels All the solar generators of Fossibot adopt bidirectional technology which enables users to recharge the power station super fast. Fossibot F2400 supports AC charging, solar panel charging, and car charging. By AC charging, F2400 can be fully recharged within 2 hours by 1100W AC charge. By AC and 500W max solar panels charge simultaneously, it only takes 1.5 hours to charge from 0%-100% which is over 2x faster compared to similar products on the market. By car charging, it takes 17 hours @12V, 8.5hours @24V. 16 Ports to Power 99% of appliances Fossibot F2400 comes with16 output ports, among them are 6 AC output ports, 4 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports, 2 DC5521 ports, 1 cigarette lighter, and a 12V/25A outlet for RV. With a 2400W total AC output, the Fossibot F2400 can power 99% of your home appliance, gadgets and tools, including microwave, projector, electric grill, electric kettles, mini cooler, space heaters, drone, hair dryers, lawn mower, and other appliances. When the total loads exceed 2400W power, the F2400 can continue to power all the loads by decreasing the voltage until the peak power reaches 4600W and the voltage below 78V. Special Designs for Outdoor Convenience Apart from the large capacity and large power, Fossibot also made some special designs for the body. F2400 designed fan covers are dust-proof and prevents ants or flies from entering which may possibly cause short circuit. For the DC and USB ports, Fossibot designed rubber plug covers for daily life water-resistance and dust-proof. On the top of the machine, there is a space for collecting the charging cables to avoid losing them. Availability: Retail Price: $1699 Presale bonus: $200 off+$200 Coupon code, 4-year warranty Final Presale price: $1299 Presale Period: Nov.21st-Dec.5th Shipment: black version: from Dec.6th; Green version: from Dec. 20th Fossibot Official:

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Product launch: the Rondo Heat Battery (RHB), providing the world’s lowest-cost, zero-carbon industrial heat

Rondo Energy | November 17, 2022

Rondo Energy, a leading provider of zero-carbon industrial heat, announced commercial availability of two models of its revolutionary Rondo Heat Battery (RHB), the RHB100 and RHB300. The Rondo Heat Battery (RHB) captures intermittent electricity, stores the energy from that electricity as high-temperature heat in brick materials, and delivers the stored energy on demand as high-temperature heat and/or electricity. The RHB stores heat energy at temperatures up to 1500°C for hours or days — delivering zero-carbon heat for processes ranging from steel, cement, chemical manufacturing, and all the way to low-temperature food processing. The RHB meets the demanding needs of industry for safe, simple, low-cost energy and economically replaces fuel-fired furnaces and boilers—unlocking energy prices for America’s industries that are both affordable and more predictable. When connected to the grid, the RHB can make use of otherwise curtailed solar and wind energy, cut the cost of clean energy, and strengthen grid stability and security. Rondo is manufacturing its heat batteries in its facilities in California and has begun commercial deliveries. RHBs are easily integrated into facilities alongside existing process heating equipment, delivering large-scale emissions reductions without a facility overhaul. The heat battery models available today are designed for a wide range of industrial uses and directly replace the operation of fuel-fired boilers, furnaces and kilns. Both models are fully automatic, charge intermittently either from local wind or solar facilities or from the grid, and deliver heat on demand 24 hours a day. Rondo’s unique thermal core uses brick materials that have been producing steel for over a century in a new patented configuration. Charging in as little as four hours, Rondo’s patented “brick toaster” rapidly and uniformly heats these brick materials to deliver continuous, constant temperature heat, 24 hours a day. Applications and Industries From food processing to fuel production, from cogeneration to calcination, the RHB delivers energy in the form needed for more than 90% of the world’s industrial process heat. RHBs are easily configured to serve the unique capacity and temperature requirements of each facility. The RHB units announced today are direct drop-in replacements for large industrial boilers. Rondo’s simple, low-cost technology delivers unique value in these key areas: Fast charging. Rondo heat batteries charge in as little as four hours, capturing zero-carbon energy at the absolutely lowest costs, when the wind is blowing and sun is shining. High temperature. RHBs deliver heat at up to 1500°C. Long service life. With fully automatic operation using proven subsystems and materials, RHBs offer a 40+ year life without performance degradation. Safety. RHBs are intrinsically safe, made of completely inert materials, and fail-safe in all loss of power or process upset conditions. Made of only brick and iron, the hazards of other energy storage technologies are eliminated. Site efficiency. RHBs store more than 1 MWh per square meter, far denser than any other storage technology, and preserve critical plant area. Rondo Heat Batteries enable a simple, practical switch to zero-emission electricity as the source of continuous high-temperature heat for processes across a range of industries, including steel, cement, chemical, pharmaceutical, low-carbon fuels, food and beverage, and mining industries. Unlike electric furnaces or electric boilers, Rondo Heat Batteries are a load that follows the available renewable generation, being dispatched by the grid operator or the renewable energy fields to charge but delivering consistent firm heat to the industrial facilities. As a result, RHBs deliver electrification at the absolute lowest cost and create no additional peak loads on the electricity grid, while enabling the integration of more renewable electricity generation. Rondo Heat Batteries maintain continuous output power (95% annual capacity factor) while operating on input power as low as 15% capacity factor (4 hours a day). Beyond direct industrial heat supply, the RHB is a least-cost source of energy for other applications, including district heating and combined heat and power, providing 24/7 clean heat and power. Rondo SVP Jeremy Keller said, “Rondo’s mission is simple: lower cost heat and energy for large industrial processes. We’ve been excited by the work now underway with key customers. We’re finding that deep emission reductions are now both practical and affordable for many of the world’s most energy-intensive facilities. Our studies of customer facilities are showing 50% to 90% reductions in emissions and reductions in operating costs of 30% or more.” Rondo Heat Batteries deliver large, concentrated, permanent emissions reductions and provide an immediate, low-cost, practical way to repower the giant industrial heat market. A single RHB300 eliminates more than 40,000 tons CO2 per year-- more than is eliminated by 8,700 electric vehicles. Replacing just the industrial heat used today in California with RHB zero-carbon heat would eliminate five times more CO2 than all of the EVs on the road in the US today (13.6M EVs). “With early manufacturing now underway, Rondo is open for business. We’re thrilled to be announcing the launch of the RHB100 and RHB300 and look forward to serving our customers with first installations in 2023,” said Rondo CEO John O’Donnell. “The Rondo Heat Battery could prove critical to eliminating emissions, and its commercial availability will help companies turn to its zero carbon heat for their processes, The Rondo Heat Battery will help companies in industries such as cement, fuels, food and water desalination to begin leveraging the falling costs of renewables without modifying their facilities.” -Carmichael Roberts, Breakthrough Energy Ventures To download the RHB datasheet or to configure and purchase an RHB for your facility, get started on our website at Rondo Energy is backed by Bill Gates-founded Breakthrough Energy Ventures and utility-backed Energy Impact Partners. About Rondo Energy: Rondo Energy, the leading provider of zero-carbon industrial heat, makes industrial decarbonization possible — and profitable — today. The Rondo Heat Battery captures low-cost renewable electricity and delivers continuous high-temperature heat, enabling customers to power their operations with zero-carbon energy. Learn more at About Breakthrough Energy Ventures: Founded by Bill Gates and backed by many of the world’s top business leaders, BEV has raised more than $2 billion in committed capital to support cutting-edge companies that are leading the world to net-zero emissions. BEV is a purpose-built investment firm that is seeking to invest, launch and scale global companies that will eliminate GHG emissions throughout the economy as soon as possible. BEV seeks true breakthroughs and is committed to supporting these entrepreneurs and companies by bringing to bear a unique combination of technical, operational, market and policy expertise.BEV is a part of Breakthrough Energy, a network of investment vehicles, philanthropic programs, policy advocacy and other activities committed to scaling the technologies we need to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Visit to learn more. About Energy Impact Partners: Energy Impact Partners, LP (EIP) is a global venture capital firm leading the transition to a sustainable future. EIP brings together entrepreneurs and the world's most forward-looking energy and industrial companies to advance innovation. With over $2 billion in assets under management, EIP invests globally across venture, growth, credit, and infrastructure – and has a team of nearly 60 professionals based in its offices in New York, San Francisco, Palm Beach, London, Cologne, and Oslo. For more information about Energy Impact Partners, please visit

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Avishtech Introduces Gauss Sustainability Offering

Avishtech | November 16, 2022

Avishtech, the leading provider of PCB simulation solutions, today announced the launch of its Gauss Sustainability offering. With this offering, users can assess design-specific CO2-equivalent emissions for their printed circuit board designs. This assessment includes the full set of raw materials as well as all process steps and yield losses. In addition, Gauss Sustainability will enable the companies who are now working to standards like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ISO14404, ISO14064 (both -1 and -2), and ISO 14067, or are in the process of adopting carbon emissions reduction initiatives as part of their overall corporate strategy, to conduct Life-Cycle Analysis and Life-Cycle Impact Analysis. Keshav Amla, Founder and CEO of Avishtech notes, “The overall impact of Greenhouse Gases on the environment, the future of the world going forward and the steps needed to mitigate them have been understood for some time now. Many industries have already put stringent guidelines in place to be consistent with this mitigation effort. The electronics industry in general and PCB production specifically contribute significantly to the rise in Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere. With Gauss Sustainability, we are offering our customers a comprehensive and easy-to-use methodology that will take the key PCB factors into account, in the form of a Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Analysis. For any companies that have set carbon emissions reduction goals, signed onto pledges, or simply wish to get ahead of forthcoming regulations and standards, Gauss Sustainability will help them assess the impacts of key design choices and thereby help work to reduce emissions as a part of the design process. These results will further help them build roadmaps for the future. The analysis includes the full impact of the stackup and BOM, the impact of different energy grid choices for each constituent of the stackup and panel size and panelization scrap. Because this capability is built from a thorough deep-dive of the underlying materials and processes, the results are accurate and can capture the impact of even seemingly-subtle changes.” Through Gauss Sustainability Analysis end-users: Can assess the impact of individual design choices on their carbon footprint and potentially drive better design choices as a result. Drive improvements throughout their PCB supply chain, such as by pushing for greener processes or for greater use of renewable energy sources at their suppliers’ facilities. Can couple it with other efforts being used within a corporation and beyond, in tandem, to help drive broader-level improvements such as a push toward more renewable energy sources in the supply chain. The computational flow within Gauss Sustainability includes: Computing the BOM based on dimensions and the PCB stackup. Determining the types of resins, fillers and hardeners and copper foil. Determining the type of stackup – HDI layers vs straight through. Proprietary computations that are based on process details, energy sources, and chemical makeup. Availability Gauss Sustainability is available now and can be purchased as node-locked or floating annual licenses, either independently or as an add-on to Gauss Stack. About Avishtech Avishtech is a San Jose, CA-based high technology company founded in 2015 on the principle of using a multidisciplinary approach to build the materials-driven technologies of the future. Avishtech’s Gauss line of simulation and design software embodies its long-standing commitment to rigorous and thorough research and development, coupled with its core goal of achieving the highest levels of performance and reliability. For more information about Avishtech and its products, please visit or telephone +1-408-650-6726.

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Squadron Energy | December 12, 2022

Squadron Energy (Squadron) announced it has acquired CWP Renewables (CWP), in an agreement that takes Squadron's renewable energy operating portfolio to 2.4 gigawatts (GW) with an Australian development pipeline to 20GW. Squadron, part of the Tattarang group of companies, is 100 per cent Australian owned and operated, and dedicated to accelerating Australia's decarbonisation. Once fully operational, Squadron's portfolio will provide enough electricity to power 8.5 million homes, more than double the number of homes in New South Wales. CWP will be integrated into Squadron's existing business, which includes majority ownership of Windlab, and provide Squadron with the scale it requires on the east coast of Australia to meet the huge demand from large commercial and industrial customers for reliable green energy. said Squadron is now superbly positioned to ensure Australia can accelerate the development of renewable energy, creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs, at the scale and pace that our economy requires. "Squadron is proud to bring a very significant portion of Australia's renewable energy assets home to local ownership. It means that Squadron has the renewable energy critical mass to help Australia step beyond fossil fuels," -Chairman of Tattarang Dr Andrew Forrest AO Australian industries' ability to consign fossil fuel to history, is robustly demonstrated by the strong track record and commitment of Fortescue Metals, Fortescue Future Industries and other world- leading companies committed to decarbonising. We share a vision of Australia and the world, looking back on the dark era of fossil fuel as an aberration in humanity's history. One that could have ended with that fuel, but is now powered by cheap, pollution free, democratic inexhaustible energy. It is paramount that Australia continues to increase cost-efficient renewable green energy, to economically power homes and industry at pace and rid the Australian consumer of its forced reliance to increasingly expensive, dangerously pollutive fossil fuels. We are realising significant value by combining CWP's wind, solar and battery farm portfolio with Squadron's existing renewable power and firming assets. Their combined leadership and management teams strongly complement each other. We are committed to ensuring that Australians benefit from the rising employment opportunities, and massive investment in the renewable energy sector. The new jobs, manufacturing and training opportunities, particularly in regional areas, are so important to making sure generations of Australians benefit across the nation. Squadron Energy CEO Eva Hanly said the company has the experience, people, agility and scale to meet the huge demand for green energy from large commercial and industrial customers. When large industrial and commercial customers come to us, they are looking for efficient and firmed renewable power at scale. With this acquisition, we will develop and operate an extensive geographic portfolio of night and daytime wind, solar and storage assets that will ensure reliability of supply for our customers, said Ms Hanly. "The sooner we can get renewable energy at scale into the grid, the more quickly prices will come down for consumers. We are very focused on using our scale and smarts to ensure we are the leader, by a significant margin, in delivering the lowest produced cost of firm renewable energy to market. We are currently building the $3 billion Clarke Creek renewable energy hub in Central Queensland, which is the largest grid connected project in the country, and will be commencing construction of another 2GW worth of projects within the next 18 months. We have a team of passionate and dedicated people who are working towards a common goal of wanting to stop Australia's carbon emissions. We are looking forward to working with the incredible talent that is in CWP to do more game-changing projects. CWP is a vertically integrated renewables energy business that spans wind, solar and battery farms, and provides renewable energy to Transurban, Woolworths Group, Sydney Airport, Commonwealth Bank and Snowy Hydro. It currently operates over 1.1GW of wind assets including Sapphire Wind Farm, the largest in NSW, which has 75 turbines generating up to 270 megawatts (MW), Murra Warra I & II with a combined 435MW and Crudine Ridge, which has 37 wind turbines and generates 142MW . It has approvals in place to construct four more wind farms in NSW totalling over 750MW, along with a construction ready 414MW wind farm, 180MW solar farm, two battery farms and a firming power station capable of using hydrogen, biofuels and hydrogen gas blends. The acquisition will unlock an unparalleled development pipeline in NSW and Victoria to ensure reliability of supply across the east coast and transform the market from generator-led to customer- led. Squadron was advised by Highbury Partnership as its financial advisor and Clayton Utz as its legal advisor. About Squadron Energy: Squadron Energy is a 100% owned Australian company with a sole focus of accelerating the decarbonisation of Australia and supporting Australia to become a green energy super-power. Prior to the acquisition of CWP, Squadron Energy was the second largest renewable energy player with a significant portfolio or assets in operation and construction. Squadron Energy is constructing the Clarke Creek wind, solar and battery farm, which will power more than 600,000 Queensland homes; the Port Kembla Energy Terminal which is Australia's first LNG import terminal that will support the east coast with gas over the short term with plans to transition to green hydrogen; and is proposing the Port Kembla Power Station, which will be Australia's largest dual fuel turbine running on 50% gas and 50% green hydrogen before transitioning to 100% green hydrogen. Squadron Energy is also a foundation investor in Sun Cable and majority owner of renewable power company Windlab.

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Trojan Energy chargepoints are flat and flush with the pavement so you can walkover them or even drive over them. Crucially it keeps the streets free of clutter when not in use as users access these with a removable lance.We have two products on offer depending on the scenario:Trojan HUB – Designed for en masse deployment of public chargers within a street, the HUB consists of up to 15 chargepoints powered directly from the grid.